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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I thought I wanted to do it once.
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But he did it once.
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I am the fin of my fish.

Japan's definition of loli is clearly wrong because they classify Megumin as a loli.
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Megumin is intentionally a borderline case though. She's just mature enough that she can reasonably get angry at people for thinking of her as a kid.
i don't give a fuck about whether or not she's a fucking loli. I still want to cum inside of her

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I am interested but I read that the hiatus is legendary and that the author doesn't know how he will end the story. Is it worth reading at this point?
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the first volumes are a lot of fun as a brain dead power fantasy for heavy metal/d&d nerds

after the big reveal about the true nature of anthrax it becomes a complete clusterfuck that takes itself too seriously for its own good
Nah, it's not very good, other than the setting everything else is extremely generic and predictable.

I equate the first half being a manga retelling of the authors first Epic Level D&D campaign and the second half of the Manga being an average game of Pathfinder the author is being forced to sit through DESU.

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>Reading Uwakoi. A story about a guy who has a chick that loves and lives with him, but he likes her friend. They do it. It slowly turns to him not being able to see himself with one chick. Joins a club where they secretly commit sexual acts.

Pretty good shi-

>Takes a dark turn
>Girl that loves the guy catches him and her friend doing it
>She slashes the guy with a knife
>Slowly becomes crazy
>Ends up raping the guy for his seed
>Near the end of the story, the club's activities were found after the leader, who recorded everything, commits suicide right after posting the videos everywhere, exposing everyone
>OUT OF NOWHERE one of the club member's exes finds the protagonist waiting for the train
>Shoves him onto the tracks out of anger for what happened in the club
>Protagonist just fucking dies
>skips to 9+ months later and it shows his GF with his son in a stroller
>She passes by the original chick who had raped him with a child around the same age too
>Story ends

Holy hell, this type of manga. Are there anymore like this? Something also similar is Love Junkies where the guy's GF goes crazy and also rapes him in the night wanting his seed out of pure frustration
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Why does Japan love shitty endings so much?
That sounds fucking amazing. Gonna start reading it now.
>not a single likeable character: the manga
Its like bastard child between mirai nikki and school days. The only good thing about was page with "A date with and awful slut"

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Did they ever explain why there's almost no firearms in this setting? They still have metalwork, since pretty much every nameless thug carries medieval weapons. And everybody knows how to make gunpowder.
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Probably no industrial machinery survived the nuclear war so no one is able to manufacture weapons and bullets.
Add to that how a metallic rod is far more reliable to murder someone than a homemade gun.

Just finished Assassin Classroom.. someone please hold me i can't handle these feelings ;__;
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>mfw he starts that last roll call
Got boring after the summer island arc.
Kinda went to shit after the korosensei background arc.

they should have left it vague.

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click below image
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Anyone been reading Ashirogi Muto's latest series?

Thoughts on it? The interaction and drama has gotten better despite the weak and lame uncreative premise.
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They peaked with World is all about AIM.
The villian is great. Wondering how the current standoff is gonna end. The old guy is probably gonna bite it next chapter.

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who is best girl in Gabriel dropout ?
I think it's vigne
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>>153675254 nah vignette is better,she's kind and always cares for gab
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Just started watching this. Is Edward the most euphoric protagonist of all time?
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What's with the resolution and yellow subs?
He's got bad genes so obviously he lost all faith since the Bible doesn't mention any alchemy circles
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Old Lizzy was pretty cool.
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She will cure Mon and Der, growing their hearts back, which will turn off Indura mode. She won't die against them, or Mel would have killed Mon and Derrierre sooner.
>no titty goddess

Shit chapter.
I can't believe rudeciel was a jobber.
Everyone fucking jobs in this manga I swear.

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Why would anyone send their kids to her school?
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To learn how to be proper ladies and gentlemen.
It was probably the only one within a reasonable driving distance. Hell, the school seems to own most of the apartment buildings.
If your kid does well your family's living situation gets better.

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How essential are the DC episodes?
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pretty important.
If you haven't seen 21'-24' you haven't seen Eva
The most important

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Is this canon?
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Best Kanbaru

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Stop pretending to be me, fujo
All I wanted was nudes :^(

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