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>NHK posts top 300 anison ranking
>classics like Snow Halation, A Cruel Angel's Thesis, only my railgun, Connect, and crossing field are included
>shit like Unravel is included
>JOINT, Hishoku no Sora, Light My Fire, and other Shakugan no Shana songs are nowhere on the list
>Not a single Shana or Index song is on the list (Railgun doesn't count)
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Put your trip back on MKL.
Seriously though, why no Shana songs on the list? Wasn't Shana popular back in the day?
Because you only saw the most recent one. The 2000s rankings have what you want.

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akko writes a will.png
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Episode 7 in 56 minutes!
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cold potato.png
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Is Amanda going to be okay?
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This is my fav Sushi piv
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>tfw not here for livewatching
>tfw wouldn't understand anything anyway
>tfw no real-time shitposting with tattun

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You liked Kagura, right?
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That was fast.
Kagura was cool

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The movie was announced at today's event. Stage play was also announced.

So we double black now?
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If this means Iwasaki gets more money for even better music, I'm all in.
When was the last time Bones did a movie? Fullmetal?
I never even finished the first season. I guess I need to watch all of it.

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Crows are for __________
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That's a raven, senpai.
File: tumblr_mjbhi2iOoC1r43fa7o1_500.gif (211KB, 500x614px)Image search: [Google]
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Whoops, you're totally right.
Rewatched some with shitty subs the other day that used crow interchangeably with raven, fucked me up senpai

Every fucking time i see the final episode of Familiar of Zero: Knight etc i cry. I can't explain it. Half the time i watch the show just to masturbate. When that flower dies i fucking break down. I'm already teared up at the wedding, but that just ruins me. Why? Why the fuck does a harem romance comedy do this shit to me?
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Wtf is that pic
Yami no Koe, by a fucking legend. You'll find it there

What is she smiling about ?
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sex in spandex.
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Cuck fetish
Creamy Saiyan semen in her ass.

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It's just a cartoon they said.

It's not real they said.
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It's real.
It's a firetruck tho
Well, not exactly a "truck"

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>character sacrifices or dies
>asspulls back to life, making everything that happened completely pointless
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Stop reading shit shonen.
>group gets captured by the enemies
>badass side character pretends to be the MC
>gets executed
>doesn't get revived
>he was actually better than the MC
>character sacrifices himself
>asspulls back to life and is suddenly the main villain of the show

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>"A seasoned witch could call you from the depths of your disgrace"
what did Yes mean by this?
code geass thread
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We need more of the best of all time
R2 was trash, get over it.

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Can /a/ help me in making a folder with anime girls holding guns?
They cant be from an anime about girls with guns
No captions pls
They can be photoshoped
Upotte is not an anime about girls with guns so its ok.
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Why the fuck did i save ichiroku with that filename?

It doesnt have to be a real gun.
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>Whoops I ran into the great demon emperor totally by accident
>Now the power to see the future falls into my lap
You said Mushoku Tensei was good, anon. You said to ignore the fact that the title had "isekai" written in it.
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do you really believe that
It will get worse and worse anon.
Guy in an ominous dream tells you to go here.
Accident ensues
Say what you want but the author has a brain for groundwork, something the average isekai story lacks. Almost as bad as these people who try to self I sent as the author that they can do better.

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>dress up like this and behave like a slut
>still a virgin

Explain this shit
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>expose skin but do not take dick

that was hard.

>rapes her

I didn't know she WASN'T asking for it
She likes to tease guys and also can run fast.

How did they shit and piss in real life while they were inside the game?
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they goyim know
fppr8430 shut it down
Same way old people shit and piss.
Why don't you take a job in a nursing home and find out?
>How do Coma patients piss and shit

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After all this time...still no anime
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We got nyanbo
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After Code Geass R3, I honestly believe anything can happen.
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And thanks god for that. It'd ruin the series, why the fuck do you want one?

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