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Find a flaw, because I can't see any.
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You must be blind.
I'm not
You can't find it because the existence of the show itself is a flaw.

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Is today the day?
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How do we stop the truck menace?
Truck-kun did nothing wrong!
Dunno. What time do episodes air?

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Fuck Rolo.
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So what if he betrayed his brother? Guy just wanted to make a name for himself. Good for him.
Where the fuck is my Viking anime Japan
Rolo just wanted a family and to be loved. He did nothing wrong.

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Why do helicopters keep getting cuter? I've never been more convinced to get a pilot's license.
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It becomes ugly after you ride it

>kyoani will never make an SoL anywhere near as good as Nana
Feels good.
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Nana is shit though.
you're the shit here
ParaKiss > * substantial power gap * > Nana

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Who is still reading this and has it the potential to become anime?
Also raph best girl
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Lost interest when Raph became a cow.
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I am. An anime adaptation would be neat but it might not happen. Also agreed
I guess it would be an "ok" anime. Pretty fucking edgy but what the fuck am I saying the masses will slurp that shit up like it's a liquefied wish-fulfilment orgasm

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Happy birthday to the best TYPE-MOON heroine!
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Nobody cares
That's not Saber.
Poor Shiki. Even side characters from Tsukihime get birthday threads with 100+ posts.

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Three days more until the hiatus is over
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Infinite days until the manga about the best girl.
We got a Tommo manga already

Let's make an anti-recommendation thread. State the anime and tell us what's so horrible about it. I'll start with Aldnoah.Zero
>abhorrent second half
>main character being revived for particular reason
>the two main characters become insufferable in the second half
>the show stopped focusing on winning battles through tactics and cunning
>the PTSD lieutenant
>glorified fujobait
>last but not least, that fucking ending
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The show need more large scale battles not some Inaho solo kill enemy's robot.
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>It's fucking shit, at least we got memes
Gundam IBO
>Manages to make bloodthirsty child soldiers with a cult-like devotion to their leader super fucking boring
>Makes space mafias boring
>Holy shit will something interesting happen already
>Main character has the personality of a potato. He has two emotions: soulless doll and murderer. Even the food he likes is bland shit.
>The few interesting characters get zero screen time
>Fat guy dies
I can't believe I wasted over 30 episodes' worth of time on that shit.

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Are love
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eroge01a1c01 .jpg
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isn't it !?
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Uh, is this the one where they're all doujin artists working together in a room with one guy who fucks them all?
Odd that the animated adaptation eventually went this way, the game punishes you for not sticking with one girl.
That is another by the same creators, this one is with an Eroge developer's staff.

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sister butt.jpg
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I heard a rumor that anime sisters have BUTTS!
Can anyone confirm or deny?
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Hmm, Not sure. I'm going to need more data to analyze this phenomenon.
I'll give you my educated opinion for sauce
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Do you have a favourite bra and pantsu??

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Let's talk about onee-chans /a/. We know they are cute, charming, beautiful and innocent like pic related but that can't be the only thing that makes them so good when compared to shit taste imoutos, childhood friends, and the like! There has to be some other magic involved.

Also a question regarding pic related. Is the tatoo, you know, does it really go all the way down and what does it mean?
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The best part is their face when they go from the protector to the protected, when their little bro goes from weak boy to strong man.
Why is one of the best shows this season so dead?
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She tattooed "guaranteed distant bath" on her chest?

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>masamune revenge
>kuzu no honkai
>koi to uso
Bunch of shit manga got anime adaptation. I guess i wont even touch the anime at all aside from checking the OP and ED.
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Sorry for your shit taste

>they don't notice how sophisticated this show is in terms of drawing technique

What's your excuse?
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I don't watch yurishit
>dragon-human relationship is yuri

Git gud mate
Aside from Phantom Crap they have been hitting lately.
Hopefully VEG is a hit too.

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