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Can we talk about the glory that is Kirby: Right Back at Ya?
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I do believe you are mistaken, that is not Kirby: Right Back at Ya, But instead the best anime ever: Dedede: Right Back at Ya!
Memes aside, it's actually a pretty fun show that fits well in the Kirby canon. I also prefer the dub over the sub for Dedede's voice alone.

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電撃文庫 MAGAZINE N°54 - 鎌池和馬 インタビューフォーム
Kamachi Kazuma Interview on Dengeki Bunko MAGAZINE N°:54
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which kinpatsu was the best?
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I like Alice the most but Karen is just too sexy.

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Is Yui the edgiest Keion?
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yui is the most class conscious kein
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yui wanksta.gif
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Only when she's not sober from that dank kush.
she is the cutest keion

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Male otaku x normal girl is the best pairing ever. It's true and you know it. Look at other recent examples like Danna and Kaminomi. They're incredible.

Normal guy x female otaku? Yeah right. Otaku x otaku? You wish, nerd. Every male otaku would get with a normal qt like Megumi and her popularity attests to this truth.
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megumi is an otaku though
No she isn't. She knows some otaku stuff from Tomoya cramming it into her, but she's still mostly normal.
>Normal guy x female otaku? Yeah right.

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Is Juri the best girl?
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That is a trick question, since all girls are best girl, but Wakaba is better. Shoujo best friends are totally underrated.
>all girls are best girl

Except that whore Shiori.

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Time to choose
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Apple and strawberry.
Yumiko's the most attractive, but Amane had the best route.

Can anyone talk about Love Live with me
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It's shit.
The doujins are good.
That's about it.
i cry ep3
nobody watch the show but they work so hard
i would have give up, but honkachan is stronger thn that
I'd rather talk about BanG Dream

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Anyone else excited for this?
>countless doujins and figs from HJ throwing money at it
>no male MC in sight so should be free of harem-shit that plagues most ecchi

Might even be some comfy SoL comedy with demons instead of school-girls. Was recently announced to start airing in April.

Select your demon-lord waifu:

Also in the show but not in the OP:
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My dick's been ready for months
Sweet. Glad I'm not the only one.

What are you hoping for? Which girl is your favorite so far? Least favorite?
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>comfy SoL
>not Sonico
I wouldn't bet on it.

>your fiancee and your onii-chan are trying to kill each other

What would you do in this situation?
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Fuck the winner.
If I was the loli i'd support my husbando, of course. I mean holy shit look at how HUGE and RIPPED the Chocolate Man is under that uniform.
Jesus fuck is choco man a terminator

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since it happens to be Tomoko Tuesday as well, happy Valentines day from the Queen of /a/!
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>tomoko will never give any of us a heart shaped box of chocolate
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why even live?
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it me, ESL-kun

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How... have i been missing this all my life? why didn't you guys tell me sooner?
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Thinking mans manga
Because it's shit.
We did it faggot.

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images (4).jpg
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This is Sasuke. Say something nice about him!
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I want to fuck his daughter
He's rly cool.
he cucked worst girl

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pop pop pop
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>buying a revolver in .44 Magnum to shoot non-lethal bullets
How much of an idiot can you be?

This bitch is a cultural icon with over 40 years of history and I found out about her because my favorite titty model portrayed her in a remake TV drama. The fuck is wrong with this board?
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Stop expecting /a/ to talk about every old famous show all the time, that's not how it fucking works. It comes up plenty, it's just not a regular topic. If you've never heard of Cutie Honey, that's on you. It's not our fault you pay more attention to 3DPD models than anime/manga.
That doesn't stop you assholes from debating over what Gendo had for breakfast before telling Misato to jump into a radioactive robot.
This is your own fault, OP.

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