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I thought it was just a meme. But I decided to give it a try anyway and it is actually really good.

It's literally a children's show. With some of the worst CGI and animation I have seen in anime, yet it is one of the better shows this season.

Why is this allowed?
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>kid shows aren't allowed to be good
Fuck off.
i know a lot of people would like to call it a kids show, but it airs at 1 in the morning, so no kids are watching it unless they DVR it (very unlikely)
They probably do watch it when their uncles show it to them.

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Dumping new chapter.
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Do you approve of this manga?
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Ebino best girl, but Eve's a close second. Too bad neither will win.
I forgot to mention: that's the chapter on, so please no spoilers

I like this story but it's hitting a little close to home as all my childhood crushes are now married
It's formulaic, but it's nice.

Why is she so shit?
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ume shiraume
Fucking Bitch Tsundere
Shit Tier Waifu
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>ume shiraume
>Good Tsundere
Very good
May be an issue if she's against anal but otherwise is a good thing
why hate on one of the few girls who actually have a personality in this show?

I mean, look at the Ice Witch

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It´s snow ! Okay Joe, Come on !!!
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How can ONE guy be this bro?

Seeing him destroyed was pretty sad.
In retrospective Joe pretty much ruined the lives of everyone he liked.
He saved Nishi pretty hard

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You can only post in this thread if you watched the entirety of Endless Eight
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Why does she sit like that?
I did and I have to say that Haruhi's swimsuits in the pool made it almost bearable.
Why is it that I find it hard to marathon an anime but easily went through the entirety of Endless Eight?

Guys, how can I reach the timeline in which Haruhi S3 is announced? We already reached Code Geass R3, but without Haruhi there is still work to do.
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Wait 5 years for next big anniversary.
Travel to japan and beat the shit out of Tanigawa until he makes another book.
Ok guys, I'm also traveling back in time to tell Kadokawa and Kyoani that endless 8 is a bad idea.
Do you want to leave some other message?

>Endless 8
>Bad idea

It's a brilliant pleb filter that emphasises on the suffering of Yuki. Anyone, ANYONE who was too lazy to watch it will NEVER deserve to watch Disappearance because you never understood the torment she went through.

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Pure Kaguya.png
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But she is flat man.
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Your waifu is a whore

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Which New Game would be the best fuck?
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not yun because she is fat
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I have watched show only till 140th episode so far but far i saw that moment when naruto fought against arichimaru,s right hand guy, and beated him,preaty well but then it turned out it wasnt him but rather a random girl,he literaly fought with all the seriusness but couldnt kill her eaven with special thehniqe ,so it got me thinking ,when have ever naruto won anything?
>Won kiba who is one of weakest guys,and only becose he tricked him
>Won neji who is great fighter and talanted one but only becose he used 9tail fox spirit and eaven then he couldnt kill him,with a power of legendary demon powers
>Won gaara who was wounded before then and was fighting against saske 2 times before naruto took on him
>Won kabuto who was fighting against tsunade before him
>Got he,s ass wooped bye saske who,s only bonus was that mark of arichimaru witch bye the way acording to fat guy incrases the ones strenght bye 10x times and eaven bye using legendary spirit of 9tail demon fox wich only was defeated bye 4th cohage,he FUCKING managed to lose to he,s age guy who had psychalogical problems
>Beated that rondom girl as i said bye using one of legendary thecnique and he was fighting seriusly becose he thought that its kabuto and still wasnt able to kill her with 1 shoot.
So if you think about it naruto is yust a lucky LOSER.
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Oh my, I haven't seen this pasta before
>Naruto's shit
My, what a surprise.
>being this retarded


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What did she mean by this?
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I'd perform a cavity search on her if you know what I mean.
She doesn't want them to have search warrants because they might find and take her kitchen sink
Heavens! Lord have mercy, that would be hella bad

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Tsurezure Children anime officially announced

Director: Hiraku Kaneko (Manyuu Hikenchou, Seikon no Qwaser)
Series Composition: Tatsuhiko Urahata (A-Channel, Rokka no Yuusha)
Character design: Etsuko Sumimoto (Yuri Kuma Arashi)
Animation production: Studio Gokumi
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I knew this would get an adaptation.
Now give Takagi-san.
This is sushi
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Having hair colours and voices will be very handy for telling characters apart.

What would it be like?
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Stop motion.
Maybe it'd actually be good.

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>you will never have be this close with your imouto
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>never have be
Dude has a horse neck

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Just finished this. Season 2 when?
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not before 2018
That's too generous.
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When she wakes up.

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