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>best girl shows up once every 78 episodes
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Hyouka Guy.jpg
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>Crossover with best boy never
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>best girl & boy appear once every 200 episodes
Sexy and Cute in the same time

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Why is this anime so good?
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Very clever, dat cooking, so many characters that don't get old at all and plenty of episodes to indulge on
I remember watching this and dropping it once the subs dried out, great show
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I've never seen this anime in /a/, that's the reason I created this thread. Vampu deserves love

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What color will the new cards be?

V-JUMP when?
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They'll be tron cards, with colored lines running through them.
It'll fuck with rarities.
Nah, Buddy Monsters are confirmed already.
Hopefully the next main cast will consist of characters all the animators can actually draw

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Why aren't there more manga about kaiju?
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Special effects and shit ain't that fun in manga format.

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>summer vacation
>teachers come along as well

Do japs actually do this?
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I love Osaka
I also love Osaka
I mean, who doesn't love Osaka?

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How the fuck did Manglobe go from this to this?
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>Deadman Wonderland
>tfw I would've rather had brother/sister shenanigans for the rest of the series than any of that undertaker crap
Ergo Proxy sucked, nigger.
Capitalism, also what the other anon said

I never readed the manga, was it the light hearted police robot comedy of the TV series or the dark murderous story of the movies?
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Patlabor TV is a loose adaption of the manga. That should pretty much tell you.
Why is Noa drawn weirdly on that cover and why is she holding the shotgun she uses maybe twice in the entire franchise?
>Patlabor The Movie
>No idea why she has a shotgun

Did you even watch it?
I know, and it's a really fucking cool moment, but it just feels a little like they're misrepresenting her there.

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So /a/, enough people on her and other places recommended this piece of shit. Other then "oh noes a secondary character died" and "oh noes my actions have consequences" this is just a standard deconstruction.
I enjoy Neon Genesis for being a deconstruction, but even more so because simply I got "more" out of it.
What am I supposed to be getting from this if I'm not balls deep into the magical girl genre?
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Cont. I enjoy how they flip around the whole "fove and friendship always win" trope, but is that really it?
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>enough people on her

Which one is the wrongest?
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>ZABUZA as the naruto villain
This is outdated by at least 10 years

>can show floppy monkey penis in anime all you want
>can't show vaginas ever
How is this fair?
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I would hardly call that floppy
never noticed that when watched show. tho dont really look for monkey penis.
Vaginas are lewd and never funny. Dicks are always funny.

This is my best friend Sasuke. Say something nice about him.
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He is cancer.
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nardo Sasuke eyes.gif
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You're an asshole, Sasuke.
He always gives his best effort.

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Why are idols so lovable, /a/?
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I love Chihaya so much she's perfect
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Because they're adorable, cute, sexy, funny, and have brain problems.
File: 1484973790291.png (163KB, 508x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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She is. True waifu material.

>have brain problems

How BIG is too BIG?
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I usually draw the line at your mom.
when trying to put my pee pee in it will literally kill me
sorry guys, mountain lady is hot but just too big to fuck
When in order to give her a proper fuck my dick should be bigger than my body.

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Why are 2D girls so strong?
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Because reality is boring and depressing. Imagine that premise.

>A girl gets beaten by a boy
Gee, stop the presses.
>A girl gets beaten by a boy
Unable to fight back etc etc

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Why are Oppai lolis the superior race?
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I don't see no loli in this image.
Blasphemy. Oppai lolis are always inferior to dfc loli. That said, this fanart makes no sense. Hestia is like 130 something cm and more childish. Nico should be at least 20 cm taller.

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