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>he cant sense murderous intent
Are you even trying /a/?
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> implying I can't
Stop projecting
Serious question, can Americans not feel it?
You can if you train hard enough

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what is the source, OP?
Google gives me nothing, source?

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By Your Powers Combined.png
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Deluge is cool with all the Pure Elements' weapons combined, but I still want to MARRY Marika!
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1st for I want to marry Mariko
Thats what fanfiction is for Marry Marika anon
I wonder if Quake's hammer has any special properties since with a freezing cold trident and a 1000 degree glaive, she probably doesn't need another two-handed weapon.

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Come and request or make /a/ related art.
Old >>153269085
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Requesting a drawing of Bill Lumbergh bossing around Aggretsuko in her cubical at work.
Requesting a film based mahou shoujo.
With old cameras-like designs; film tapes flying around her or using them the same way a plant-themed mahou shoujo would use vines; flying fresnels to shoot lasers; you name it.
Requesting Meiko and Sophia in a purple version of Meiko's school uniform staring at each other in a confused manner.

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ginatama what.png
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So did this actually happened? Is Hasegawa fucking with him or what, they never talked about it again. Someone explain.
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it's not like they're even trying to hide it, ya know?
Yeah but it makes no sense, so Gin is gay? Is Hasegawa gay? I don't get, especially since its never talked about again. And Gin doesn't act gay, he only goes after girls. Its a funny episode but it makes no sense for the characters.
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CKIm78GUsAAjbyI.jpg large.jpg
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You're thinking this waaay too much.
They were wasted-tier drunk. Something awkward happened. Let your imagination run wild.
Though seriously, they're not too subtle about it.

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Who is the best girl?
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The one without disgusting udders
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low test

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Does /a/ like their manga with or without monster rape?
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Not even monsters deserve to be raped.
Anon, I just masturbated. You can't make a thread like this.


CGI closeups are dead and buried
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Don't make me hope that they actually replaced most or all of the CG in the show.

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Post girls bullying girls.
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The worst kind of bullying.
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context ?
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not enough more !!!

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Have you already accepted Quetzalcoatl as your true goddess?
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How do you pronounce Quetzalcoatl?
>KyoAni in charge of making /ss/ great again

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First half /ll/

Second half /ss/

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Who keep making Maid Dragon threads for every single thing that happens?
what did the dragon want to do to the child?
In the manga she said that she wanted to fuck, cant show that on TV though

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sum voodoo up in dis biatch.webm
3MB, 1280x720px

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You only need to realize the truth
Wait, you guys never done this? David Copperfield blew my mind when he bent my spoon through the TV.

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Who is the BEST doujin artist?
Would have made the thread in /h/ but loli material isn't allowed there. Or discussion of any kind.

Asanagi may not be your cup of tea, but damn.
There's few that can match the quality of his drawings. Besides, he hasn't gone hard guro edgelord in years, people are too stuck in the past when judging the vicitm girls series.
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It's very subjective, considering you gotta have the fetishes he pushes to appreciate it, but hansharu draws the best goddamn loli on the market.

Name ONE (1) loli artist with squishier tummies
This or his amazon girls doujin are his best works so far.

I felt like Jezebel was a bit unfocused
Like, people complain that he's too formulaic, but the amazons would have been absolutely perfect for his usual "gradual losing to the cock" shtick, instead of the instant fall to cattle status

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Dracula's grave.jpg
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Because of her split personality, Kyurii seems to act like two different people, kinda like Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde.

During daytime she's nice and careful, but a little shy vampire girl.
However, this drastically changes at night...
She becomes the fearsome, bloodthirsty Vampiress with a very aggressive nature.

So, which Kyurii is the better one, anon? Submissive or dominant?
Can she be both best and/or worst, at the same time?
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Which one is gonna slop on my dick? That one is the best one
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So what happened last thread? I remember we were discussing rachnee but I had to leave suddenly.
/qa/tards showed up and ruined the thread as usual

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