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We need а threаd for this mаsterpiece. It's not like anything that was done before. It's pure art.

>аwаrd-winning work
>real novel, at least Chаrles Dickеns/Oscar Wilde tier, not your typical LNcrap
>XX century Europeаn setting with perfect written and mature protags
>real, touching drаma, not cringeworthy teen shit
>literally no moments in books that can feel forced or unnecessary
>PV confirms the BEST animation and sakuga for TV show since forever
>oh man, did I mentioned Kyoani?

It gonna be the one of the best shows of all time (probably the best one) and we know it.
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Why does she have that paper in her mouth?
Is she a goat or is this a Natsume rip-off?
>it's another false flagging thread
Are you trying to stop /a/ liking Kyoani or something

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reeeee zero.png
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Subaru is such an insensitive dumbass.

He could have said that after the sex.
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He's probably the most retarded MC that I have still been able to endure for quite a few years.
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hina ctf.jpg
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He could have fucked Rem, died, and act like nothing happened.
Every time he dies the witches' scent grows stronger. Novelfags what does this mean? When will he turn to evil?

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In this thread we wait for episode 7
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What was that answer for ?
good anime
as a Japanese American, Tattun's not much different from George Takei

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ITT: Characters who just need to FUCK already.
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>Yun is fat
There he is. There he goes again with that. Bullying Yun. Why? Why must you do that? Look at her. Look at that beautiful girl. She has the job of her dreams, great friends, great style, and get you bully. Are you jealous? Is that really it? Are you so upset that you'll never be a Touhou character like she is? So you resort to bullying? What?? Why? What is wrong with you to do that! Yun is not for bullying! Yun is a game designer! Yun is a responsible adult! Yun makes tea! Yun wears gothic dresses! Yun is cute! Yun!

And yet, some will be like "haha nenecchi" or posting about that tomboy SLUT that I can't even remember the name of, and why? Why do that when there is Yun? Yun is cute, so what's the problem? Tell me? What is the problem with Yun?

In conclusion, Yun is:
>well dressed
>makes great tea
>is comfy

Thank you for your attention.
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Yun is not fat, quite the opposite. She's probably a bit too obsessed with her weight, and she might suffer from anorexia and bulimia. Add her obsession for gothic clothes and all in all she's probably not a very healthy girl both physically and mentally. In fact she's probably similar to /r9k/ idol Anzu.

Nenecchi, on the other hand, is an energetic, natural and fit girl.
I wish I was Yun so I could smell Hajime every day.

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This anime started a ignominious trend 12 years ago but, is it actually any good?
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Watch it and find out.
>tfw 1999 was 56 years ago
>50.000 BC was yesterday

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What is this face trying to convey?
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Trying her best to do the fake smile girls do.
Looks like lust
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Trying her best for her future husband

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berserk v11 color blend.png
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How do we fix berserk?
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The problem is Miura being unable to focus on it, right? Or is it something else?
Put idols into it and more boats.
I don't think it can be fixed. If Miura still loved Berserk, he would put time and effort into making it. Instead we get 2 chapters a year with absolutely shit tier art and traced panels.

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>episodic and full of tropes that western cartoons suffer from
>one dimensional characters with zero development
>constantly reuses predictable and annoying gags mainly involving the angels being cunts to the learning disabled comic relief character and getting away with it
Why would anyone who isn't toddler here even watch this? It's the same fucking plot every episode.
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It's not bullying if you ask for it
Anime watchers are simple folk seeking simple pleasures. Nothing wrong with that. These kinds of shows are there to be watched casually.
What kind of serious character development do you want in a comedy?

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The nips make me want to have a daughter.
Who did those gooks put into paper that makes you want to be a daddy?
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That's not how hammocks work.
When you put 3 people next to each other, the one in the middle will be sandwiched.
They aren't very big yet, so Yotsuba wouldn't be squished by the others, but they wouldn't lie so far apart from each other as it's depicted.
So you want to father a realistic hammock. Got it.
Gurren Lagann was the first of many times anime made me want to have a daughter.

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>slated for April release date
I-is it finally over?

Bocchi end confirmed?
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>new Romeo book
File: 1486616368564.jpg (18KB, 322x323px)Image search: [Google]
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>mfw no girl wins

File: C5A1mncVUAAbeRm.jpg (258KB, 880x1150px)Image search: [Google]
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Airs April 4th

>The only Cinderella Project girls are NG, Anzu, and Ranko
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>>The only Cinderella Project girls are NG, Anzu, and Ranko
Finally the other girls get some screen-time.
I've never seen [email protected] but that girl in the bottom right is a cutie.
She is Ranko Kanzaki and she is very cute even though she's also very cool and passionate.

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where the FUCK is my season 2
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I aggree
hue hue
File: 62437244634.jpg (250KB, 1915x911px)Image search: [Google]
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More like where the fuck is my Volume 2 (manga)?

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Like not even top 5 in the show you plebian
kill yourself

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Deep Lore

Also Cliffhanger last page
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I don't think FBI-chan used proper escalation of force.
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>Torajiro's search history
>usagi drop season 2
Why would he want that?
Sarah ending pls

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