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Find a flaw
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she's dumber than dirt.
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She will always live a lie

ITT anime /a/ never talks about
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/a/ talks about candy boy sometimes.
>candy boy
>no boys
>just incestuous dykes
There is a non-incestious dyke as well.

I'll see your incestuous and yuri show and raise you one with some lesbian assault, bondage and rape

Imai Asami uses her Chihaya voice as she's getting yuri raped in this one. It's hot as all hell.

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turning girls 5.jpg
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ITT: True 10/10 episodes of anime
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My two favorites sharing an episode was a dream come true.
Eva episode 1
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Not even close to best episode

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Darkest corners of the internet.
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Love Erio!
Her pussy is the darkest corner of the universe.
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She's so cute.

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Is this show seriously trying to tell me to get married as if I would ever be accepted? I, and probably most of /a/, am just like the male protagonist.
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>I, and probably most of /a/, am just like the male protagonist.
Well you sure have a high fucking opinion of yourself.
This show sucks, it should've been made by Kyoani
i just started watching it. the show is hilarious. i love it.

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One of the worst in that show, and that's saying something.
>Slayne Tryhard
Why the fuck I watched this pile of garbage till the end?

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Alright, /a/, we're halfway there. What are your earworms for this season when it comes to OPs and EDs? Shit taste is allowed, but don't stink the thread up with so much of it because I'm the one who will do so with my choices.

Demi-chan wa kataritai! - Original. Despite the fact that there's WUB WUB in the middle of the song, it feels so melodic and fairy tale-like.

Little Witch Academia - that ED whose name I forget. A comfy ending for a somewhat comfy (and somewhat bland) series, I'm more into it for the composition rather than the lyrics, but the melody is rather pleasant to listen to.

What are your earworms, /a/?

Pic semi-related, comfy Mayaka from comfy ED.
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You're really trying to hard with this OP. So fucking extra.
Maid Dragon's OP and ED are great. Kuzu no Honkai's are pretty good, too.
Maid Dragon free

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Realistically, who is the strongest DBZ character that Boros could beat?
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Emperor Pilaf
Mr. Satan

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Hey anon wanna see a magic trick?
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Don't do.

Fucking stop.

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If you had to choose between only being able to watch anime or real-action movies for the rest of your life, which one would you choose?
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Anime I guess.
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I could honestly go without anime or 3DPG films without any problem. Just let me keep my manga.

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Why would anyone like her? She's like a annoying Princess Peach who tries to have character but just fails and ends up being a fan service fodder.

Like every generic anime chick ever nowadays.
The giant bratty bitch has more character than her, honestly.

"Well Elizabeth has tits and ass, and i can fuck her."

Yeah, and? She's a brainless whore, bimbo is a complement.
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"She's a great person, she cared about that doctor and shit."

No, she's being a annoying attention whore.
The pig has more personality than her.
sluts are great

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kiss me you baka.jpg
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So you're Shinji in this situation, what do you do?
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kiss her
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>New episode SOON
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Not that soon, three and a half hours to go
Will this thread survive that long?
I doubt it.
i have no idea who to root for at this point.

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Why is Gabriel so shit? She ruined the whole episode.
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this fucking bot
Gabriel a shit
worse than Umaru and Tomoko

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Rate Grace's taste.
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Marika 19.jpg
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Her tights are hot and all but I still want to MARRY Marika!
10/10 would tenderly rape.
>someone actually draw Grace with Marika
So we aren't the only who thought the Limited pair is the Jokers' prototype?

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