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Weakest episode of the show so far, which is a shame because it's been doing so well up until now.
>imouto gets lewded
>"weakest episode"
I think the joke with working for "thank you" wasn't enough material for an entire episode.

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That character needs a Kat crossover edit.
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This Kat, by the way.

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Is ACCA 13-ku Kansatsu-ka the most underrated anime this season?
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Nah, that would be Tiger Mask W.

ACCA is pretty fun though, but wresslan is better and gets even less attention.
Is this show just about a guy whose job is to literally watch people.

But people are watching him while he watches and the people's bosses who have him watching are watching his watcher watching people and some blue hair lady watch her bosses watch the uncover watch him watch subordinates and also there's stalkers occasionally watching while this all happens?
It's a series about real espionage.

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Post anime/manga slavs
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kira slav.png
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but is he truly Russian?
>there's a skeleton inside of you

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A lot of translations are needed.
It's about valentine's day

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>literally 0th world problems: the animation
>it's a self-pity sobfest melodrama, even worse than okada who at least tries setting up an interesting premise
>"poor us, we're so emotionally stunted that we can't cope with the fact our senseis are sensible enough not to fuck 16 year-olds/ruin their own lives"
>even the characters would look back 5 years later and cringe at how detached from reality they were
>describes pitiful aspects of human condition and yet is outclassed in execution by shit like the 40 yo virgin
>realistic only in how pathetic it is

What is their obsession with sex... like all the characters in this anime think about sex and relationships 24/7. Do they not care about literally anything else in their lives... have they no hobbies? Do they not have any interest in their future or in anything other than sexual interactions and relationships?

Seems like such a foreign concept to me. Are the characters in this anime normies? Is that how normies are, thinking about sex and relationships all day everyday?
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Didn't you make this thread before?
So you don't like it? Sounds like something you should write in your diary instead.
This show is unrealistic trash.

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Why are lolis and shotas the OTP of OTPs?
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>every single thread
Stop spamming this shit, I want my loli with faceless old man.
>I want my loli with faceless old man

Then go to >>>/d/
patrician taste

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Left or right?
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amano 8.jpg
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How is that even a question?
ALWAYS choose the one with the fang
>MC prefers skelleton over her cute voluptuous childhood friend
What a fag.

This was shit and you know it.
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It was shit. It was horrible. It was absolute trash, and yet, despite everything said, I still cried.
The only thing bad about it is that the animation is super weak compared to Shinkai's other stuff. It's just a movie to make you feel sad about relationships and it achieves that well.
It's sadboys kino. Sets the mood for a sad night in.

Normies won't get it

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So what did he see? What does she wear?
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He just saw that his bro was actually a babe, and has to rethink his life now being sexually attractive to him(female).
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She confuses him too much
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Somewhere deep inside I see this ending in a threesome.

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Do you like it when anime has philosophical themes?
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Where is that from?

Sorry I can't finish reading your sentence.
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especially when Shaft is in charge

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Which is the worst anime of the season and why it's kuzu no honkai
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Good paint skills OP.
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dam garbage.jpg
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Your taste is shit m8.
Did you forget to sage or is it really dying so slowly?

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Always down for a OPT.

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>mfw it's getting a dub
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Nice more Shinku is always welcome.
Worst doll.
How did this end? I don't remember if I even finished it. Pretty sure I got so tried waiting for UTW that I forgot about it.

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Haruhi is being re-broadcasted on NHK in April
Is this a sign of things to come?
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They will add one new episode in the middle of endless eight.
Unlikely. Nichijou was also on NHK.
Well who cares

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