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Is this the most pretentious OP ever made?
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Don't be so hard on yourself anon
I like the choir version

Maybe, I don't know. What I do know that its great and is probably the best part of the entire show.

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this is a Japanese bubble

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Will any of Hori's assistant ever be as successful as him?

2 more
What's the deal with the new twitter pic? Tsuyu is really excited for the second season?

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>could be max Chad
>chooses his bro first
>puts roasties in there place
>contains Gorilla autism
>helps his autist friend get and keep his gf

Post bro-teir characters
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He's very clearly a homosexual
How so?

Nope. He just can't stand shallow women. When he finds out a girl is callow about his BFF, he crushes them. And when he falls in love with his BFF's GF, he puts everything he has into supporting them.

Top ten Bro-Tier for sure.

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Just started watching this series. Is there anything important i should know? It seems alright. What do you guys think?
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Forced animation
Just watch it and enjoy it. You shouldn't need other people's approval or some kind of prerequisite to like a series.
Prepare to be disappointed at every other show's quality of sakuga.

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do it /a/! make her day!
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I want to put my YAY in her.
I'll pass, I already did enough by blowing my seed in her.

Do you think she does cunnilingus on herself? She totally could

Also what does the bottom of her head look like? Just a smooth piece of skin covering the neck hole?
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You can totally autocunnilingus if you're flexible enough and have a long enough tongue.

She performs anilingus on herself.
>You can totally autocunnilingus

I sometimes lurk /gif/ and never saw that, so I'll need a webm for proof
don't lewd the dulahan

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ITT: Things that took you way too long to notice.
>The shine on Luluco's hair is suppose to make the star look like a shooting star
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Doesn't her ponytail make it look more like a shooting star in that pic?
I want to fuck her armpits.

Why do we hate this again?
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who is that guy in the bottom right?
General pacing issues and five was a bit shit.
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>take down one of the largest buildings in crowded urban area
>only 27 injured
>set off a nuke above Tokyo
>fallout doesn't harm anyone

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Nanana chan had
>ghost neet waifu
>a trap
What went wrong?
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2nd season never.
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Nothing, it was pretty good.
An extremely "read the LN's" ending, that's about it. The anime was fun.

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How did they come from this to Rebuild story arc? Will they explain that in the next movie?

Why does everyone have amnesia of the events in End of Evangelion? What happened to Soryu despite she is depicted to have been exploring with post 3rd impact with Shinji? What is Mari's origins?
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No one knows. In fact it might be like HBO shows where it's just weird and mysterious for stylistic reasons and there's nothing behind the mask.
We just have to wait for the last movie to know for sure. People are convinced 4.0 is going to make the Rebuilds retroactively good. Khara means happiness in Greek and shit in Hebrew, so there's that.
The only chance it has to be good is just be the spectacle that End was.

Or just at least do what I just mentioned in OP.
I have no expectations. Maybe Eva is supposed to be like Berserk and never really finish.

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Is this movie flawless? Yes
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Why even have a thread if you answer your own question?
Why does she only have one shoe.
Boring piece of shit. Only memorable because it's the first time we see Haruhi's dere.

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Haruna is the sexiest.
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Haruna a shit.
this, Haruna = shit
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Stupid sexy Haruna-chan. Why are you so perfect?

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they're grrrreat!.png
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>this happened
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A lot of things happened
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Is this from one of thosr HunterxHunter movies or what?

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It's Valentines Day. How are you gonna spend the day with your waifu?
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Same thing I do every day. Masturbate and play video games.
beg my sister to give me the chocos she gets

I never get any

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Holy fucking shit, the owl twist caught me so hard.

This is looking really good.

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owl noooooo
>literal rip off of BAN guy with finger gun power.
>same edge
>same retardation

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