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link for TS n TL >>153463005

Chapter 168 RAW is out: http://manga-spot.com/archives/38987
Been trying my hand at the hirigana in each chapter ahead of the TL and checking against it but as im litterally in jpn 111 (same as 101) sometimes it doesnt make sense XD like the whole "Ahhh! I feel like a snowbird!" Line of dialog.
It takes me about 3 hours to get through a single chapter though as im not too good at remembering the coresponding syllables. I find the grammar/syntax simple though (although I guess that comes with being fluent in a large number of programming languages).
Ryu vs Guile (who somehow has A2's Custom Combo to spam projectiles with), or Charlie (from the versus series, or A2)

personally I prefer "Sonic Titty" because it would be disappointing for curious enough readers to find out that the move wasn't originally named "Sonic Boob" in the manga

it is at least round 2 for Nozomi, Non and Fuyuyu. Don't remember if Sanae and Maya said that they had matches before their current one (or if one of their friends mentioned them passing through one).
speaking of chapter 168, congratulations, Non-chan, you already landed your first hit on a goketsu \o/
Maya seems to be having help from Kaya (rather than Kaya taking over Maya), I don't even imagine how Nozomi or other people are going to win against Fuyuyu's ability. Or how will Fuyuyu deal with the 4 players' abilities and techniques (for example, Kaya's high frequency waves and Nozomi's newest VBC)
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I imagine Fuyuyu and Nozomi either draw and one of the other three win or something similar to what happened in the first round happens, Nozomi wins but the guilt eats her alive
Kaya does have one advantage against Fuyuyu which is show in the end of the chapter. Part of her shocking technique is to cause pain and make the opponent get unconscious, on the lines of what Hanabi does, which Kaya is resistant against.
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The current fight in the raws is pure hype!
Oh, there's a thread. I'll start when I finish my stuff
Thanks, anon.
This is exactly what I thought too. Kaya has high pain resist stat
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Ujibe is THICC
or Nozomi ends winning against Misaki, and Fuyuyu against someone else (Maya?), and both of them draw (and either they have a rematch, or someone else might win against Fuyuyu later -- Mio was the only one shown to win against a goketsu by herself, so far), or Nozomi gets knocked out and doesn't see what happens for the rest of the tournament (setting up a Mio arc maybe?)
I can't believe how much she changed wtf.
Sounds reasonable
I wonder what happened to TS anon
working in the shadows

and getting a new boiler
we all know hes in the shadows lurking, but didn't he get a boiler already?
Hes probably working like overtime to fill in the gaps that the boiler put into his bank
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Don't worry. He'll appear soon. I hope.
wait does asscalibur have an actual sword up her ass? i thought it was a prop or spiritual thing.
it's a dildo
It's a butt plug.
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"You can't run anymore Fujisakiiiii!!"

"Wha! She disappeared!! Where did she go!?"

[Left] Fujisaki Kotone confuses everyone in the opening battle of the Ass Graduation Festival!!

"What!? The heck did she do...!?"

"The Cerberus seeks out the opponent's movements from the small vibrations on the land..."
"So how could she have been so dodge Mami's 'Sonic Titties' so accurately...!?" [I roll with >>153546429 for now]

"How the hell!?"
"Number 4, Hikage Mami*, has fallen over!" [Name inconsistency]
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"Could you not look at me like that?"
"I may not look like it, but....."
[Bottom] An ass expression that knows no bounds!!!!
146: I'm connected!!!
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[Top] Newest volume 12 is out on September 16!!
"I'm a shy guy"
how would of thought the best two pages of manga is a talking ass
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"It spoke! The ass spoke!!"
"It spoke maan!!!"

"Haha, what's with your faces?"

"Even an ass has a soul, it's natural, right?"

"And I have some good eyes and ears"
"I'm just not as big a chatterbox as you guys"
[Summary] The Ass Graduation Festival has started. Fujisaki Kotone makes her appearance after her mom got dissed. One of the people who dissed her, Hip the Ripper Mami, was among her opponents.

"No, that's wrong! The one speaking is Kotone-chan!!"
"She's using ventriloquism with her ass"
[Side] But I needed to introduce myself. And so...
>"Even an ass has a soul, it's natural, right?"

>"She's using ventriloquism with her ass"
Jesus Christ
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"But how the heck?"
"Her eyes don't look as if she's focused on anything..."

"And she's spacing out without even facing her opponent..."
[Side] This girl here calls me Kero-chan...
"What the heck is..."

"She's connected... with her ass not"

"What do you mean?"

[Side] I first fell in love when I was 12. It was the...

"This asshole... she's just making fun of us..."
"If she wants to play around with her ass so much..."
>I first fell in love when I was 12. It was the...
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"Do it by yourself! In the water!!"

'Ass Turtle Bombshell!!!'
Am I crazy? or did u forget a bubble on the 2nd panel
Hm I did. Sorry. In a slump right now. 2nd bubble
>"Are you surprised?"
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"Have Fujisaki's actions infuriated her senpai Shimizu's wrath!?"
"Her ass is attacking ass if she was doing the rumba on the land!!"

"Hah! You dunce!"
"You're escaping up top even though your ass technique reads your opponent's movements from the land vibrations!"

"Now plunge into the sea of Toda!"
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"She dodged!!"

"Even though she went after her blind spot!!"

"I told you, right? Even asses have souls"


"They have eyes, they have ears..."
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"And they have fangs!!"

"It's doooone!"
"What a development at the start!"
"So this is the famed power of the Fujisaki family!!"

"...what was that movement just now!?"
"It was like she could see with her ass"

"I told you, right? She's connected with her ass..."

"And now that girl........."
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"Abandoned her ego and became her ass itself!"

"!? Her ass itself!?"

" 'Ass Limit Break' " [Supposedly 'ass' and 'limit' are punned into one word, but I dunno how to do that well]
"The strongest counter mode that the Fujisaki family boasts!"

"She's gathering every sensation from her senses of smell, sound, and sight into her ass, not just vibrations, and making a quick counterattack with her ass!"

"All every sensation into her ass!?"
Missing Nozomi's bubble at last panel?
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"Of course it isn't anything simple"
"You need to focus deeply on your ass, which is like a self suggestion now,"
"So if you mess one step up, there is a huge possibility you can't come back into the real world"

"And yet, the girl still wanted it"

"So she could head up with you all!"
"[She wanted to] 'Become the ass'!!"

"Now Aragaki has been blown out!"
"What ferocious movement!"

"A beast! An ass beast!"
"Number 3, Mashita, is also in the water!"
"The veteran crowd is unbelievably getting kicked around!"

Ahh, last bubble last panel
>"Is that even........"
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"No way! Impossible!"
"By this little girl!!"
"Whoaaaa what happened!?"

"Fujisaki has stopped in front of Minamiyama! What... the heck...."
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"Dizzy... no way... did I connect with Keru-chan too far!?"
"My head... at its limit..."

"Did she run out of stamina? Her movements suddenly got sluggish!"

"Seems like that technique ate into your brain batteries a lot!"
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"...well, you gave us a surprise..."
"I didn't expect that you were prepared to risk your life that far..."

"But well... this is the end"

"You probably can't move so well with your head reeling like that..."

"So there's no way you can sully Yuzuki-sama's important festival any further!"
"I'll finish you in one blow!!"


"Ugh... legs... won't move..."

"It's... happening again..."
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"Don't give uuup! Kotone-chan!!"

"We're all heading up together"

"Don't lose at this point, Kotoneeee!"
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"That's right! I..."

"Can't end it right now!!"
'Ass Limit Break'!!!!


"I decided that! I would go along..."
"With everyone else this time around!"
>mio is just smug
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"The ass got personified!?"
"And in BL style!?"

"She connected with it so much... it reflected her own hobbies!!"

"No way! How much strength is she...!!"

'Ass Limit break', synchronized 120%.... 'Strawberry Kiss'!!!!
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"Minamiyama's in the water"
"The race is over! The winner is......."

"Fujisaki Kotone!!"
"The supposedly commemorative first group was won by a youngster out west!"

"What an intense fight! This truly was......."

"The opening battle of an intense fight!"
[Side] Kotone-chan, you did great! Congrats!!
[Left] She lives alongside her ass!
o dang, guessing this is the end of the vol?
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No, I'm pretty sure it was pic related back in 147. Going by the 10 chapter pattern it's been following.
>use bl ass for hetero
Anyways, I'm gonna get a meal since I might be up for a while. I'll see if I can do one more tonight
Sure. Thanks for the chap.
That's what happens when professional athletes retire and stop doing their daily training while keeping the same calorie uptake
thank you!

what the fuck?
>man ass
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Good fight
>"She's connected... with her ass not"

"She's connected... with her ass now"
"She's connected... with Cerberus now"
It's late so I'm just heading to bed

I typo'd that one, so it should be the first
Thanks for todays chapters really getting into this arc.
She needs to drop the fujo life...

Overworked and it was my birthday on Sunday. I got a copy Bloodborne so all of my spare time was diverted towards that. That shit is addicting. Anyway I'll start actually doing stuff again now that I've done a few playthroughs of it. I'll have some releases ready to put out later on once I'm home from work. Your regularly scheduled butt mango will return shortly.

Baby, I compare you to a kiss from an ass on the lips
Ooh, the more I get of you, the stranger it feels, yeah
Now that your ass has been been mooned
A light hits the gloom on the grey
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Can someone explain to why Fujisaki is feeling down/feels like she is a deadweight? I honestly don't know why she feels like that.
Lack of self-confidence, maybe?
Bad writing
YOI just ended man.
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