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This is Oomuro Sakurako

Say something nice about her.
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Amarini mo kawai sugiru
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She has two charming and intelligent sisters.

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suiryu is my husbando
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Fuck you lazy fucks

Chapter dump
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4koma things.
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Procrastination is a dangerous drug.


Pola-exclusive Equipment?

I'm back~ What's going on~?
重巡洋艦 ポーラ
Heavy Cruiser Pola
駆逐艦 吹雪
Destroyer Fubuki
Wh-, we're in practice! It's dangerous!

重巡洋艦 ザラ
Heavy Cruiser Zara
What are you drinking wine outside!?
Got a sample~
And that came with a glass!?
And that's some impressive evasion!

I got a bunch, so everyone drink up~
Pola-san, look o-...!

Woah~ How shocking~
でも ワインはこぼさず飲んだよー(買ってきたのも無事ー)
But I drank the wine without spilling it! (The ones I bought are safe, too)
I wonder if her evasion would really increase if she equipped wine out on sorties...
I feel that only the wine would have increased evasion, though...
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No significant movements from the enemy Abyssal ships have been reported.
軽巡洋艦 大淀
Light Cruiser Ooyodo
提督 この間に本土近海諸島の各防衛及び哨戒体制を強化すべく補給兵站物資の輸送を実施しましょう!
Admiral, let's use this time to focus on our area's defenses and strengthen our patrolling structure with some supply transports!

ただし 敵潜水艦などの跳梁や侵入も報告されていますので念のため艦艇を投入した海上輸送作戦を展開します
However, enemy submarines have been reported to have invaded, so we will be including a battle fleet to accompany them for this transport operation.
軽巡洋艦 五十鈴
Light Cruiser Isuzu

Let's keep vigilant over the nearby sea, its contents included! The marine transport operation has begun!
五十鈴 出撃します!秋も五十鈴に任せて!
Isuzu, sortieing out! Leave autumn to me, too!
(Art of War)

Huh? I don't have to have my fill of autumn like the summer!?
That's correct...
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It's time.

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joshu heads.jpg
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Let's take a moment to talk about the REAL protagonist of Part 8.
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Why is Narancia so cute?
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I mean what was Araki thinking?
New Jojo tomorrow!

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For the love of god someone get her an ACC buffing trinket!

previous thread: >>153237313
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This thread is as popular and well liked as Yunyun.
lel, you stole the spotlight
Darkness centric episodes are not even worth watching

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Dare you enter this magical realm?
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What the actual fuck
Asanagi had a farm
And on his farm he had a pig

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Little witches are great2.png
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Who cares about Andrew?
Frank is the guy who knows what it´s all about.
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Please take a seat, Frank.
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>The professors find out Ursula was Chariot
>Rumor goes around the teacher's lounge that Finnelan uses futa magic to masturbate
>The professors jump Ursula and knock her out
>When she wakes up, she's naked, magically bound to a bed in the middle of an amphitheater with all the professors watching
>Out comes a naked Finnelan with a foot-long magic cock
>Finnelan pounces on Ursula and starts violently raping her virgin Christmas cake cunt
>Finnelan's in unrivaled ecstasy, unleashing her seething rage at the witch who degraded magic in front of the world by degrading her beautiful tight young body with her gross, flabby, wrinkly and droopy physique in full view of all her colleagues, cheering on her putrid, sinful act of hedonistic pleasure
>She knows she'll be chasing this high for the rest of her life, futilely committing sexual atrocities on young women in front of crowds and making Chariot her regular sex slave, though neither will ever come close to the feeling she has now. But none of that matters. All she cares about is the godlike euphoria of her sexual pleasure combined with the adoration of her peers and superiors and her bloodlust being fed by destroying the person she hates most in the world
>Ursula frantically screams and cries, though she knows no one who hears her is on her side. As she's violently invaded and shredded by the horse cock of her peer, as her body is engulfed by the wrinkly saggy flab of a woman twice her age that slaps and smacks against her body with each thrust, as everyone she considered an ally cheers on this monster, she remembers herself at her highest; a world-renown magic master who inspired millions...all reduced to a cumdumpster.
>Finnelan finally finishes with a massive cum explosion inside of her. And as she prays to the god she slowly believes in less and less that she not bear her child, Ursula gets ready to pleasure Finnelan with her mouth, having no choice but to give heaven to the woman who just gave her hell.
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Ursula is a good teacher

New episode is out.
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I'm hoping for an appearance by RMS.
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Class president a cute!
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Oh look, it's another show where the MC is literally the worst character
Why did Vigne had to stop her from stripping?
What the fuck did you just say about my wife Satania-sama?

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Storyboards for the next upcoming episodes.

ep7→Akira Amemiya
ep8→Hiroyuki Imaishi
ep9→Akitarou Daichi
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Reminder that Kela is god
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First for every witch in Luna Nova is Heterosexual confirmed

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Reminder: http://imgur.com/a/MQn6F
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New episode soon
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Can't wait for them to open a new can of whoop ass.
I'm going to be so upset if this isn't a slaughter.
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Stop watching Gundam that is written by a woman.

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Ssshhh Tiny Chariot is sleeping and dreaming about her positive future!

don't give up hope anons!
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Diana is a literal cuck.
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>her positive future

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Either you die a hero or live long enough to become a villain
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So no more "Dragon Ball Super" titles?
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Screenshot (60).png
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Me gusta Super, esta super chido

There's many threads about young witches here, sure you wouldn't mind another one?
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Dumping then.
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File: Atelier_c01_06.jpg (2MB, 2249x1600px)Image search: [Google]
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