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What fucking excuse do you have for not watching this masterpiece. In a world were anime is now shit this is the best anime I ever watched.
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I dislike robots.
I know robots are a very japanese thing but I really dislike them. I would watch gundam but the robots are an eyesore.
But I have watched it.
How is it possible for Tomino to have made so many masterpieces in such a short timeframe? Could he be a newtype himself?
Also I am now watching ideon having putting it off for so long and you have excuse for not watching it, you are utter trash if you haven't.
You are crazy the zaku 2 is the best thing ever designed. and zeta is more of a realistic military drama with complex stressed out and truly fucked up characters because of tomino's style of writing. They are all double faced and you don't really understand them because in real life just understanding a friend is beyond you.
depression. All depressed artist's shine.

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Is this worth watching or is too brutal, /a/?
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Only oldfags watch shitty animation shows.
modern /a/, everyone
Conan is terrible. Literally babby's first detective stories because it was written for like 10-year olds.

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Akko is cute.
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actual picture of akko
What is the meaning of verified?

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Will they ever climb real mountains, or are they always just going to walk up small slopes?
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They're gonna climb each other's mountains.
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This innuendo is about as subtle as it gets.
Mons Venaris

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Why are there so many Rei clones in anime?
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Are there?
The public liked their debut in the lcl tank episode, so they kept getting more roles in following works.
The character-type is very appealing to Nip viewers.

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Is it even possible, much less comfy to live in a shipping container?
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Can you recognize all the characters?
As long as you can fit a bed, your computer and space for your clothes it's perfect.
This ugly 3D shit is why I never read the VN.

Loli Akane will never "tch" at you.
How that makes you feel?
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Who is this smug girl???
I think she was in Sakuya's route somewhere, don't quite remember though.

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Mina Tepes is hot.
Why no more love for Dance in the Vampire Bund?
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This reminds me I have not read a chapter in forever. Time to catch up.
>Why no more love for Dance in the Vampire Bund?

Because the ending was shit and the author is too lazy to continue the sequels.
Because the manga peaked quite early and completely went to shit

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chiyo chan.png
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Is anything cuter than Chio-chan without her glasses?
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Looks quite plain actually.

But that's what I like about her.
Anime characters in general are cuter without glasses.

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Fucking argue with me /a/
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Hiro sucks fat dicks.
Saten is a selfish, hedonistic pig.
AKM > M16

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Why is this girl so sexy? Her design isn't special.
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Her design is great but it doesn't fit in the series at all.

t. haven't watched a single episode
The mad eyes.
It just a perfect combination of all elements.
>lewd ass
>yaoi hands
>nail polish
>crazy eyes
>virgin killer outfit
>pantyhose and heels
>buckets of sweat
She is perfect.

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C4_3B1LVYAAeCVf.jpg large.jpg
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Read the guide:

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First for buying a figure for 15K-20K every month.
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>Enjoy your leaning -the figure.
Oh, I will.
If the wings are heavy, that Albedo is way more balanced.

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Non-isekai Fantasy thread.
Are you reading this super fucking interesting manga?
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No but I am reading this one
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>tfw no story about a ghost hero possessing his ancestor's loli body
>Isekai weebshit

Why is this episode such a pile of steaming shit in animation? What happened? Sudden outbreak of the downs?

Its so bad it isnt even funny anymore.
Just badly drawn randomn faces of lee sperging out.
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I don't even

I never knew Tenten was Canadian?

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Why is she so perfect?
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What's her cup size? C?
Because she can make anyone wet.
She looks really generic and bland, to be honest.

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