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Spoilers are out
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Jobin did nothing wrong.
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What did he do? Give her a heat stroke?

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What was Kanna about to do?
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eat her, the whole ending of the story will be with the dragons eating the humans
Put a mini Kanna inside Saikawa.
all I wanna know is where are all the fags saying KyoAni was not sexualizing this shit

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The power of friendship has won

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Always assume Subaru will use all his cards in the final route. Patrasche wasn't out of nowhere.
Since the first time he met with Garfiel, Patrasche was seen to be a good fighter against Garfiel and was subsequently brought up, so the foreshadowing was enough too.
It wasn't really a complaint, my amazement was actually because I thought he would make Emilia deliver the last blow, so seeing her storm in instead was even better.
Then remembering how he shrugged her off in the beginning and massacred her in one loop adds even more "fucking yes" to the situation.

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Why are Lazulines so best?
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Because they're hand-picked by Lazuline I for bestness.
Because they were trained by the best mentor.
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Princess Deluge 7.jpg
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Being Deluge is suffering

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This is a Mexican Ex-Goddess

Say something nice to her
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I'd lick those horns.
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>she sees your dick
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We should destroy all androids before it's too late.
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Can we save the gynoids?
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>Oi, get up, anon. You're taking me on a date. Now.
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But I haven't slept for 17 hours.
I'm not sure I'd feel safe anywhere that's still open at this hour.
I'd rather take satsuki on a date

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>tfw no dragoon gf
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>OP and his thread.jpg
Why'd you take this photo of my birthday party?
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Stop bullying yunyun!

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What is thy desire?
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i just wanna watch good chinese cartoons
Outlaw Star S2.

You can't. They all suck.

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Am I really the only one who was about as disgusted with the pseudo-incest as much as with the abusive relationship of this story? Shinogu is nice and all but he was butting in when Hatsumi was already with Ryoki and left it very clear she only saw him as her brother and was uncomfortable with his advances? Dude really needed to get a hint.
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that whole manga gave off a rapey over liked female vibe, all the charaters like her sister were trashy people
Ironically, her sister's romance was the better written one.
Are you a woman?

Panty or Stocking?
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>draw a girl
>call it a railgun
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Only the railgunsexual can comprehend the appeal.
I'd rail that gun if you catch my drift.
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>draw an obnoxious cunt
>make her a central character

Just watched the Evangelion Series and end of Eva a few days ago. Its been on my mind the whole time since. This is my first time actually watching any Anime series, and HOLY FUCK THIS WAS GOOD.

haven't seen rebuilds yet, will soon though; pls no spoilers for that.
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Not spoiling but don't expect the Rebuilds to be mind-blowing for anything other than visuals. The themes that the series excelled at developing are cut down drastically in the movies. There are some interesting things still but as an avid Eva fan since it aired like a decade ago, the Rebuilds didn't live up to the original.

Still worth watching for A+ eye candy though.
thats alright with me. my friend that introduced me to it said all the character development isn't in the rebuilds but I'm ok with pure eye candy now that I know the characters and plot and whatnot.
nice bait 7/10 made me reply

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