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It's good but you'll never see it end
Its pretty fun and well written. Theres really nothing else like it today, it's a relic of 80's grindhouse that survived in a timecapsule to the modern day.

Start now and youll probably finish by the time the hiatus is over and you can have fun with us as we finally get over one of the more long, drawn out arcs in manga history

To those who understand spoken moon decently: Are the jap actors as terrible as the English dub ones usually are?

One of the main reasons I watch with original voices is because it's hard to take anything seriously with the English actors. Maybe I'll have that problem anyways if my jap gets good enough
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It depends, really.
Depends on what you count as good, personally I prefer jap voice actors since the guys tend to have more midrange voices and most of the female voices are much less annoying. But it's personal opinion really
No, normal japaness is nothing like what you see in anime, its horrible, i had to mute the volume when i watched japanese porn

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link for TS n TL >>153463005

Chapter 168 RAW is out: http://manga-spot.com/archives/38987
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Been trying my hand at the hirigana in each chapter ahead of the TL and checking against it but as im litterally in jpn 111 (same as 101) sometimes it doesnt make sense XD like the whole "Ahhh! I feel like a snowbird!" Line of dialog.
It takes me about 3 hours to get through a single chapter though as im not too good at remembering the coresponding syllables. I find the grammar/syntax simple though (although I guess that comes with being fluent in a large number of programming languages).
Ryu vs Guile (who somehow has A2's Custom Combo to spam projectiles with), or Charlie (from the versus series, or A2)

personally I prefer "Sonic Titty" because it would be disappointing for curious enough readers to find out that the move wasn't originally named "Sonic Boob" in the manga

it is at least round 2 for Nozomi, Non and Fuyuyu. Don't remember if Sanae and Maya said that they had matches before their current one (or if one of their friends mentioned them passing through one).

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Who shot Jobbin?
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Baby Bege.
He accidentally shot himself and was calling those people off in the distance bastards because they didn't hear/see it so they couldn't help him.
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Just a quick reminder Nami uses -kun with Sanji in affectionate way.
She dropped it when he broke her heart, but she still uses it when he is not around.
They will make up and everything will go back to normal

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ITT: We wait for the new summoning mechanic
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I hope it is a good summoning method like Synchro was, unlike the disaster XYZ introduced.
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I'm torn on whether to watch Vrains as it's airing or wait for it to finish and binge watch it like I'm doing for Arc-V.

A Thursday reminder thread about cute girls lifting cute weights! A manga that eroticational! Edurotic! It's got young teenagers, expired Christmas cakes, cult-film hobbyists, macho ojous, patient bodybuilders and they all want you to have a safe and efficient time in the gym! Chapter 15 needs your love, TL!

Talk about your favorite lifts, your favorite girls and discuss what might be the case with this COMPLETELY NEW and MYSTERIOUS new girl and just WHAT ON EARTH could be the case for the shocking twist on the final page!
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I'll re-post last week's chapter. This is a bi-weekly manga; every other week. Chapter 16 will be posted next Thursday.

But I'll post a sneak peek at the end anyway~
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Sherlift Holmes
Sherlockout Holcomb
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Fuck my traps up sempai.
No. What anime is this?

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Masamune-kun episode soon.

Remember. Neko a shit.
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I'll humor your dead thread OP
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New episode in 12 hours.

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Mad she's in the OP but no route. Photokano anime all over again.

Yeah no.
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This will be the episode that kills the cuckposters.

Happy Birthday Setsuna Ogiso!

The long awaited White Album 2 Valentines Day thread is here, feel free to come here to say something nice about Setsuna and wish her a happy birthday.

White Album 2 series torrent - https://www.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=597884

White Album 2 Visual Novel Torrent - https://sukebei.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=86626

Visual Novel English Patch - https://www.baka-tsuki.org/project/?title=White_Album_2

Kazusa Vocal tracks (at least she tried with Sound of Destiny...) - https://www.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=884978

7 gigs of White album songs - https://www.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=679620

Kazusa playing classical Piano songs - https://nyaa.proxydesk.eu/?page=view&tid=505780
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Thread Theme - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aVv-38ZpXN0
Don't forget to read these short stories, they are quite essential for understanding all the characters.
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Anyone think Setsuna totally steals this song from Yuki?


Good shout

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Tsurezure Children anime adaptation



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Go be slow somewhere else.

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Was anime art style at the beginning of the 2010s different from 2017 anime?
If yes, how so?
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less digital effects and CG backgrounds
More rigid characters
less use of blush and less intricate eyes
spikier hair
more toned down colour pallets
OPs are also less and less J-pop lately I've found.
it seems everything, including technology, has stagnated after 2010
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You are very, very wrong.

Interesting, thanks!

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Why didn't anyone of you faggots tell me how fucking good this manga was?

makimaki best grill
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What makes women so much better at writing stories compared to men?
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field filled with immature men.

Also few good women mangakas are really noticeable while the mediocre get swept under
They're really good at making shit up
I remember that manga. 10/10

I don't remember the author tough.

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Why does Shinka do this?
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I dunno what she's doing
Sexual frustration.
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She needs money and for her own amusement

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