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>nobody talks about this anime, ever

Literally why
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Wasn't that great
The timeskip is embarassing
The ending is tryhard
6/10 apply yourself more Gen
Well, it's his first work.

Also the only thing about the ending that was absurd was Reiji getting shot. And if you count it, Shiga's men.
It wasn't that good. The story and the way the story progresses is laughable, and the production and attention to detail was lacking a lot of the time.

This is a little girl, or loli, who appears in the anime series Jewelpet Tinkle. Anime, or Japanese animation, is a subject relevant to this board.

Who is your favorite loli in anime and manga?
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The little brat from Mashimaro.
>inb4 mods delete the 4th loli thread in a row FOR FREE
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Patrician taste right here.

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Would anyone here happen to have a webm of the Yuru Yuri opening styled using Nichijou characters? I think it may have been posted here before, but I didn't save it.
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Are this dead guy's comics any good?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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I dunno if I am doing this snow angels thing right.

Ramiel best girl

Evangelion thread I guess.
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If I had more time and maybe better snow, I would make a snow Rei. Who is possibly tied for best girl.
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fuck off, newfag
but let me hear your questions first

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What anime do you watch on a weekly basis?
Me currently

Monday: nothing unless I'm catching up
Tuesday: Konosuba
Wednesday: Koboyashis Dragon Maid
Thursday: Interview with Monster Girls
Friday: nothing unless I'm catching up
Saturday: Dragon Ball Super
Sunday: nothing unless I'm catching up

I really want to fill up the open slots but I dont know what else to watch
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Just pick something from your backlog you faggot.

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>Maidragon has a more interesting magic lore than LWA.

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>you will never be a wizard in training trying to prove your worth that ends up summoning an ex goddess dragon

Do you like droopy eyes?
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5% and 30% are cute
I don't know. I really don't. I keep thinking that I like fox eyes better, but my favorite characters tend to have droopy eyes.

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What /a/ think about Ladies VS Butlers?
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Drill is the generic spoiled and annoying ojosama,everything else including the mudlsim maniacs is fine
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The amount of lewd in this show is off the rails.
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I fap to the loli.

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And why is it Mason Ikkoku?







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As a huge fan of Spice & Wolf I must say that a lot of S & W OST are comfy as fuck.

this is chitanda eru . what do you think about her ?
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Most breedable anime girl.
Cum inside and leave the country.
She's going to be a great mother

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Thanks OP

Gotta remember Kirino a shit.
Thank you, OP.

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Chapter 91 is out.
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I have no idea what's going on in the most recent ch (130) but I'm glad the translations are about to hit the Hime fusion.
GCUP is so fucking annoying.
Hime a best.

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Would you accept?
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No, I like my sanity
I'd rather have the infinite MP desu
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vast magical power.jpg
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Why not have both?

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Just started this. Pretty good, i'm loving the fight choreography.

Have anyone here read it? What am I in for?

Did it get axed too hard?
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Yeah it's a tight manga and I loved the mc. It's a shame it got cancelled, I believe the author was getting hospitalized before it ended.
I see, that's bad to hear.
Did it affect the ending too much?
It was kind of rushed, yeah. Still an amazing read, one of the best protagonists in a long time.

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