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Danberu nan kiro moteru?

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A Thursday reminder thread about cute girls lifting cute weights! A manga that eroticational! Edurotic! It's got young teenagers, expired Christmas cakes, cult-film hobbyists, macho ojous, patient bodybuilders and they all want you to have a safe and efficient time in the gym! Chapter 15 needs your love, TL!

Talk about your favorite lifts, your favorite girls and discuss what might be the case with this COMPLETELY NEW and MYSTERIOUS new girl and just WHAT ON EARTH could be the case for the shocking twist on the final page!
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I'll re-post last week's chapter. This is a bi-weekly manga; every other week. Chapter 16 will be posted next Thursday.

But I'll post a sneak peek at the end anyway~
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Sherlift Holmes
Sherlockout Holcomb
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so elegant
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I mean, if you frost cake with your butt
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Oh. Whoops. I'll get on it later
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Oh? What's the spartan onee doing at Silverman's Gym? Coming to check up on that boxing class they started perhaps?
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Yer fine, friendo! I've just kinda made Thursdays a lift-manga habit, personally.

And hey, think of it this way; currently YOU are the sole translator of this for the entire english speaking world. I don't say that as pressure, I say that as literally millions of people owe YOU for the ability to even grow, literally, with these lifting harlots. And that's pretty cool.
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"new" girl is hot as Hell, though I mean jeez
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And here's your extra page sneak peek. Damn, Akemi is stoked about SOMETHING!
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...well, maybe another page for good measure.
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Let's Lifting!.jpg
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Like a model.png
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>new gym opens in my condo
>it's fucking shit
It doesn't even have dumbbells and the normies love it. I fucking hate DYELs so much.
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a-are any of my fellow anons /fit/?

who lifts for their 2D here?
Isn't dip machine bad for you?
Going to the gym for the first time today.

I'm gonna make it!
It's not a machine for performing dips. It's a lateral assist machine and no it's not bad. It's also practically unheard of for how specialized it is. Pullups are something you can do with any suspended bar (or, Hell, ledge) and if you cannot perform a single pull up, people just hold it (or they kip, which is bad) until they can perform the strict form.

People think it's bad because MORONS hurt themselves on it all the time. They don't understand how it works so they set it to some maximum and then yank as hard as they can to perform a pull up, crushing their collarbones into the railings.
>expired Christmas cake
I was pleasantly surprised by this.

I'm trying to lose weight. Only 10 kg removed from my target goal, but I've been stagnating (and even gained a little weight recently).

Please tell me I'm going to make it.
We're ALL gonna make it, bro.
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Gambatene anon! I hope you become Thick, Solid and Tight!
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Don't you let me catch one of you newfag noobies here at my gym. I'm sick of you idiots hogging the equipment without knowing what to do and repping with bullshit form. Read the fucking /fit/ sticky before I make your inside a sticky in the locker room.
You're gonna be a sicc cunt if you wanna
I just started going to the gym yesterday. I left when there were too many people though. ;_;
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Me irl
I wanna fuck Hime. Gyaru wouldn't be rejected by me either.
Broski, that's why cocoon mode exists. Hide from the unwanted stares of jealous eyes, prying at your sculpted manly body.

Convince her it's for the exercise.
What /fit/ calls NEETing up until you're /fit/

I'm not sure how it applies to gym angst
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>425/275/535lbs s/b/d
>Smolov + PPL + accessories
I can't convince her that's it's for exercise. She'd start doing it with everybody.
I have no idea why my squats are so much stronger than the rest of my lifts. Slowly inching towards 2/3/4/5 though. On a meme routine because my workout partner wanted to focus on aesthetics and school and apparently can't balance that with a 5-6 day a week program.
Pick a different time of day to go and try again.
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>Just hit 225x5 on bench

Feels fucking good lads.
How does one avoid going to snap city?
Make sure you practice good form instead of just immediately trying for your max working weight.
Practice good form. Just lift the bar at first to get used to the motions.

Also make sure your mind doesn't wander when you're lifting. Inattention can make things dangerous
File: thinking_hotaru.png (372KB, 954x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>I have no idea why my squats are so much stronger than the rest of my lifts
High bar? Then it's probably:
>high quad insertions
>short femurs
>good lower abdominal bracing
>you've just been squatting more frequently
>you're equipped

>2pl bench
You have a long road ahead of you anon.
>short femurs
I am somewhat short, so that may be it.
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>tfw no manlet /a/non gymbro to bully in the shower
Eh I went from spooky skeleton lmao1plate to 2plate since Dec 1. I don't expect to keep that great of progress up but the future looks bright.
>taking the time to load/deload the leg curl instead of just using the machine

Literally the same movement. But aside from that, yeah, fuck machines. Cables are legit as fuark though.
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Bench: 115 lbs
Squat: 245 lbs
Deadlift: 225 lbs

Only been lifting for 6 months, I want to die.
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I know I should probably read the /fit/ sticky.

But how can a lanky ass (6 feet, 140 pounds) motherfucker get fit?

Most I've done for 5 months was running but it did little to nothing in terms of reducing fat.
File: n-no_homo28.png (736KB, 655x794px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>I know I should probably read the /fit/ sticky.
>proceeds to ask dumb shit that's answered in the sticky
Shut the FUCK up you fucking piece of shit DYEL
File: hey baby wanna job.gif (880KB, 400x223px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
hey baby wanna job.gif
880KB, 400x223px
Been at the gym for about a month now after using my shitty Apartment gym for a year. Already up a ton of weight on my squats, benchs, and OHP. Got to work on DLs,

>tfw pull day today
To get big:
1. Eat more food.
2. Lift heavy weights

To get small:
1. Eat less food.
2. Lift heavy weights.

It's literally that simple.
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Correct me if I'm wrong, but to elaborate on for that anon: eating bit usually means eating a lot of protein. Protein is the substance that 'repairs' your muscles after you strain them. In other words, it's what gives you gainz.

Lean (white) meat, fish, eggs and certain vegetables are the best sources of protein.
You need ALL your macronutrients, bro. You need carbs, protein, you need water, you need minerals, you need ALL food, bro.

You wanna get big, eat big. You'll get big. What you DO with all that energy determines your fitness.
File: Toguro 100%.jpg (2MB, 2037x3056px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Toguro 100%.jpg
2MB, 2037x3056px
This. While a high amount of protein is recommended, you won't make it if you're not getting a sufficient amount of carbs and fats. A decent amount of potassium and fiber should be helpful.

Lowering sugar and sodium intake will probably help a bit. In general, improving your diet will help a lot with your lifts and help you make gains.

But most of all, read the fucking /fit/ sticky.
File: 006[1].png (175KB, 750x1127px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>He thinks that's /fit/
You are like little baby
File: workout you faggot.jpg (531KB, 1288x3200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
workout you faggot.jpg
531KB, 1288x3200px
I'm a total weenie but I've been following pic related for the past few weeks. It's better than nothing, right?
File: trap-mode.png (2MB, 1432x2020px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Try doing this one.
>eat more:

Sorry for the late reply. I weigh 195 lbs
File: Eqz7BYZ[1].png (87KB, 611x746px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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It's a meme NEET's use to deal with their crippling loneliness
>t's better than nothing, right?
No, it's a waste of time
You're better off just doing cardio
Too bad it's shit.
File: 1487185026637.gif (471KB, 300x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>those juice saggy boobs
Thanks for always remembering to post the dump when it comes out anon, it's always a biweekly highlight.
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I look forward to each 14 days!
And they're like, "it's better than yours."
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Narrow grip.png
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Ok it's late, I should start now
TP Here.

I missed last thread. Well, I'll try to typeset this chapter tomorrow.
Take your time, this threads also let me post the hundreds of reaction images I've apparently made and been saving.
Last thread was similarly missed, so you didn't miss anything at all! The universe, karma, all that, things work out!
[Left box] Crepe (Strawberry Choco Banana)

"Is that......"

"Ah, that's definitely Machio-san"

"Machio-san was with a girl?"

"That's right. I could only see her back though"
"Maybe his girlfriend?"

"Maybe you mistook him for someone else? It's hard to imagine the guy having any other interest aside from muscles"
"Ayaka...... that's just mean......."

"Try thinking about it. Is there anyone else around here who is a pervert handsome macho guy who wears a shred of underwear and does muscular stuff?" [Emphasize second sentence]
"Ah. That's Machio-san"

Around that time elsewhere
Tachibana Satomi was on overtime so she was having a break from gym.

"Never expected Machio-san to have a girl"
"We only know Machio-san as our trainer after all"
"Well, but it might not be so weird"

" 'Machio-san in clothes' is a normal good looking guy"
"True. He's an unrivaled hunk 'if he wears clothes'"

"But recently, 'Machio-san without clothes' is possible too. The curves of his gluteus maximus are especially superb" [ Emphasize second sentence]
"I'm definitely for his Pectoralis Major"
"It's the right way to gooo~"
"Hibiki. You're being corrupted by Akemi"

"Talking about me?"

"Hello there! Let's have a high spirited training session today!"
"His entrance is like from a battle manga!!!!?"

"You guys. The conversation we had awhile ago is a secret"

"Machio-san has his privacy too"

"Ah! Maybe you noticed? I've been focusing on expanding my biceps brachii recently!!"
"No, it's completely different"
"It's so big! Nice bulk there!!!"

"Okay, what kinda training should we do today?"

"I'd like to train my back"

He taught us the lat pulldown before, but that machine is surprisingly popular...
*See chapter 6

"I'd like to do some other kinda exercise while I'm waiting for it to open up"
"I see!"
"I understand!"

"So today"
"Let's do some Chin ups!" [TN: They call it 'Chinnings'. Up to you]
Chinnings [Screw it, I go with what they said. Apparently chinning is a real word]
The so called 'pull ups'. It's an exercise once can simply do even outside a gym if there's a place to hang a bar.
*Make sure there's a safe amount of space

There are multiple variations for chinnings, so the muscles [trained] will also vary depending on your target.
- Over grip (Overhand)
- Under grip (Underhand)
- Narrow grip chinning
- Wide grip chinning
This time, we'll introduce you to the orthodox chinning.

Grip the bar overhand and suspend yourself.
The distance between your hands should be a little wider than shoulder width.

Cross your legs in front of your buttocks.

[Clockwise from top]
Eyesight up
Raise your body slowly
Straighten up your back (Bent back X)
When your chin goes over the bar, stay there for a bit.

Slowly bring your body down.
Never ease up your body suddenly!

What's important is 'raise your body with your back strength, not with your arms'. [Emphasize quoted part]
If you bring it near your scapula, it will be easy to sense your back strength. [Emphasize 'if you bring it near your scapula]

There are people who use the recoil when they do the most chnnings they can, but this practice has a strong nuance that tends towards working out the whole body rather than muscle training.
If you want to train your muscles, make it a rule to do it without using the recoil. [Emphasize 'do it without using the recoil]

In chinnings, you are training your latissimus dorsi muscle, lower trapezius muscle, and the biceps brachii muscle

[Label] Lower Trapezius muscle

"Now you know how to do it"
"Okay then, let's try giving it a shot right away!"

"Okay, I'll go first!"
I couldn't life my body up......
"Yeah, it's hard to do it the first time"

Chinnings are a great exercise,
But it's a very difficult one.

"The heavier you are, the more difficult it will be"
"Machio-san, did you just diss me there?"

"But it's fine!"

"We have a 'chinning machine' here in Silverman Gym!!!"

"Ah, I can do it somehow here!"
"The weights are connected to the machine, so you can decrease the burden"

"Souryuuin-san, Uehara-san, you'll be fine if you can do normal chinnings as well"

"Sakura-san, there's one more assist machine. Let's do some 'slanted chin ups'" [Emphasize quoted part]

"You can control the weight yourself, so you should try doing it as long as you don't push yourself too far"
Body is straight -->
The more you put your feet forward, the more the weight
"Whoa! Looks like I can do this too!"

"Okay, let's do this one more time"
"Ah, there you are..."


"Hey. You guys doing your best there?"
[Box] Ayaka's sister, Uehara Nana

"Machio-kun, you have a moment now?"
"Sure do! The chinnings will be done soon, so just wait a bit"


"The woman Machio-san was with before! That was Ayaka's sister!!!"
"Ahhh, from then"

"Machio-kun and I were together from grade school to high school"
"That was the day of our middle school reunion"
"So that was it!"
"Aneki, you were classmates with Machio-san!"
"The world's such a small place"

Not a single person said anything about Machio making poses in the middle of town with a sheet of underwear.
Nobody noticed that they were slowly being corrupted.


"Road bikes sure are cool"
"They've gotten completely entrenched from the fads"

"I'm hooked on bikes too!"
"Wanna peddle with me after school for a bit?"

"...aerobikes huh..."
Okay, should be free next week. I hope. Anyways, done.
File: New swimsuits.png (71KB, 300x216px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
New swimsuits.png
71KB, 300x216px
You're a lifesaver! Thank you as always for the time you spend, it's literally makes all the difference, and it's GREAT work!! I'll post chapter 16 next Thursday afloat with reaction shots until you swing by!

QC will be posted in about half an hour, working on it right now.
I can go 4 times a week to the gym with no problems. Have done so for the past 3/4 year but I mostly eat less than 2k calories a day. I'm just not having any appetite.
Thanks anon glad to see this translated.
Chinnings sounds goofy as hell though.
File: Nice form.png (167KB, 620x490px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Nice form.png
167KB, 620x490px
Haha, did I say half hour? Apparently I meant HOUR.

I'll still miss something. I always do.
FEEL FREE TO POINT OUT ERRORS I MISSED because I suck and I'm tired and it always happens, c'est la vie

Page 1
[Crêpe (Strawberry-Choco-Banana) 353kcal]
[Sakura Hibiki]

Is that......

Ah, that's totally Machio-san.


Page 3
[Uehara Ayaka]
Machio-san was with a girl?
[Souryuuin Akemi]

That's right. I could only see her back, though.
Perhaps his girlfriend?

D'ya think you mistook him for someone else? It's hard imagining the guy having any interests besides muscles.
Ayaka......that's just mean......

How 'bout this, who else is a handsome-pervert-macho-guy doin' muscle stuff in tiny briefs?[TL: Emphasize second sentence]
Ah. Yeah, that's Machio-san.

>Around that time elsewhere
>Tachibana Satomi was on overtime, forced to take a break from the gym.


Page 4
(Hibiki)Still, never expected Machio-san to have a girl.
(Akemi)Well, it's not so unbelievable.
(Ayaka)We only know him as our trainer, after all.

"Clothed Machio" is a normal, good-looking guy.
True. "Machio in clothes" is an unrivaled hunk.

But, recently, you know, "Naked Machio" is possible, too, I guess. The curves of his gluteus maximus are 'specially spectacular.[TL: Emphasize second sentence]
It's unquestionably his Pectoralis Major for me! Unequivocally~
Hibiki. Akemi's corruption has begun.

Talking about me?
Page 5
Hello there! Let's have a high-spirited training session today!
[Machio Naruzou]
He's chargin' in like from a battle manga!!!?

You guys. Our little conversation is a secret.

Machio-san has his privacy, too.

Ah! Maybe you've noticed? I've been focusing on expanding my biceps brachii recently!!
No, it's completely different.
It's so big! What a powerful flex!!!


Page 6
Okay. So what sort of training should we do today?

I'd like to train my back.

>He taught us lat pull-downs before, but that machine is surprisingly popular...
*See Chapter 6

I'd like somethin' else to do while waitin' for it to open up.
I see!
I understand!

So for today,
let's do some chin ups!

TN: They call it 'Chinnings'. Up to you.
QC: It is a real term used in gymnastics, mostly, but I agree about the hesitation in using it since it's far from the norm. However some Engrish, even unpopular sorts, can bring discussion so I say go for it. If people don't like "chinnings" they'll probably talk about it.


Page 7
The so-called "pull up." It's a simple exercise one can easily do anywhere, even outside the gym, if there's a place to hang a bar.
*Make sure the area itself is safe

There are multiple variations of chinnings, so the muscles [trained] will also vary depending on method.
*Supine Grip (Overhand)
*Pronate Grip (Underhand)
This time, we'll introduce you to the orthodox chinning method.

Grasp the bar overhanded and suspend yourself.
Your hands should be slightly wider than shoulder-width.

Cross your ankles behind your buttocks.
Page 8
[Clockwise from top]
Eyesight upwards
Lift your body slowly
Keep your back straight (A bent back = X)
When your chin hovers over the bar, hold there a bit.

Slowly lower yourself down.
Never just suddenly go limp!

What's important for the exercise is to "lift your body with your back strength, not arm strength."[TL: Emphasize quote]
"Bringing the bar to your scapula" is an easy way to sense those muscles.[TL: Emphasize quote]

There are people who who use their muscle's recoil to "kip" themselves upwards during chinnings, doing as many as they can, but this method tends to exert effort over the entire body rather than target training muscles.
If you are training your muscles, make it a rule to do it without kipping.[TL: Emphasize "without kipping."]


Page 9
During chinnings, you are training your latissimus dorsi muscle and the biceps brachii muscle
[Lower Trapezius Muscle]


Page 10
And that's how they're done.
Okay then, let's try giving it a shot right away!

Ok, I'll go first!


Page 11
>I couldn't lift my body at all......
Yeah, they're tough to do at first.

Chinnings are a great exercise, but it's also a very taxing one.

The heavier you are, the more difficult they become.
Machio-san, did you just diss me, there?

But it's fine!

We have a "chinning machine" here in Silverman's Gym!!!

QC: We know it as a "dip machine"
Page 12
Ah, I can somehow do it, here!
The weights are connected to the machine's seat via pulley, so you can decrease the burden by adding the load.

Souryuuin-san, Uehara-san, you'll be fine with standard chinnings as well.

Sakura-san, there's another way to assist chinnings. Let's do some "slanted chinnings." [TL: Emphasize quoted part]

Without the machine for control, you can take a more direct approach, just be safe.
>Body is straight
>The further out your feet, the more weight you add
Whoa! Looks like I can do this, too!


Page 13
Okay, let's do this one more time.
Ah, there you are...


Hey. You guys aren't slackin' off?
[Ayaka's Sister: Uehara Nana]

Machio-kun, you have a moment now?
Sure do! Chinning training is almost over, so hang on a bit.



Page 14
The woman Machio-san was with before! That was Ayaka's sister!!!
Ahh, that's what it was.

Machio-kun and I have known each other from elementary to high school.
The other day was our middle school reunion.
So that was it!
Aneki, you and Machio-san were classmates!
The world is such a small place

[No one mentioned the half-naked Machio flexing poses in the middle of town in barely a sheet of underwear.]
[No one noticed how far their corruption had spread.]


Extra Page
Bike Ride

Road bikes are awesome.
They've gone from fad to mainstream.

I'm hooked on bikes, too!
Would you like to peddle together after school?

...stationary bikes, huh...
File: Nice.jpg (24KB, 304x130px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
24KB, 304x130px
And done! If there's a mistake, as there tends to be, don't be afraid to point it out.

As always, thank you to our anonymous translator >>153560047 who anchors this manga for the western world and thank you to our TP-friend from Rakuen >>153558708 who cleans it, sets it, crafts it and presents it at its best for said audience!! You both are the most important people!
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No way.png
37KB, 205x151px
Remember that you don't need to lock beyond chin level. Usually eye level is the right one, since going up to chin involves an extra stress beyond the groups that have already contracted.
File: citation_needed.png (105KB, 415x280px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
105KB, 415x280px
t.dyel cheating reps raising his chin who most certainly does kipping pull ups

Don t listen to this fucking faggot nigger just do full rom
File: Not like that.png (54KB, 291x382px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Not like that.png
54KB, 291x382px
since fit is slow at the moment :
Am I doing something seriously wrong if I spend 1.5 - 2 hrs on average in the gym doing SS? I'm only 4 months in by the way.
File: Nuh uh, no way.png (43KB, 178x238px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Nuh uh, no way.png
43KB, 178x238px
Are you eating a balanced and healthy diet? It's okay if you're bulking so long as you're getting ALL the protein, fats and carbohydrates as well as ALL your vitamins, minerals, fiber and other digestible/non-digestible supplements along enough drinking water that your urine is completely clear.

Doing SS for muscular gains is effective. ANY exercise program is effective in the initial stages.

Consider what your goals are. Consider whether those goals are realistic or what you need to make those goals reality. Does doing lots and lots and lots of squats achieve that?

Ultimately, everything in life should have balance. Your diet should be balanced, eating anything and everything in comparative moderation. Your exercise routine should be balanced, working all muscle groups an equal amount. Anaerobic exercise should be balanced with aerobic exercise. By taking in everything, while avoiding the obviously toxic things, your body improves. Fitness is finding the balance that works best for you and meets your goals.
I think you replied to me by mistake.
Not really. Unless I was "trolled" or I'm missing something.

Having a structured workout plan is a great thing for a beginner! It gives solid goals, clear plans, specific instructions on how to achieve them and provides a guideline to keep you motivated in the form of tracking your progress. Starting Strength is good at that. You won't look like a Calvin Klein underwear model in 4 months, but then, is that realistic?

Also, I'm just posting my reaction images alphabetically.
Why, yes. This very day is leg day.
Well I was asking if doing 1 workout of SS for 1.5-2 hrs a day was too long. I've heard most get a session done in 45 minutes.
File: Oh crepe.png (171KB, 439x801px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Oh crepe.png
171KB, 439x801px
I interpreted it as you spent 90-120 minutes a day doing SS workouts, not a single SS workout. Length of time spent in the gym might be an indication of inefficiency of time management, but the lifts themselves are pretty standard as far as "time elapsed" is concerned.

Doing it fast is kind pointless. Meet the goals. If you did, increase the weight next time. If you didn't, but got close, keep at it. If you didn't and could even do 1 set, deload. "Doing it in 45 minutes" means nothing.
File: Untitled-1.jpg (99KB, 330x373px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1484111270723.jpg (76KB, 912x1036px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
76KB, 912x1036px
Congrats bro, it's a big milestone.

But for real, its a pretty short read and answers everything.

Nah, you do you. You can potentially finish in 45 minutes, but if you have the time you are free to take it. You may experience some decrease in heart rate and such, but if you find the payoff is that you can finish out your reps - finish out your reps.
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i wonder.jpg
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My local gym has a barbell fitness class. Supposedly pretty well-rounded in terms of targeting areas.

Is that a good place to start, before going to free weights?
>tfw bench PR last week
>tfw squat PR today
>tfw over 300 wilks for the first time in my life

Ty danberu for getting me back into lifting. Honorabru mention to based sheiko and that trap from /fit/ for hooking me up with P R O G R A M M I N G
Why do you always start with the same post?
File: images.png (9KB, 441x333px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
9KB, 441x333px

I'm so sorry for phoneposting

>before free weights

Barbell IS free weights, DYEL-san.

But yeah barbell is the best place to start if you're a new lifter
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