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ITT:Sluts who ruined their show
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The only slut in Hataraku Maou-sama was burgertits. Emi is/was a pure hero
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ume hijack.jpg
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She's a dumb slut with anger issues.

toradora in german dub... soon in 2017.

u hate it /a/?
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I hate Toradora already, no need to make me hate it more
I enjoy it.

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I don't care if someone else beats me but I won't lose to myself
The archer class really is made up of archers

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Is this the logical conclusion to anime?
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Yes, it's probably one of the best moe show out there.
No. With so much of the screentime being devoted to people talking to each other while standing or sitting down, it would be a much better fit for live-action TV or even theater. Anime as a medium is a bit wasted on a work like this.
That said, I do think LoGH is an enjoyable work and the OVA's do a great job at introducing it to new audiences.
needs a moe remake in the context of middle school.

im sure nu-/a/ agrees!

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>Shinji is such an annoying character, just get in the robot!
>Shinji is a realistic portrayal of a teenager forced to risk his life fighting against aliens inside a giant robot.

>Asuka is such an annoying character, actual teenage girls aren't this wishy washy
>It's an anime bro, she's just tsundere.
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>Anon is such an annoying character, if you don't have a job just find one.
>Anon is a realistic portrayal of a neet forced to throw away his life.

>Femanon is such an annoying character, you'll never find a husband if you act like such a collosal bitch.
>It's anonymous bro, she's just showing who she really is.
>actual teenage girls aren't this wishy washy
You've never seen a 3DPD teenage girl, anon?
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I want to leave this planet.

Would you /a/?
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With a creature from outer space? Why is that even a question?
You need to have a thing for being dominated first.
sign me up

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Momoka is sad. Nobody talks about her, Chitose, or any of her other friends. She was a rising new star of Fall 2016, but now the new generation of heroines like Serval and Hanabi have usurped her. She feels old... washed up... useless...

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>show is called kuzu no honkey
>still no Chii-sama or Kuzu-P cameos
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That makes me feel nostalgic... those were good times.

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Moe is gaining more and more traction. It is a product of the need for escapism? What is the future for anime if it's consumers want to see cute girls doing cute things?
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Someone post that image of the dude from like 1995 complaining that moe is taking over.
File: 1372541864667.png (26KB, 1679x400px)Image search: [Google]
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Kuzu no Honkai ended moe though.

You want a daughter like this, don't you?
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No sir, I don't want children.
File: 1486543666081.png (257KB, 512x494px)Image search: [Google]
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I want a daughter like THIS
I'd prefer non-autistic daughters thank you.

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Explain this to me, anon!
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Explain what? My Haruhi fap collection?

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Ed and friends.jpg
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FMA thread.
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Shut up, Dante.

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You hear it, you lose
Let's start with a fairly easy one
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Buckwild to all of my niggaz who don't care
Floss like a bunch of young black millionaires
Makin ya run, me and my Dunn, stackin my ones
Floss a lil', invest up in a mutual fund
Blowin the horn, a sense of every day I was born
Never dream I see a nigga landscaping my lawn
Dangerous, my nigga shit be accurate
Have to get, the flow be so immaculate
Aiyyo, aiyyo, watchin my dough, sippin my Moe'
Sippin' it slow, them pretty bitches sayin hello
Anyway go 'head and diss, play your Oil of Olay
Little honeydip within a little Cariola
I don't mean to hold you up but I got somethin to say
Swear to only give you hot shit everyday
Afraid of us, you know this ain't no game to us
You strange to us, that's when we gettin dangerous, come on
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>MC is Shinka
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>entire premise of the season is a shitty palette swap of the main love interest attempting to NTR her

Who else is ready for Reverie?
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Someone start a new thread with a better OP picture.
It's pretty much said that the supernovas were as high because they went after civilians l
-That was only Kidd
-You don't get 300mil merely from attacking civilians, otherwise any backwater blue sea thug would have a bounty. Kidd obviously did some serious shit and the town-ravaging was only on top of that

Besides whenever there's a chance to, Oda confirms that indeed the supernovas are for the most part trying to make waves/already made them. Of course Luffy is still probably the top pirate of his generation not counting Teach, but he's the special snowflake MC so that is a given.

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who dis.jpg
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What are we going to meme into existence next? We've done a lot so far.
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A rope to hang yourself with.
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/a/ is literally boring as fuck

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