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>Nene together with Ushio

absolutely disgusting.

anyway, 1 chapter to go and it's finally over.
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And Shiraishi? Don't leave me hanging.
It hadn't ended yet? Seriously? I dropped it because it was dragging on like two years ago.
how many sets of witches showed up before it got axed?

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Can we all agree this team would dominate a Grail War?
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Touma could probably instantly dispel any servant and would dispel any magic attacks by other masters.

The servant is http://discworld.wikia.com/wiki/Carrot_Ironfoundersson

He's basically the epitome of "the hero", although the Discworld books deconstruct a lot of tropes.

He has the most non-magical sword in the universe. This means it's superior to magical swords (like Excalibur and Avalon) because it's more real. Basically it would cut through any magical/mythical weapon.

He's also put his sword into stone, which is considerably more difficult than getting one out of it.

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>character unveils a new technique in the middle of a fight
>it doesn't work and character ends up just beating the villain with his original, reliable move instead
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This happens all the time in card game anime, but it'd never happen in a typical shounen fighter.
I don't think that has ever happened outside of a comedy series.
Happens literally all the time in sports mango

Not a fight but still

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Characters who did nothing wrong
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you first
None of the characters in Shiki did anything wrong. They were all acting within their best interests and for their own survival. Except the pink haired bitch. Fuck her.

Griffith and Zamasu

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Greatest love story ever told
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I'm still upset about Leon.
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Finished this recently, and while happy for them, they deserve better. Should have showed an epilogue of Tatsumi and Mine living together while Mine works hard finding a cure to return him back to normal.
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Whoops, wrong pic.

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Why does this series have 0 character development?
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The episodes are out of order.
You didn't read the VN?
Read the VN.

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Did you enjoy K?
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It was pretty, but not very good to be honest.
HOMRA here. SCEPTER4 a shit.
it's pretty but clearly for fags and fujoshit

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Let's try with Kon in the OP this time.
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I want to marry this fox!
Who will be the first to fall to prostitution after they realize that opening up a fortune telling store in a city literally filled with other fortune telling stores run by more experienced people is not a viable and sustainable business venture?
Too late for that.

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>muh isekai
God, if Arifureta is generic, Dungeon Seeker is an off-brand bootleg plastic copy stamped out in a Chinese factory at five cents a unit.
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and yet the thread or isekai gary stu series would probably be at bump limit like the previous ones I've seen.
Isekai protagonists are all the same
>minna-san, slavery is bad, okay?
>Let's take common knowledge from my previous life and change this world to be more like Japan nee~~.
>What? Polygamy?! You mean I can have 6 wives?!!!!
>Huh? What previous life? Japan who?
You mean all isekai WN protagonists.

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Shota rape in muh Gundam?!
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McGillis pleases old men for money
Looks like I got something new to fap too.
Is this Gundam worth picking up if I just care about the suffering? I heard it's just crappy Okadashit.

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I'll just dump it here since people probably has forgotten this series.
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Wonder when's the next chapter be translated.
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Spoilers are out.

1位 薙切えりな 3350票
2位 新戸緋沙子 3081票
3位 薙切アリス 3042票
4位 幸平創真  2795票
5位 田所恵 1862票
6位 四宮小次郎 1669票
7位 小林竜胆 1353票
8位 タクミ?アルディーニ 1207票
9位 水戸郁魅 743票
10位葉山アキラ 737票

カラー絵 両チームのアッシェパルマンティエ


仙左衛門「両チームの品を互いに食しあってみるのだ それがこの紅白戦の仕上げである!」

食べ比べる創真たち ※おはだけ無し









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>best girl first
Erase yourself from here.

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So I just saw Redline and the animation is so fucking amazing.
What do you think about it, /a/?
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it was forgettable
Good visuals and audio, however its like a 6/10 or 7/10 at best. The first 10ish minute, as in the first race, is by far the best part of the movie.

What really ruined the movie was the main titled race, and how it wasn't really wacky anime racers or something where you could have this cast bounce off each other. It was racers vs faceless countless soldiers with no personality, and Funky Boy who literally stopped the race completely and fucked the whole movie up.

I felt more interest to the racers in the first fucking race who had almost no screentime each than anyone but Machinehead in the Redline race.

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Find a flaw.
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Way better than me at just about everything and so far above my station I should be beaten for even thinking about it.

the rest of her show can't keep up with how cool she is.

Seriously HO had some fun ideas but just never was able to properly implement them because the writer doesn't know fuck about strategy
Lack of porn.

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3x3 Thread
Rate others
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no FLCL killyourself/10
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roast ME
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