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Are /a readly for Harley Quinn?
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I hate all of you
newfag plz don't write "edition" or "general" that's how you get your thread instantly deleted.
Pigtails =/= Harley Quinn, numbnuts.

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Why does everyone hate Yo Yo Ma?
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it had promise but just fizzled out into the weird green baby dio instead. thats why

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How do we fix BanG Dream?
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It's perfect the way it is!
Move on from Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. It was fine in episode 3 as a "humble beginnings" thing but started to feel really lazy and repetitive in 4.
Less dreaming, more banging.

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Genkai Toppa!!
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Hoping for combo attacks in the tournament such as this.
If Warrior types grow up so fast, why didnt Guru spit out a few dozen ones and let them all fuse

Was the fight against Nappa and Vegeta the best in the series?

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most punchable character ever
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This fucking faggot
He did literally nothing wrong
All girls must be kawaii. Don't you agree, Retsuko-sempai?

How do we solve the cat-girl ears dilemma?
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More catgirls
Consider it a cute hair style, not ears.
It's not a dilemma for my penis.

How would you entertain Raphiel?
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penis in vagina
be really fucken retarded
Show her how to get her feet behind her ears.

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How much value do you put into visual direction?
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None. I'm blind, asshole.
why are you watching anime then?
I can't believe newfags are shocked that Pierrot would save the budget for its final chapter. Are you really that dense?

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Are you understanding yet anon?
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no. i got to four episodes and while i don't believe I've dropped it i haven't watched it in 3 years. each episode had some stuff in the middle that made sense kind of and then the end of the episode didn't
She defeated God, took his place, and then an hero'd.
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Let's hear your conspiracy theories.
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Everything is hinting that Jean is royalty and this might be some elaborate plot by the King or Privy Council President (or perhaps just the President or just the King) to install Jean as the next heir to the throne, instead of the current prince.

ACCA Chiefs and Director-General Mauve are only getting bits and pieces so they're suspecting something hostile and perhaps overreacting and escalating everything. They are more afraid of shadows than actual threats.
People misunderstood he was the owner of the building he lives in
More confusion ensued when people are trying to to date Jean's sister and will continue.

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This is the face of a girl on the brink of mindbreak

>The man she's obsessed with has seemingly forgotten that she exists
>Her fake/real boyfriend who she's using as a substitute is cheating on her
>Both of the above are obsessed with a woman whose primary goal is corrupting her into a worthless whore who will sleep with anyone for confidence boosts
>The scumbag she's using to strike back at that woman just wants to make her a fucktoy for his collection
>Her only actual "friend" is a sociopath lesbian who keeps trying to rape her at every opportunity and has explicitly expressed that she doesn't care about her feelings as long as she gets to use her body

The only way this can end is with Hanabe face down in a gutter covered in semen. There's no other out.
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literally who
I'd tell her that there's things in life other than sex. She should find a hobby.
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Sluts get what they deserve.

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Saikawa? More like Saikawaii
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she has a hairline that only danny devito could be proud of
more like saikcunny
More like My Bitch

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I dropped this shit when it was airing because the animation quality dropped so bad in the middle.
Did they fix the fight animation in the BD or are they still shitty?
And by shitty I mean this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nFlPSCRLQvs
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Not enough scissoring.

you're retarded and wouldn't know good animation if it bit you in the ass

Just started this show today, 7 episodes in and it's amazing so far

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Is this show designed for people to hate the mc?
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Yes he's supposed to be a piece of shit, that's the point. It's so you can't self insert

>Be copy paste self insert MC
Wow shit MC so unoriginal, fuck nips.

>Try to have a personality.
Wow shit MC so unlikable, why do nips even try.
why does he talk just like the author? is the author supposed to be unlikable as well?

Modern /a/ would hate this if it aired today for being "3DPD", wouldn't they? Especially Hitomi, dear God.
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The show? No
The threads? Yes for sure
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Not true, its my favorite anime. Anytime I feel like shit, I rewatch it.
Not necessarily. It's like asking "if X was never born, would X still have Y'd". Obviously not since X was never born. In the same way, with NHK having had such a strong ripple effect on /a/ culture, it's hard to say how /a/ would take it these days. /a/ tends to be cynical about shows that use hikkiNEET characters for pandering purposes but NHK set the standard that other characters of that type are judged against. This show being so good is what makes /a/ hate shows that are so shit.

On the contrary, if this had some PVs and a tagline about what it'd turn out to be, that is "A youth comedy surrounding a hikkiNEET and his otaku buddy and various female companions" /a/ would watch it with the lowest expectations. But I think /a/ would be lose its mind when it picked up momentum.

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