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What's /a/'s opinion on bobobo-bo bo-bobobo
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no-no-no na no-no-no.
I watched this before I really got into anime.

It was funny.
only good thing shonen jump has ever put out

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So what did he do wrong again? Seems like the Band of the Hawk would do anything for him and they were prepared to die for him so why the big deal over the eclipse?
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He turned so gay for Guts he accidentally fucked a woman.
How about rape? Homosexuality? Sacrificing entire friend group who didn't know they were being sacrificed and unwillingly were made into sacrifices? Have best friend murder for his gain? Get guh kid, bait thread.
How about when he fucked both the princess and his lifelong dream of owning a kingdom?

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>Is this the reason why Asuka argues with others? She is actually arguing with herself?

I take "seeking to find yourself in others" as her trying to define herself based on the people around her - like how she defines herself as the best Eva pilot until Shinji destroys her raison d'etra by getting a higher synch ratio and defeating the angels without her using berserk mode. Here she is at her lowest point of self-hatred because she's proven to be "worthless" by the measure of those she constructs artificial competition with.

The scene following your screencap elaborates on this:
>Rei: “You're afraid of becoming alone, aren't you? Because you disappear along with the people around you. That's why you're afraid, aren't you?
In other words, Asuka can't define herself without others to compare herself to. In her mind, she ceases to exist if no one is around to tell her that she exists, has value. Rei is explaining Asuka's dilemma to her.
>Separation Anxiety
>Young Asuka: “That's why you pilot the Eva.”
Asuka's inner voice, the one that speaks the truth that's too painful to admit, agrees with Rei. She pilots because it's something she can compare to someone else and say, “I'm the best. This gives my life value.”
>Asuka: “Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! I don't want to hear that from a doll like you!”
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Asuka says she hates everyone, because they don't value her or pay attention to her. But the person she really hates is herself because she WANTS people to value her and pay attention to her, and she hates that weakness. She ENVIES a doll like Rei because dolls are valued for being compliant (her mother prefering a doll; Gendo preferring Rei). She wants to be her own person, but she also wants approval because it's the only way she knows to create self-worth. So in the end, she hates herself for envying the thing she so despises.

But then she hears her mother - the person she wants approval from the most - speak to her and approve of her within her Eva, and she gains the confidence to fight again. She becomes reborn, but with a false hope. She loses the fight against the MP Evas anyway because she's still relying on outside approval instead of approving of herself, for herself. She hasn’t learned anything, not really. She's still using that crutch, which is why she has to have an inevitable downfall. After all, learning to love yourself, for yourself, is the ultimate lesson Shinji learns and uses to bring the future he desires to fruition. In that way, he succeeds where Asuka fails because he finds a way to move past an obstacle that she couldn't.
Doesn't Rei, Shinji and Asuka all have others they associate with which define themselves? This is one of the main themes of episode 25, I think.

Shinji pilots the Eva because they praise him, and that means they need him. Same with Asuka, they need her until she can no longer pilot. They both feel useless without Eva.
Read Hegel. This will all make sense.

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More like Generic Dropped. Where's Nugget S2 or Yuru Yuri by Dogakobo S4?
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gamer's valentine poll.jpg
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Poor Tap-chan

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Lunar Legend Tsukihime v03 001.jpg
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Never Ever

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What went wrong?
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He got new clothes.
Your birth.
You just have shittaste. The 2015 one is objectively better. It has no forced lines.

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Mu and Fllay were decent characters.
It has some cool mechs

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Why is Takagi so fucking lewd?
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Author realized that his small cute manga was actually profitable so he's now whoring out her character.
Because she's a semen demon.
She wants to /ss/

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ITT: Favorite anime school uniform
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best by far
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I have a fetish for the classics.

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Dog, Cat or Pig?
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the pork
>Q: The rings in episode 10 is especially shocking. Does it flow naturally itself?

>Kubo: It is necessary! At least when I was drawing the name I was very serious. At the end of episode 9, the scene of Yuuri and Victor reunited is what I always want to draw. Then in episode 10 and 11, there haven't been a scenario that's shocking enough. Episode 10 is a relaxing episode before GPF, I thought about many delightful things but it worried me there hasn't been a thing to deepen their bond. Until now, we have seen them hugging and doing what could be seen in a getsu9 romance Jdrama. I think when faced with GPF, they might need an item to support them. So once I tried searching for ring brands, I learnt engagement rings are not only meant for those who want to get married, but also are gifts for soulmates to share. More over, I found in the files of location hunting of Barcelona, there're photos of church and choir. I was like that's it!

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Do I need to have finished Naruto if I want to watch Burrito next season?
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>They're STILL milking this franchise

LET IT DIE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. decade of the zombie anime
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Salad needs more lewd fanarts!
I need them for some private studies...
so does narutos daughter

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Now that it's ended
Did the ending suck again?
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There is no such thing as a good ending in a shounen romance manga.
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JUST Shima(that guy has a secret and i want to know what it is)
How did it end?

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Megumin doesn't actually have an "Avalon" tattoo right?
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Yes, she has. She wants the Kazudick, everyone knows that
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How old is she?

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Kanna's thighs are for _________
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>entire anime is only popular due to a loli thighs

just wanted you to know this is pathetic.

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Oh look, it's Thursday.
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