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For being recommended in almost every obscure-yet-good anime list on /a/ and elsewhere, it doesn't seem that great. Aside from Popo the main/focal characters feel less fleshed out than the episodic ones, especially Vanilla, whose character arc is just flipping a switch from cop to madly in love cop. His death carried no impact for me. The show completely falls apart nearing the end with sloppy writing like the rapid fire double crossing with the Warp clones which was a schizophrenic flip of mood and a fucking retarded directorial choice, to me the worst offender. The series overall feels like it tried to cram too many themes and ideas into 12 episodes. The first half works as a kind of Psychonauts exploration of people's heads but from ep. 7 onwards it seems like a mess.
Maybe i expected too much going in.
Chroniko a best
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I thought they were going to explore more planets, but instead they quickly rushed an ending.
Even if there's some legit criticism to be made about it, I think it is a waste of time to make them.
Some directors like Yuasa are so unique and precious that you should cherish them and everything they produce. (Of course you couldn't have known that with just Mindgame and Kemonozume, but he's been consistently great for 10 years now)
Not saying that everyone should like it, because of course being niche is part of that uniqueness, it's an acquired taste.
It was just okay, the ending theme was very well done though

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Happy lolintines day, anons. Who is your lolintine?
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My state's stautory rape laws. I imagine them as an anthropomorphic middle school anime girl and molest her and she gets all tsundere.
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who is missing from this list
>happy lonelitines

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Why is the opening so catchy?

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I like the ED more.

The first 15 seconds are the only part worth watching

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post them you queers

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When I read "City Hunter Legendary Scene" I was expecting this one.

Haven't gotten quite that far yet. The show is honestly pretty tiring to watch in more than short bursts.

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Is there any anime that comes close to Yu Yu Hakusho in terms of comfiness?
It seems to me that YYH is the only shonen series that managed to really make it feel like all members of the core group had a purpose and were useful, like the powergap between them and the main character never got so big to the point of them being inconsequential.

Plus the pacing and general writing is better than any other shonen series I've seen.
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Digimon Adventure

YYH and Digimon Adventure are the GOAT shonen anime for me.
Lots of kids shows, old or new can be comfy as fuck. Precure a la mode, buddyfight triple d and pokemon sun and moon are some of the many examples, especially the latter
yu yu hakusho = 90's bleach

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what was her name, again?
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kobayashi's coworker
I believe it was best girl
Ugly bitch.

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How would you bring peace to the ninja world?
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I'd convert them all to Christianity, of course.
Become an all powerful demigod and take control of the village. So basically what Nardo and Sauce ended up doing. In a way Pain turned out to be right.

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What is /a/'s opinion on this show again?
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it was sad and fun at the same time, i enjoyed it
it was enjoyable, pacing wasn't great but it was still a ride

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Which do you prefer and why?

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whatever was done first

the secondary shit is always worse
more often then not I prefer the source material over adaptations
Visual Novels

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Are you excited for Fate Apocrypha?
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should I be?
>1st half: Battle royale.
>2nd half: All aboard the dragon dick!
Nah. Only worth to see Semi's Semis animated and best girl Astolfo.
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Astolfo is going to be best girl(male)

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If you didn't bust a load to this scene you are gutless.
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While I love depraved, big-on-small sex, I'm not gay and the scene was too disturbing for my taste so no, no load.
There is nothing wrong with seeing a man's ass get split open

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Mikan is for _______
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Why does Anno hate waifufags but love fujoshis so much?

Rebuild was the tipping point of that disparity.

""As for the previous Evangelion, many people took what I made as 'entertainment' and turned it into a 'target of dependence.' I wanted to take responsibility for those people becoming impudent. I wanted to bring the work back to the level of entertainment. However, I’ve started to pull back from that subject (criticizing 'escapist otaku.') Those kind of people don’t understand, no matter what you say. I finally realized there’s nothing you can do."
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Because pandering to fujos gives you more money
He's full of himself.
waifufags buy more merchandise.

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Can anyone tell me what this face means? I've only ever seen it one other time in anime on a dead girl, but it's so strange.
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Nono mo he
ancient japanese emoticon

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