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Upa please just kiss nico
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Best ship
>that plot twist
Whats next, Uno has a secret twin he changes places every now and then, and Rock is Hulk?
Are they ever getting out of this prison?

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You know the drill.

You're waifu is posted, you do pushups equal to the last 2 digits of that post.
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Feels good to be gay.
Feels good to have a waifu from an obscure 90s series :^)
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>a gay that isn't /fit/

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Can we get a good old thread with intelligent anime quotes going? I'll start with a recent one.
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words of wisdom
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Nyanko is ____!
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You dumb cat, what's the point of a quiz if you're gonna wear a t-shirt with the answer on it?
Glands size onahole.

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Am I the only one here who still has a soft spot for Bleach despite all its valid criticism?

I mean yeah, the the story dragged on and felt repetitive, the plot had a bunch of side stories unresolved, the characters became less interesting as the series progressed, the final arc and its conclusion felt underwhelming, et cetera et cetera.

But in spite of that, I can't help but still have a soft spot for Bleach and think back fondly to all the good times in the series despite how things ended up.

What do you guys think?
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Orihime is perfection.

Aside from that, Bleach's early years were the best because it kept closest to Kubo's strengths and away from the weaknesses he'd later show. The cast was a manageable size at that time, and character interactions and growth were entertaining. Hints at Shinigami and Hollow lore were intriguing. The fights were entertaining and designs were good.

Then the Soul Society arc came along, and while it's still good, it's here all the problems began. The cast more than tripled, and of the former main cast only Ichigo's fights mattered anymore (even Uryu's excellent fight against Mayuri didn't actually accomplish anything). Then it ended with the Aizen twist, foreshadowing the shitty twists that would become a hallmark of Kubo's writing. It was also at this point that Rukia's character was completed, and so she began to be sidelined. From a writing perspective, it made perfect sense, but we all know how certain autists took it.

I don't really feel like going through the rest of the series, but the long and short of it is that yeah, Bleach had some real good in it, but over time it became too stuffed with garbage for that to be worth it.
The definition of a true fan is someone who enjoys a work while recognizing its weaknesses.
I unironically enjoyed the Sternritters arc. Loved how the Sternritters' powers were conceptual and how the Shinigami found ways to overcome them.

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Was it really necessary to make him a male? Why couldn't they just go with the female character like the rest of the cast?
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Was it really necessary to make him a male? Why couldn't they just go with the female character like the rest of the cast?
He's irrelevant character.

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If Kyoani stuff talented enough to make any source material (even well-known, award winning works from really talented authors) much better in anime, why their in-home source materials are so shitty?
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Because a light novel will always be shit.
Kyoani is shit
Because they are written by randoms who don't know how to write.

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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thank you

What was her name again?
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Any anime that you drop recently?

I dropped hard this, it's quite boring and not as good as Kobayashi-san or Gabriel.
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I dropped it halfway into the first episode, its not bad but 23 minutes feels way too long.
Not even the yuribait is enough to keep me awake.
Looks cute

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Woop woop stuff
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[Title is 'Something's here']

Toujou Mai
Year 2 Class 7 Library Rep
She likes Ogiue-kun, but when he's right in front of her she gets extremely rigid due to anxiety
Ogiue Taichi
Year 2 Class 7 Basketball Club
He heard a rumor that Toujou-san likes him, but the girl is always rigid so he thinks she actually hates him.

I came to the room of the boy I liked.
"Ogiue isn't here now, okay?"

"...there, Mai-chan"
"I...it's okay...!! It's not like I came here to see Ogiue-kun"

"I just brought some cards"
"And it'd be better to play with more people"
"But if Ogiue-kun isn't here..."
"So what? We wait?"

"If you say so, Chiba-san...!!"
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"I'm gonna go look for Ogiue"
"So just wait here for a bit"
"Thanks, Maruo-kun"

"Hey, China-san!!"
"Was I natural just now!? Did he found out??"
"I dunno......"

"Huh? Huh?"
"Should I have been colder than that??"
"Wait, Mai-chan"
"You came to get along better with him, right?"

"Yeah, but........"
"Yeah, but...!!"
"I know, I know"
"You want to get along better without him ever finding out"

"Ah! I left my phone in my room"
"You're gonna go get it??"

"Sorry, I'll come back right away!!"
"Right now?? You're coming back for sure, right??"

Oh no...
I'm getting really nervous now that I'm alone
Ogiue-kun was in this room...
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The backpack there...
Was the one Ogiue-kun was carrying this morning
Which means this bed is...

This doesn't mean I did it intentionally
But the sheets are messed up...
Did he only cover himself with one sheet?

No no no...!! What am I thinking!!
I think I smell Ogiue-kun's scent...
Wait, nonononoonono


Haah.... oh man...
I'm a complete pervert...

have to stop before everyone else comes back...
I'll stop after I count to three


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This is MiniMari, say something nice or not nice about her.
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Waste of a good character.
Fairy Tails tagline

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How did Urobuchi manage to create something so good from such rancid source material? Not that F/Z is a masterpiece, but it is light-years ahead of FS/N.
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Because Kiritsugu was a cool and dark adult with a deep philosophy, while Shirou was just an immature teenager. Zero was made for the seinen audience after all.
Shirou's conflict and development is better than anything in Zero.
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Kiritsugu was the right kind of autistic. Shirou was a fedora tier character.

They are both shitty when compared to Garden of Sinners. Still, Kiritsugu was at least a fun change of pace as far as anime protagonists go. I've yet to watch an anime where the protagonist literally blows up an entire hotel just to get one guy who he then ruthlessly bullies for the remainder of the series. He was fun to watch. Shirou is just cringy and his voice actor gives me hives.

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10 minutes until new episode
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Manga talk welcomed
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Chapter 168 RAW is out: http://manga-spot.com/archives/38987

/ourqueen/ better win this match.
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Good job anons, also Kaya is back!!!
haha, okay i completely forgot about tuesday being the raw day, so i posted the other one
thank you! I was gonna make the thread.

Should prob cross link the last TL/TS thread

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