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It's eight of clock!

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The 3rd of October can't come soon enough.
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Do people unironically like this

You know, new KyoAni character design is great.
I hope they will keep using it in general for the next few years (like Horiguchi's one).
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But Horiguchi only did the designs for K-On and Tamako.
I wish she did more, I love her designs.
She did Lucky Star too.
Isn't the guy who do SAO her brother?

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>tfw you still have the same awful haircut 2 years on
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You don't get a hairstyle like that because you like it. You ask the hair stylist for it to get a reaction. But the guy didn't say anything and just started working. And then you suddenly go home trying to figure out what just went wrong. But your parents don't say anything either.
And now you are going to school with your ironic haircut and everybody just ignores you. You know for a fact that everybody is just fucking with you. It's a psychological game. They know you are just fishing for replies, and they refuse to give them to you. It is at this point that you cannot go back to a sane hairdo anymore. You are stuck in your bluff. If you give it up you are admitting that you are an ironic shitposter. So you go through your life with this piece of modern art on your head and try to not cry over the fact that you will never get laid, you will never get a job and your "friends" laugh at you behind your back. Your life is ruined because of one silly joke you made with one asshole hairstylist who couldn't read the atmosphere or else didn't care to protect your dignity from yourself. And as the months pass and your despair solidifies into something black and ugly you are slowly becoming acutely aware of one truth. You are going to buy a gun. And then you are going to murder every fucking barber in the country The cops may shoot you at the end, but they won't stop you from taking your righteous vengeance in the bloodiest way imaginable.
Because he really like it
I'd fuck him.

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Sweating intensifies.jpg
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You should be able to solve this.
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Part 5 anime never.
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alcoholic rohan.png
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So after no announcements today besides the Sendai exhibition, when do you think we'll hear more about the TSKR OVA/part 5 anime?

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Which is the most obscure and underrated manga you've ever read or anime you've ever watched?
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Boku no Pico.
Well, I'm reading Happiness by Oshimi Shuzo currently and as far as I can tell there are 3 people in the entire universe reading it with me.
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What about Geneshaft? It haves an harem and a terrible CG mecha!

I'll swear it went way down under the radar during the early 2000s.

What exactly is their relationship?
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Best friends.
sex friends
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Im starting to think this may actually be the case

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Who is this guy in the Dragon Ball Super intro? Broly?

And why does roshi fight in the tournament? He is weaker than Yamcha.
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You assume Roshi has ever been serious thus far.
Still don't know who he (or she or it or *insert gender/species here*) is

Just finished Bleach.

Probably would've dropped it earlier if Rukia didn't exist.
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Rukia trash
>would've dropped it earlier if Rukia didn't exist.

You and I and 99% of the Bleach fanbase, anon.
Rukia is absent for the most part of the final arc. Why didn't you drop it?

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Sluts - post them.
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But i'm pure as newborn.

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What a waste of a sexy body. I hoped for more from crazy Yuuki Aoi.
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Same desu, she was kind of annoying but a good bad guy, a true underrated semen demon
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I hate seeing cute anime girls getting hurt, or characters like Shigekiyo suffering. Why can't people just be nice to each other?
She should had more screen-time so her death scene would be more impactful.

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So far I'm really liking this season compared to the last. What do you all think so far?

Still prefer the old sunrise studio?
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Worst season so far.
Why is she setting fire to his lollipop?
LN translation any day now.

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the first season was unironically great, I laughed my ass off

I was like 16 when it came out so i cant be sure id enjoy it today, probably
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a-anon, did you just come all over me?
typical 9 year old in Japan

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Can someone explain to me what just happened, for what purpose and who is that guy?
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>that guy
thats hayates mom. hayates parents are conning nagi into despair
Thanks anon
Finally someone answered me.

What the fuck, Hayate's Parents?

Surely there is a limit to how scummy someone can be.

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What the hell is Shinka doing?
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[x] genuflect
Channelling her autism
Begging fogibaness prease

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Why didn't Naruto just make a shadow clone that could suck his DICK? Was he impaired or something?
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There's no proof that he didn't
why has nobody made a doujin about this?
because that's gay

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