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So basically, forever ago I watched TTGL and the subs were great, they were even animated during certain parts to be particularly standout, as in they would sort of carry the gravitas in the scene instead of just being the standard white text/black lines

I wanna get someone to watch this since I know they'd like it, but I can't for the life of me remember who subbed it, and the official ones just aren't nearly as good, even in the actual translation

So basically just hoping one of you fuckers might happen to know what I'm on about

Pic just the first thing I saw
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i know which ones you are talking about but the problem is that they never finished subbing it if i remember correctly
ah, fuckers

who was it though? i could at least check and see, and then be disappointed

do you know which subs would be the best option in that case?

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ITT: Anime quotes that literally describe you
valentines day special
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So are we seriously going to have 50+ threads about normalfags crying they don't have a gf today? Does /a/ care this much about 3DPD?
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So is Semkensue still alive?
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Did he see her nude?

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Hey, /a/! Can you guys tell me about some animes with drastic character desing changes? Stuff like JoJo and pic related.
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Pretty much any long running manga/anime
Who killed their smiles?

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What the fuck was her problem?
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she was too perfect
She started getting into set theory and it kinda fucked her up.
Forced bad life, forced drama, bad writing, cheap way to pull at teenagers' heart stings

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So what's the new Code Geass supposed o be about?
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making money
your mom
Probably the massive power vacuum that would be created if someone who felled the largest empire in history and substituted his own evil reign died all of a sudden with no heir.

I mean, the world would be in chaos.

Just how deep is the lore?
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Were they supposed to be in kindergarten? That's kind of hot.
Is there anything senpai's pot can't do?

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Chapter 61

As promised, here it is. I've cleaned it a bit more and fixed some errors.
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Hoboy, here we go
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ITT: girls that are everybody's go-to faps.
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What would sex with Mio be like? I'd like to think she breaks out of her comfort zone and becomes incredibly dominant which would be hot as fuck.

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What kind of traits has 2D taught you to appreciate about boobs? What character/title exemplified those traits the most?
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That flat chests are objectively superior.
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Big is best, but as long as they look natural of course. Not too big on balloon tits.
Sekireis are very educational about boobs. Kazehana's my favorite Sekirei.
Also, Ikkitousens do that as well.
Ryofu Housen is my fav, with Kan'u Unchou a close second.

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Why haven't you watched Railgun yet /a/non? Are you scared?
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Despite being better than Index, Railgun is still crap.
I want to hang out with them in that room.
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>it's a mobileposter thread

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Do you like Truck-kun?
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A truck once saved my life from a gun-wielding madman. I love trucks!

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Dare desu ka?
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sekirei kazehana breezy.jpg
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Got a couple one shots from Yamamoto Souichirou, mangaka for Takagi-san, in Korean.

First one is "Middle-aged Cat Guy"

>Bye Kazuki, see you tomorrow.

>Later, Natsuno.

>I couldn't tell her I liked her today either.

>I should be thankful just being able to talk with her on the way home...

>I'm back.

>Kazuki, you're home! I picked up a cat!

>Get over here and look! It's so cute!

>A cat?
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>Middle Aged Cat Guy


>You say.. he's cute!?
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>Come over here and pet it!



>Huh? Do you hate cats?

>That's not it!!

>What is this!? There wasn't anyone this weird in my family!!

>There's no way a cat's eyes would look that weird either!!

>This! This isn't a cat, it's some old man, isn't it!?


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What is he planning now /a/?
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To kill people that post images like that

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