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Why is this design so good?
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Why is such a good design in such a shitty anime?
That's why.
smoker detected

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New chapter comes next week.
New Icons comes today.
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Has anyone got more BTFO'd than Zessica?
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OP's mama after bouncing on my cock and catching all of my cum with her womb
why are you so happy about that anon?

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This is the most powerful character in all of anime

You L I T E R A L L Y cannot dispute this
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Saitama could beat him.
In one punch.
i bet homuka can beat him.
Can Shiki kill Zen-Oh?

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How does /a/ feel about Paranoia Agent?
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First half was amazing, second half was literal shit.
Even if i love psychological anime, it's really boring
May favorite anime desu

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Lio 3.png
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You know, when you think about it he's a good guy and Shiki is just a bitch.
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>"I'm not the same as you! If I murder someone, I won't be human anymore!"
>murders him
>gives no fucks
Great writing Nasu.
If I remember correctly he injected a lethal dose of marijuana into Miki. Not really something a good boy would do.

This is a Japanese fertility god.
Say something nice about her!
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She sure makes me fertile
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She is cute and is getting 3 new figures this year!
I wish to make demigods with her.

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Gintama Never End!

Who is your favorite in Gintama?
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ever heard of the Catalog, son?

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These two beautiful and smart ladies are staring. What do?
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tohka is smart?! what?!
[x] Touch Tohka's tohkas
Origami a shit.

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Suzune did nothing wrong!
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Rebellion was over 3 years ago.
In 3 months, it will be 2 years since Madoka Online went offline.

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Why does Japan tend to not make anime like Avengers in Hollywood movies ever?
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Because they're trash?
But they do, most seasonal shows are mass-produced garish looking garbage that's forgotten by the public in six months.

Please give me your attention
I'll introduce to you
A man that is a credit to
Our Chinese animu!
His author is even dumber
yet his show isn't a flop!
he is a common Mary Sue
and his name is Mr. Glop.
And Glop he thinks he may
Be a decent protagonist some day.

Oh, Mr. Glop,
you were born by mistake,
You take the caek.
You make us ache.
Tie a rock to your cock
and go jump in a lake.
Kindly do that for anime's sake!

Yes, Mr. Glop is lucky; he found a girl, by gee! 
He got himself seven bitches, they even cooked and cleaned for free. 
They went into a dungeon, came out with enough gold to fill a truck, 
And when they got back in the evening, they argued whose turn it was to fuck. 
So he shouted, "If you give each other's crotches a lick, I'll do you all right quick!" 

Glop hiked back to the city, but wasn't happy laying low. 
He said, "I'll join a guild, the great K. of the B.O." 
He went out for training in the morning, nearly got killed before noon.
He'd be out there pushing daisies, if his waifu hadn't ran to him so soon!
The guild leader said, "You see, 
You've got my apology."

When the final battle came he shouted, "Let's you and I fight fair!" 
The GM did oblige him, gee in anime that's rare, 
But the second time it happened, Mr. Glop nearly faced defeat.
Till he overcame his opponent,
And stabbed him in the street!

Unfortunately, I'm sad to say, Mr. Glop has yet to die,
He's still making the plebs squee and causing us to all ask, "Why?"
He has a movie coming, a third season too!
Prolonging the agony to be suffered by me and you.
And his author says, even the story hasn't all come out.
So we'll probably keep seeing Mr. Glop until the money all runs out!

(In honor of the end of my latest ban)
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Do you think you're funny?
Is this copypasta?
No, it's fresh.

Let it die for now. The line breaks are all screwed up due to some weird unicode error that I have to correct.

Is this the greatest OP of all time?
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I didn't know this series had a BD release. Guess I'm rewatching it then.
The fights were great and the girls cute. Tomino knows his stuff.
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gainer confession.webm
3MB, 608x334px
I'm actually impressed the fights were so fun to watch when all of them were basically "King Gainer pulls a completely new special move out of its ass".

And then there was the one where he won with a confession.

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Fuck off, /tv/.
That particular scene was really beautiful. Seeing those streaks of light and the impacts all around would be awe-inspiring. Perhaps even enhanced by the knowledge that you're about to get obliterated by a space rock.

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What can you say about this girl?
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I was disappointed when she started being attracted to a boy. I was hoping she would spend the rest of the show trying to deal with an unhappy one-sided love for Nanako.
>one-sided love for Nanako
She was into Kaoru though.
All things considered, it made sense for Mariko to move on, since her confused lesbian feelings were only a result of an actual androphobia.
She was Carlton.

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