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How do you guys feel about grimgar? both the anime and the LN.
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Mary best girl. Yume a shit.
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Anime had potential but the moping about Manato ruined it.
Girl designs were 9/10.
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Yume is best girl.

Why does this show get worse and worse with every new episode?
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Nothing happens
You get older and more resentful of common happiness.
It was bad from episode 2 when it became haremshit instead of anything interesting about monster girls.

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Your at a bar when all of a sudden this guy comes along and challenges your waifu's ass to a Yami no Geimu. What would you do?
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I use the card: Pot of Greed!

Which allows me to draw two cards from my deck!
I'd stick around to see what she pulled out of her ass.
But what if my waifu was a children's trading card?

You know what honestly makes me a sad human being?

There still is not English translation of Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou that I can buy, cherish, and sleep with under my pillow every single night. I've actually thought of buying the Japanese versions, and hand-writing the scanlations into the books, because I want to have a physical copy of this most beautiful of works.

I want to talk YKK. Anything will do. Let's resurrect a small corner of Alpha's Cafe.
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just print the scanslations you spastic
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>just print the scanslations you spastic
That's actual autism though.
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I share your pain OP. I've considered buying the Jap version as well.

Is this the best of the anime of season or best of the year?
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Flavor of the month bullshit; won't be remembered in 5 years compared to, say, a real modern masterpiece like Maid Dragon.
It's just not that interesting beyond the premise
Its premise is a dogshit retarded spin on a trite, overused trope.

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Hatsukoi Zombie: Tarou is becoming Self Aware, is he the most based romcom protagonist?
link to chapter: http://imgur.com/gallery/PfRR2
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you think taro busts a nut daily to eve?
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He wants that boypussy(female)
This is definitely my favourite ongoing romance even if I know Ebino will lose ;_;

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Talk about forced shit.
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It was a little gay, butt still enjoyable.
not gay
Why did they change it from her getting ready to swallow poison in the manga?

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Will this new series push the boundaries on how ridiculous anime hair can be?
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Yugi's crown hair was still the silliest I feel.
Still can't beat Yugi's.
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The longer I stare, the more confused I get about it

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What's her problem?
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Thanks for reminding me I need to go grocery shopping today.
Spinal problems

>tfw you make a loli lust for your dick so hard she forgives you for killing her brother
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He didn't kill him, he tried
The only thing Macky did right was pleasing an old man. For free.

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Who do you chose to rule the world /a/?
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An ant apparently.
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What is this, a world war for ants?
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Why was Lisha even there?
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Mediocre-chested girls exist to make more fortunate girls look even better by comparison.
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Krul > Ariri > LIsha > Yoruka > Triad > Celestia > Phi
>no brand on Lisha's lower abdomen

Also, Celis-sempai is best.

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I missed Great Festival.
Did Part 5 get announced ?
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VAfags on suicide watch
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>he looks at you like this
What do ?
Thanks I asked because I wanted to know if he knows that Jonathan can fight stands in stand rush, and does Araki supports that

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Series hasn't had any proper material for 6 years, so this is very out of the blue. Is there some event happening that wasn't necessarily advertised outside of Japan?
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I thought this thing was buried when nothing happened last year


I will NOT start believing again.

I never healed from the wounds of that fucking pachinko machine.
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It's HAPPENING. Also Isn't this old news? I saw Aya talking about it on her twitter a while ago.

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Gowasu did nothing wrong and is going to have his universe destroyed.

How is this fair?
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Never forget Uncle Raditz.
Beerus said he did wrong picking Zamasu, or is Beerus wrong?

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