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Chapter 51 summary
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Coolie flies away as Papi asks where she's going.
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Papi flies after her, but crashes since she can't see in the dark. Meeting the Owl Girls from before, she asks for the "glasses that let you see well." After a disagreement over the fact that "glasses let you see well", she sees she's crashed into a box of the night-vision goggles she wanted, and takes off.
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Flying off, Papi goes to an abandoned church, and looks for Coolie.

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What the fuck did I just watch?
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Why are shotas such little shits?
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Because they want to suck on big onee-san boobs.
Kill those who make doujins about shotas getting dicked by a big homo.
>Lieblich junge
That's some fucked up German. I'm not sure what I'd replace it with though.
In the context of the "Ach!" I think a "Wie lieblich", might do the job.

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Today's the day!

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Today is gonna be the day that they're gonna throw it back to you.
Ok no guns this time.
post special needs Akko

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ITT Series that you did not have high expectations for, but turned out to be way more enjoyable than you thought they'd be
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First half of Cross Ange. Too bad the second half was as shit as I initially thought the whole series was going to be.
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Hard Mode: Write a long LN title to accompany your plot.
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Are isekais still popular?
Just an average girl meets boy love story, with all the cliches.
Title: Did you know that you can reuse tampons if you rinse them for 15 minutes in hot water and hang them out to dry?
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Dungeon Master From Other World And His Champions: Working Title

>Hoka no sekai to kare no chanpion kara no danjonmasutā: Hataraku taitoru

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level with me, /a/.

should I watch all of endless eight? how much do I have to watch?
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i mean, as a prank/experiment it's genius, but i don't actually have to watch it all, right?
You don't have to do anything
It's pretty enjoyable I actually just rewatched e8 recently like a week ago
don't be a bitch anon just watch it and enjoy the minor differences

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>Komori-san sucks
>Danna ga Nani sucks

>Maidragon is a huge success and AOTY

Now we all know, source material author = nothing, studio = everything.
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>Maidragon is a huge success and AOTY

Is this show even worth watching, let alone AOTY?
It's objective and official, anon.
>he doesn't watch lewdragons

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Episode 7 is not here
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Bit early for a new thread but as you already made one
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elf chick.jpg
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What's her name, Tattun?
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Does Sucy love her mom? How much?

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These are your playmates tonight.
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Do they like video games?
>480p for ants
>1080p for disgusting upscale
>No 720p release

Fuck Zeno/s. This is his/their fault.
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what do we do nao

What went wrong?
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Did they fug?
not doing 13 episodes in 1 season.
The studio focused on milking fate and fucked up the God eater releases

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Lelouch death was so funny.
spike spiegel haha
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he dies standing up what the fuck stupid shit

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>Mao gets shot multiplie times all over his body by a whole police squadron
>he survives because advanced medic technology
>Euphemia gets shot once in her chest
>gets taken to a hospital and dies

So, the medicine is only advanced enough to save people from fatal wounds when the plot needs it to be then?
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really makes you think.
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When was the last time where the plot needed someone to be alive to move forward but he/she ended up dying instead?

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== GT Goku ==
>Goku is smart, caring, mastered Super saiyan 4 in order to protect his friends and family
>Spent years training uub for can replace him as earth protector one day
>wanted UUB to grow in strength for can have a good friend and training partner
>Super saiyan 4 is symbolic of Goku mastering his inner rage and want to fight for something good
>Super saiyan 4 was a throw back to dragon ball monkey character design
== GT villains ==
>Baby is sympathetic with complex motives
>he just wanted justice for the saiyans genocide of the truffles
>He wanted to bring back the truffles people and cultural
>Omega shenron was a consequences of everyone abusing the dragon balls
>omega shenron was the psychical consequences of everyone taking the dragon balls for granted
== Super Goku ==
>Dumber than his Abridge series counter part
>He has no issues with killing more innocent people than every past villain in dragon ball history
>Cares about fighting more than his family and friends
>Even vegeta and beerus are telling Goku he going too far with his selfishness
>Super saiyan God/blue are just recolors
== Super villains ==
>Everyone wants revenge on Goku or want to be Goku
Why do people hate GT yet praise Super again? GT was a kino sequel and finale for dragon ball z.
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Only main irks I can remember from gt

1. Goku jobs hard on ss4 transformation whereas every other new form in DB he won or could have if he wanted. It's cool they did something different but lame it had to make the new form look like a bitch.
2. He tried to chiaotzu bomb himself on 2 major villains instead of just figuring out a way to beat them. I think it was around 3-4 times he did this?
3. Small gripe, English dub got real obsessed with the phrase "capable of" as in the context "you have no idea what I'm capable of". Got old real fast, shit writing or translation.
>Everyone wants revenge on Goku or want to be Goku

jealous fag
>>wanted UUB to grow in strength for can have a good friend and training partner
This is a Z thing, not GT.

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