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>Onihei - 06 (Amazon).mkv
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Is there another way to get this than amazon?
File: Onihei - 06 (Amazon).webm (2MB, 720x404px)Image search: [Google]
Onihei - 06 (Amazon).webm
2MB, 720x404px
Its amazon exclusive unfortunately or just get at the usual place.

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Rei Ayanami.jpg
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since the creator hates Ayanami so much, why did she get the best theme?

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why does rei have the best themes?
Rei is Sagisu's waifu
so good, i fucking loved this theme so much


Man, NGE really is the best all around I need to rewatch it soon.

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As far as I know in the game it didn't happen.
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Sorah is meant for Mikleo.
you realize sorey is gay right?
>it's an anyone-but-Velvet episode

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ITT: we post characters we hate, bonus points for MC
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>hating Miyuki

OP is a faggot
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Although I ironically love him.
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I hate him so much. He's a stupid fucking newfag who can't even use the name field correctly. And he has bad taste.

Is there any way a thread about 70s and 80s Anime won't get eaten within minutes on /a/?

What are some anime and manga from that era that you guys enjoy?
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I'm currently watching Xabungle, part of my Tomino binge. It's pretty cool especially after coming the cathartic journey that was Victory Gundam.

I like the Wild West setting it has and how it's basically a longer King Gainer in tone.
ace wo nerae
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>90% of /a/ only knows Getter from shitposters talking about TTGL

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Today is Tsuyu's birthday.

Say something nice about her.
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she is a good frog and a better friend
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noill tsuyu birthday.png
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the comic will never be finished
She is cute and seems like she'd be fun to be around.

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No, I wouldn't fuck that horrible art style.
>Hah, He should feel lucky. He's the first one to be touched by my perfect body,hmmhmmhmm~
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At this point, i'm even thinking about doing my dog.

Why are black-haired girls always the best girl in their series?
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bets gril.png
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Truly a best

This is a japanese cat.
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These are dangerous Japanese predators.
That's Chiyo-chan's dad.
How are you?

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It's a Seo/Waka chapter
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>The romantic comedy begins with Junichi "Jun" Hashiba, an uncool high school student who frets about wanting to lose his virginity. Egged on by his friends, Jun gets on his knees and confesses his love to a classmate named Yukana Yame. The confession surprisingly works and the couple goes out. However, Jun finds himself in uncharted waters with Yame, a trendy and fashion-conscious "gal"

They wont fuck will they?
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Of course not.
I remember reading this thinking it was the type of series to end in 30 chapters and of course an anime adaptation would be out of the question

Yet here we are
Can't believe this got an anime as fast as it did.

Also, it runs in Shounen Ace OP. Take a fucking guess.

It's shit.

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Yeah it's pretty shit.
>I have shit taste.

Watched it a long time ago but didn't really paid much attention. The animation was beatiful but the plot didn't really captivate me.

I'll give it another try sometime, since I liked Kotonoha no Niwa very much.

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What was her fucking problem?
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Nothing. She was useless, she knew she was useless, tried to be useful, backfired, resigned to accept that she was useless
She's a teenage girl.
Her huge schnozz

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>posting only page 2
You have outlived your usefulness.
Someone post page 1 please

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New chapter out


Gaaf is still a bitch
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This one is also 16 pages long. Are the last few chapters just going to be longer than usual?
Man, HaruSabin is the best artist for this series, isn't he?
Not summaryanon but the chapter lengths will vary still.

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