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i miss maou sama
Old hag.

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Can we please talk about how this fucking masterpiece is getting a manga adaptation starting this March? Just when I thought March couldn't get any better, dreams do come true. Hopefully this will also lead to more anime.
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I don't know if I want a manga adaptation. It will probably be a disappointment.
How so? If they stick close enough to the source material I'm not too sure what could go wrong. Plus there is the added bonus of them staying more true to the LN artwork for Kino, instead of that kind of odd soft and round style they did for the anime (not that there was anything wrong with that).
>If they stick close enough to the source material I'm not too sure what could go wrong.
Adapting something isn't just about sticking close to the source. You need to reinterpret things in order for them to work in the new medium. What you have now is a third party interpreting things in a new way.
That's why most adaptations disappoint people who know the original.

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I'm wet.
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I know what can help with that.
HI wet, I'm dad.
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I'd have never thought that one day a recurring character will be threatened with being gangraped in Detective Conan.
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>now watch this idiot bungle his chance of looking cool in front of his ex who hates his guts on the next page

It's becoming a running joke
I can't wrap my head around the progression of time in Detective Conan.

1000 chapters and not even a year has passed.
Batman started in 1939 and he's still in his 30s.

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Golden Wind may or may not be announced in the next hour.
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I hope so
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I believe.

How did we go from this...
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...to this
That's not the same anime. I'm not sure they shared a single staff member.
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to this?!

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Flatty-san isn't moving....
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Have you tried CPR?
Flatty-san is too small for CPR
Have you tried turning it off and on again?

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Guys do you think there's something a bit off about Mechazawa? I can't describe it. Maybe he's sick or something
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Are you kidding? He is clearly just an ordinary anon, like the rest of us.
His eyes have a strange lifeless shine to them, but we shouldn't discriminate him for it
isn't he a bit fat? he's also pretty short for a delinquent...
don't tell him i said this tho.

Post anime that no one is going to bother watching in 10 years that you still enjoyed.
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but it was shit it was hard actually siting through a whole episode
Yellow > Red > Loli = Cake > Silver > Shit > Black
It was pretty average, but it just hit all the right buttons for me. Post some amine, my dude.

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did you learn to find beauty in everyday imperfection?
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>During the Osaka Campaign of 1615, Oribe was forced to plot in Kyoto against the Tokugawa and the Emperor, on the behalf of the defenders of Osaka. After this event, Oribe was ordered to commit suicide (seppuku), along with his son.

Oribe's fate was cruel.
>forced to plot against his sake buddy

> how
Read the manga, it's really close to the end.

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To witness the sacrifice from which nobility arises.
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what did he mean by this?
>>To witness the sacrifice from which nobility arises...
is to witness the sacrifice of the leader.
Worst girl

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What was up with that ending?
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"Fuck this, I'm gonna go write something else."
China got to him
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As a ghoul could you sustain your life by sucking your own member?
Also, would your bitter cum taste sweet?
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Probably not, but only one way to find out, eh?

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Will the Prisma Illya movie be any good?
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It's definitely a maybe, so there's a chance that it most certainly will, but only if we're lucky.
>Prisma Illya movie
>Illya won't be in it

It's going to be trash.
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Wow, not so fast.
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Cant wait for this ship to be successful so that other bitch eat her shoes

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