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I am going to marry Azusa!
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A pitty you didn't choose Mio.

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People always complain that they don't have friends even though they want them while I would be just perfect if I had 6 dudes under my control like Pain had.
Do multiple tasks at the same time without reason to communicate with someone.

Now, what powers from anime/manga you would've wanted?
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Lelouch's Geass. I would never have to use it enough time to lose control over it anyway.
Shadow Clone Technique. Same as Pain, but with more people
GER, or D4C.

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Is Prisma Illya really a complete insult to the Fate franchise?
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It's the only thing I like about Fate.
It's decent enough. It dropped the ball a few times (especially in drei) but it recovered and I really like the current chapters.
And really, it's not like the fate franchise has anything better in it.

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Burn you to cinders!
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I'll build you a tiny house by the stables!
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Hottest and best BD.
Claire a shit. A SHIT.

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Won't you take care of the cat /a/?
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He's like a reverse Toda who sees Purity in her instead of pure lewd.
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Once upon a time Toda was the pure, but then the Air nomads attacked
How tall is this motherfucker? He's supposed to be younger than aya & co but looks taller than akira and toda.

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Anybody other than me reading this?

new Rouge volume scanlation dump WHEN
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the archives reveal that it's criminally unpopular on /a/

anyway, do you also feel that this whole revolution thing is dragging on?
Rouge was supposed to be focused on it but it still hasn't properly started
Pretty good, with the whole antoinette twitter (or was it instagram) depiction of the nobles lifestyle and the comparison to the mostly downtrodden peasant where they appeared in rags every time and how the executions were pretty much a circus, not long until the bread part dies out and shit going down. Not very long until the executions are seen as not enough.

His sister as usual didnt change much, maybe less crazy than in the prequel. Hopefully we get more on the side characters related to the revolution.

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So, going by this pic from the official site, it looks like we might get an uncensored TV airing. Nothing confirmed yet, but it's likely now
Here's a new video. It's more censored than the images (because it's Youtube, and they don't want their video deleted)
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what did they mean by this?
this is looking less and less SoL like that one anon keeps hoping
The 7 Heavenly Virtues spin off figures announced.

Please cleanse me from these shitty demons and liberate my soul.


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clover girl.webm
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Is this a 4chan reference?
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What is this some kind of wiib parade?

Clearly a EVA reference since there's girls there too.
where are they walking?

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What did he mean by this?
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"I want Hanabit to light up my world!" maybe.
What she did mean by this
>please read the manga to see the romantic development

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Does /a/ remember Master of Martial Hearts?
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Now that you mention it, yes. I remember it existed.
I still haven't got around to watching it.
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It was a ride.

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>there are people that dont self insert as big ugly fat fuck

I self insert as Rin.
Xration a hack

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Why is he smiling like that /a/?
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Because he just gave his desk a good polishing if you know what I mean.
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Wouldn't you if you got to sit next to this all day?

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This is objectively the best Hunter x Hunter 2011 scene. Prove me wrong

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HxH would be the best fucking manga ever if the """"author"""" wasn't a Dragon Quester piece of shit

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>Villain has an ability that copies other skills if you get too close
>MC proceeds to fight close combat
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in what series does this happen?
>not knowing your own weaknesses and strengths at the off chance of fighting an enemy with the ability to steal your powers
>not having "that" ready

Sasuga, /a/-kun.
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He can't win if he doesn't get close

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What are everyone's thoughts on the Buu vs Basil fight? I wish we got to see more of Buu's arsenal, but overall it was an interesting first round.

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It was dumb as shit and Basil looks like he stepped out from an edgelords furry fanfic.

Zero imagination in the fight itself with cookie cutter blasts and braindead flurries of kicks and punches repeated over and over again.

The entire tournament is gonna be a copy paste of this shit fest up until goku gets a competently animated fight sequence with a big bad.
Bring back super buu for shits and giggles
I loved it.

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