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Does anyone else wanna cuddle Deku?
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Only anime Deku.
I-it's not like that...
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Gods yes.

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I would just like to thank Hox for scanlating Soil by Kaneko Atsushi (and also Wombs). It's a great premise and has been a crazy great ride so far.
Also, discussion thread I guess.
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I never finished this. It's still ongoing?
I love Wombs. What is Soil about?
Imagine if Twin Peaks started with the opening scene from Jojo.

That's all I remember.

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Screenshot (36).png
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He's super dead

Shes speaking to the sky because its the wrap-up scene where everyone makes 3deep5u ideological monologues

also nigger spoil that shit because you can LITERALLY ruin the entire series for someone
Everyone knows Lelouch is alive thanks to S3 announcement though
how do they even make a fucking s3 off this shit

and for all we know it could be suzaku-zero adventures

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How would you improve the series?
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Stop after the first series
More minato and kakashi
remove salad

>watching Nanoha movie
>enjoying myself, everything is great
>reach climactic battle
>insert song starts
>"stop paying attention to the movie, and look at me! look at me! look at me, the subtitles!"

Why the fuck do fansubbers do this shit? What is going through their minds? Do they literally think that people watching the anime are going to drop everything and break out into song and dance during the middle of it?

Karaoke is bad enough during OP/ED. During insert songs there's no excuse. Get that shit off the screen you fucking morons.
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Yeah fuck that cancer. I really don't mind it during OP/ED but fuck the retarded cunts who think it's fine during an episode.
Do you have autism? Why can't you simply ignore what's going on in the fucking corner and focus on the action where your eyes should be in the first place?
Can you give me one good reason why that shit is there in the first place?

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Did I miss an episode? I don't remember this part.
Season 2 episode 6.

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Tell me about Saya no Uta, and why does everyone keep telling me not to check it out.
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I wanna fuck Saya.
It's because they're gay go read it.
Not /a/, take it elsewhere.

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What unpopular anime adaptations are you looking forward to anon?
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How can an anime be unpopular if it isn't even out yet?
Unpopular series* anime adaptation.
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stop you're gonna make people think its me
also pv and/or new chapter when

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It's 3D in 2D form.
You don't belong on this place if you are liking this.
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Romance manga is unironically my favorite genre.
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Kill yourself
You must be a masochist.

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From an economic point of view - nothing. The target audience ate it up as willfully as the former series and the production team knew it would happen.
The music still wasn't as good as Aikatsu or [email protected]
Yaoi on Ice is selling more.

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Is Japan trying to turn people into lolicons this season?
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lolicons wouldn't like her, she's too thicc
they prefer girls shaped like a wooden plank
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Maybe, but I don't understand the problem
They're probably trying to expand the market by catering to the new meme fetish.

What do you think of Sabagebu?

Personally, I haven't had this much fun in a long time.
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These two seem so alike, but I can't quite put my finger on what it is. Does anyone have any ideas?
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>blonde hair
>like big nigger dicks
Delet this

Meanwhile, at Cardfight Capital...
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*eats a card*
Best girl.
Should I get into this? How's the actual card game?
Why did it and other card games (like Duel Masters for example) never catch on?

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>tfw no qt 3.14 submissive WWII Japanese housewife
Why even live?
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So I can watch anime and feeling like I'm living better lives than my own.
>What a woman, doing nothing. I wanted to strangle her
Because you bombed her, asshole.

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