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Once you read this, you immediately forget about Kobayashi and all her dragons.
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>Once you read this
Then I'll look forward to being able to read it in the future, then.
>you immediately forget about Kobayashi and all her dragons
Is it filled with lots of happy wholesome family bonding? Not interested if it doesn't have that.
It's translated already?

Anime from the 80's are really fucking good right? So much better than the majority of what came in the next decade.
Been watching Dirty Pair TV and I'm honestly enjoying more than Cowbe.

Kei or Yuri?
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One of this girls will train you for the next six months.

You will not die in this time period.

Choose wisely.
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The one voiced by Y.Aoi.
Right all the way
Right looks playful and flirty while left just looks sadistic. So, right.

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Best girl so far.png
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Tooru can't carry Seiren on her own.

Looking forward to the predictable end.
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Shouichi's been better this round.

Took her on a date, spends money on her, is jealous of the other guys and had that food promise line.
True that. Maybe we'll get a good end this time.

Childhood friend gets best end.
Tooru is better than Tsuneki in every possible way.

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What are you reading/translating/cleaning & redrawing/typesetting?
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Porn of course, what else?
Since you're translating porn, could you translate those two pages for me?


I'm clueless on why they started fucking.
Different anon but I'll try anyways.

(First page)
Oh? He woke up.
You can't sleep so much, it'll rot your brain.

What's going on?

What's going on?

What is going on?!

(Next page)
This is so wrong I don't know where to begin!


Should I really be going along with this?


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2017 spring anime japan
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Two of the things I'm watching are SnK S2 and Starmyu S2... I'm the fujo trash /a/ hates.
There's a lot of new studio names I'm not familiar of. Pretty good to see up and coming g studios sprouting about trying to make a name out of themselves.
This one will be spring too.
More detail at Feb 19.

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Haifuri OVA has been set for May 24th release.

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>1 whole year for a OVA
>not new 12-episode anime
What is IMS doing?
Did people actually like this show after the dumb hamsters?
Did it even sell?
Stopped following the threads mid season and just finished it months later.

Welp, SIU finally revealed Baam's past and his connection with Zahard.

Also foreshadowing about what Karaka's going to do with White.

Chapter 238
>Preview: http://imgur.com/a/5AbZJ
>Translation: http://pastebin.com/eDrQud8P

Chapter 239
>Preview: http://imgur.com/a/iH8O9
>Translation: http://pastebin.com/JYdxhHYy

Chapter 240
>Preview: http://imgur.com/a/vKZWs
>Translation: http://pastebin.com/qUgN4e3N
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>Suddenly an outer god

Looks like he's an actual god this time and Enryu is his messenger
>Garam : After hearing she had her child, Zahard found and killed the baby under her eyes.
Enryu looks way less menacing than I thought he would look.

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Is there anything Stania can do right?
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>not understanding art

>posmodernist apologist
Why won't they show Gab's fall? It's a lot more interesting if we were at that phase instead of the Gab we have right now. Imagine the better character dynamics with a confused almost fallen angel.

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ITT: Post yfw the date never happens
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You guys are going to be BTFO and I'm going to enjoy it.
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This counts as a date. It's what I look forward to the most in S2.
Utaha is worst girl.

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No new comic today. Hiatus until 21st.
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I want to consensually make love to Misuzu.
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Anyone else think the bankai distribution was obviously unbalanced in Bleach? Some of the shittiest bankais and shikais (ice dragon, making everything upside down, etc.) belonged to supposedly strong captains and former captains, while there were vice captains with retardedly op powers. Only discernible pattern in bankais, if any can be said to exist, was that the earlier your bankai was exposed, the blander and shittier it was.
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Kuchiki's bankai was stupid op, but most of the early bankai/shikais were plain shit.
>make several big knives
>sword becomes a long snake
>a sensory deprivation tent
>large caterpillar???
>the earlier your bankai was exposed, the blander and shittier it was
Makes sense, due to power creep and all that.

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Steins;Gate 0 thread
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Delete this
Okabe is a delusional beta faggot.

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can siblings love each other /a/?
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oh boy here we go again. such an original thread on /a/!
>original thread
chose one

Love a sibling, ruin your life. Guaranteed.

post them rare Koumes
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She's literally fucking Nico.
Except nico is better
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