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post bait / (you) pics
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How bout no?
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That picture is REALLY fucking cute
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Precure thread
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>starting a precure thread with overt yuri

there hasn't been yuri in precure since doki doki.
Maho isn't a bad anime. It's one of the best series in the franchise. It's a masterpiece.
Yes, Maho is a masterpiece.
Maho being bad is just a meme.


Score: 7.07


Score: B+


Final Rating: 6.98 (7)



This is a japanese succubus (female) and a german succubus (male).
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I want this succ
Kurtz a cute! CUTE!
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Will Annie and Reiner ever reunite?
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Probably not.
I'm putting my bets that they will.
Do you think there's still time for a rescue mission attempt?
I doubt it. They didn't do anything for an entire year. Though Reiner not even attempting to save her is pretty retarded.

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This is your goddess for tonight.
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Im gona wreck it.
I want to get on my knees behind her and lick her butt hole
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I'll send her back to Heaven.

ITT we discuss Idles in Space.
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>she sees your dick
>Idles in Space.
Minmay deserved better.
pls no bully Subaru-kyun. he still have ptsd form when he saw Asahi in the showers.

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Luna wink.png
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Luna is pure I tell you, pure! There is absolutely no proof under her adorable and serene self lies a perverted, blood loving maniac!

Don't forget, stream today, maybe Arcadia Lost stuff

Will von Baka ever shape up?
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>SM kikestarter
>1mil stretch goal beato route

would you pledge?
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Who /NVA/ here?
Guess who's back

Back again

Shady's back

Tell a friend

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Anime when? Which studio should handle it? Would you watch?
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2018/2019 by Toei, yes they will do it don't fool yourselves.

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How do you tell differences between traditional hand drawing and digital drawing? Which is better?
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The distinction is virtually almost entirely in skill/familiarity alone. Unless there's something particularly aberrant in digital drawings (photograph filter artifacts, distinctively digital objects, impossibly perfect replication), it tends to be a very slight distinction.

The one thing that I have noticed, which tends to be the first failing of most artists switching to digital, is a certain loss of perspective and crowding. Why that may be is anyone's guess. As I said, though - this distinction alone exists because of a lack of skill with the digital tools. As an artist grows more accustomed to the digital tools, this issue may or may not become less prevalent in their art. If it does become less prevalent, the veteran reader nonetheless retains the knowledge that the art is drawn digitally. This does not mean that they can actually tell the difference 10 out of 10 times in such a circumstance, though; it merely means that they might be more wary of aberrance.
You have to be born with the superior sex so I'm afraid you will have to wait until you reincarnate as it.

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Which character has the best ZR?
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I don't know who this is but looking at her design, I think she could beat me up in a serious fight.
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Too bad it was just one season.
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All ZRs are great.

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Why do the Efidolg want to conquer other planets when they could be having sex with their hot clones?
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They're already having sex with their hot clones, they just have lots of spares, conquering more planets means more diversity in hot clones.

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Have you forgotten that they bullied her so hard her mind broke?
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At least she hasn't shot up a school yet.
Can't shoot up a place she'll never be.
I've forced myself to forget.

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Legs and Tits.jpg
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That looks a lot different from the first season.
This manga went from being fun to being generic garbage.
Where the fuck are her nipples? What's with all the dramatic imagery and weird guitar solo?

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>Look Reina, all these fools on /a/ still denying the fact that we are lesbians!
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But the manga and light novel has yuri bait too and yet Kumiko still ended up with shoe and Reina still wants the teacher's dick. It's purely yuri bait.
Just because it was yuribait doesn't mean you need to make bait threads.

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I'm still mad that we were robbed of the best opening

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That's why weed is bad.
Hyouge Mono

39 episode period drama about the life of Furuta Oribe during the last months of Nobunaga's shogunate and throughout Hideyoshi's

it's mainly about tea ceremony aesthetics

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