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What was this guy's problem?
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He thought he was dreaming when she said she loved him, he had no chance to prepare, couldn't see it coming

afraid of getting turned into goo.
I've been dreaming


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Is there any thing better than Serial Experiments Lain?
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If there's an anime better than Lain, I haven't found it, but Evangelion comes close.
Haibane Renmei.

Funny fucker. Imagine if ABe designed those freak horses.

>start watching this nice animated kissing show
>suddenly this bitch pops out

She need to be burned alive in cage ISIS style
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Stop watching 3DPD. This isn't /tv/.
Man this show sure is controversial.
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>Can't handle a trashy slutty Sensei.
Literally the best kind, She's the best.

So what is she, sister? friend? lover?
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Coulda been lover, but gone too soon
No, she's your cousin.
I suppose
Not for you

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How about a Sailor V thread for Valentine's Day?
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Is this the new Lucky Star or even better?
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Please don't.
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What are you pretending to state anon?
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You don't enter a house and steal food.

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Is anyone still watching this shit?
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I am. It's fun.
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Dropped after the first episode.
I kinda hate-loved the first episode but now I enjoy it a lot. Much of the stuff is amateurish but at least it's trying, unlike a bunch of other shows this season.

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Is this the first Teens Love manga to get a TV anime?

TL is a category of manga which is basically female oriented, heterosexual erotica. The sort of thing where part of the point is having a sex scene in practically every chapter, but not explicit enough to warrant an 18+ rating.
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We can't let Daiz keep getting away with it
Whenever I see that picture, for a split second I think "OPM season 2 took a strange turn"
TL is really lewd. I don't know how they can air this on TV. I guess we'll be seeing a lot of streaks of light and clouds of steam.

If they're going to animate TL, then I'd rather they choose a series with a more attractive male lead. Bald monks are too limited a niche.

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Now that the dust has settled, was it worth the wait?
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I didn't watch it and don't intend to, because VN is better.
If you're a fan of Fate, then yes. But if you haven't read the VN, then no.
Simply this.

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With the eventual release of Melvina Maniax and Arcadia Lost, the future of butts, at least for now, looks set to grow.
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How does Kirke continue the fight against judeo-bolshevism, like her father did?
Anett should've beaten her harder

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>please pirate our products :^)
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>buying anime
I mean I don't really buy it, but what's the point of a ban? Isn't any money, good money? Is gaining money a bad thing?
That's what fujos get

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Who is the better girl?
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Kyoko easily
Are you sure?
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Episode's out, just in case somebody else's still watching it.
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I like learning about Sengoku but Chidori is getting shafted at its expense.
but that's a girl, Nobunaga

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It's out here:
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