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I'm a sucker when it comes to Kurome's hair, but this fluffy one is even more god-tier than her original one.

Anyway, these will be the bonus arts for the last volume, amirite?

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so can you fuck a stand or not?
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Only if it's soft and wet
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Only if it's dirty and done dirt cheap.
Only if it's King Crimson

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Will the princess survive or is necromancy going to have to be involved again?
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I told y'all this was never going to be a harem.

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UchiMusume volume 1.jpg
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Do you like family?
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>fantasy Usagi Drop

Fuck it.
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You know you want it.

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I'm only living day by day for Wednesdays. I don't know what's going to happen when episodes run out, but it won't be pretty.
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Want to come over and play some video games or should we do a double suicide? I'm a romanticist
I get you, anon. This season is so boring too. I'm only watching like 3 new shows currently.
i suggest using coal for carbon monoxide.
it should be cleaner.

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You wouldn't actually want to do that.
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I'd walk them home gently.

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Find a flaw
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dumb baby egg show for babies
She's a child?

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Just finished Idolmaster. Why the fuck was there so much focus on Haruka, Chihaya, and Miki?

Needed more Makoto, Iori, and Takane.

Also was Yayoi even fucking relevant in the show? She wasn't even the focal point in her own episode.
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Trying to give every idol the same amount of focus is really hard. They failed again in Cinderella Girls, but then again I don't think they even tried there.

Iori has an OVA that focused on her, kind of I guess. Also watch Puchimas.
I thought they did just fine. They focused on the main trio and tried to give the other idols the same amount of screen time and focus. I wouldn't mind more focus on Chihaya though.
[email protected] isn't supposed to be some super heavy drama show. That's what you would get with more Chihaya, she was already starting to bog down other people's episodes as it was.

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Is Satania a cultural icon?
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Why is Satania so shit? She ruined the whole show.
>My name is Satania
>Satania like Satan, so Bad much Devil xD
Girl of the season for sure. Not Umaru or Chaika tier but still great.

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>grown-out pixie haircut
>woman's voice [US dub] for a pubescent-sized boy
Isn't a chick-with-stick considered a Nen specialist?
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>grown-out pixie haircut
>Sawashiro voice for the best girl
And Togashi damage contol

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Did anyone else notice a drop in quality after the attempted suicide?
I really enjoyed it but I think there was more potential
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Yeah, everyone who read it did
No.Its the healing part of that edgy mc life, his return into the shit eater life he hated.

Let's talk about the best genre of manga. Shoujo manga, what are you reading?
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All I've been doing lately is reading shoujo ranging from terrible to good

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Wonfes is over

Did you like it?
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Didn't have a bingo card, but I was happy with the whole thing so far.
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I want some TSFs, tell me about Revoltech. Is the quality good/decent?

The only anime I've seen hated on is Utena. Does anyone actually dislike Utena?
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**not hated on, I mean
i've seen a few anons say it's boring pretentious shit but most like it
I'm one of those anons who think Utena is boring and pretentious shit.

Who has the highest kill count so far?
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If your putting her here, then whoever created the knightmares in the first place.

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