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New story, anime, and merchandise with new designs
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OVA series again?
>New story
In the sense that it will actually have one?
I hope that they learned that having a decent plot actually matters.

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ITT overrated bodies
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Okay, that's a new one
Actually it was a minor meme that went around for a few threads years ago
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I, um, yeah.

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What was his problem?
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People won't leave him the hell alone
He got magically lobotomised as a child.

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Will season 3 have an opening as iconic as JIBUN WOOOOO?
I hope they get FLOW to do the opening.
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if they get to kill him again that's fine with me
None of the other 4 OPs the show had lived up to it, so I doubt it.
continue to fight shits on jibun tho

Anyone watch this yet? It was pretty amazing.
Really think we could have skipped on the MC's love interest getting cucked to the point where he ends up living forever. That was pretty mean and took a bit away from it since there was hardly anything really note worthy about her and the dolphin guy.
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Are there any english subs?
>[flycrane01] Da Yu Hai Tang (WEB 1280x720 x264 AAC)
I can't read chinks, fuck it

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I want to impregnate aki-sama so she can grow breast.
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you can't handle a high maintenance girl like Aki
Does she wear a frilly top like that to hide her nonexistent breasts?
It's true, frilly tops are often used to enhance a woman's bust and give the illusion that they are bigger than they really are.

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I genuinely think Shirou Emiya was a great MC.
Why does /a/ hate him?
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>/a/ is one person
>just because you are wrong doesnt mean you are correct
>you arent living your life correctly
>explain further
>power level discussion here
Here's your thread in one post.

>just because you are wrong doesnt mean you are correct
That doesn't even make any fucking sense, retard.
>you arent living your life correctly
That's not Shirou.
I was under the impression most of /a/ liked Shirou and rightfully so.

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I am waiting, so long...
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I always have this picture of Griffith in his bright armor looking at the horizon and holding his helmet when I hear this song

Looking back on the sun on your face on your face

Techno-mirage....your face your face
Early 2017 isn't over yet champ, keep your head up

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Why is she so perfect, /a/?
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I want to fuck her.
so what're we going for here?
[email protected]? mirai nikki? crossovers?
Mirai Nikki and/or crossovers.

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What do y'all think of Kobayashi-san from Maid Dragon?

Personally, she's the ultimate wife. She works hard every day and is a really nice and caring person.

I'd be her cucked husbando and cook for her every morning and evening, and have drunk sex with her

>inb4 giant tit dragon
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She's my wife.

I'd do her

anyone keeping up with the power rangers this season
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>characters announcing how their boring show will forever stay boring
I thought the show was going to pick up a lot more after the revolt in the poorfag district, but it went back to being slow.
Too slow, hoped it would be as fast-paced as 91days.

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Best boy is back and will play with Wendy and Erza
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So how will they convince acnologia to kill himself as well
That he sucks because he has no friend.
Yfw Acnologia is Wendy's dad

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Spoilers are out :

The archangels are getting totally wrecked by Indra Derrierie and monspiet.
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I don't understand. Obviously two Indra'd Commandments are more powerful than 3 of the 4 Archangels. Does that mean the Goddess clan won't be the final enemy? Or the final enemies will be less powerful than the previous ones? That's impossible in shonen.
The goddesses have been already hinted to not be hot shit since we knew they had to seal the whole 10C. I have no idea what Nakaba intends to do for the 3rd arc, either a new all out war and/or with the Godesses getting some kind of power up.
Mel is unkillable and Merlin has unlimited magic, I don't think they were ever in a mortal struggle for power, just keeping their own insanity in check, also goes for living nukes like Escanor.

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Nyanko is ____!
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This is really cute.

Would it honestly be humanly possible to last through Alice's mating process?
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You'd ejaculate then you'd be done for any given period of time. Only 2D males can hold an erection and cum indefinitely.
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Luka was half angel or something, wasn't he? Probably the only reason he lived.

I haven't played it yet, but I hear you meet their 2 kids in Paradox. Their daughter is a turboslut and their son is a chuuni edgelord. I wonder how disappointed they are.
Wait, so paradox is a sequel or what?

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