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Remember when anime wasn't an advertisement for the source material? And when they ran out of stuff to adapt, studios just make up their own stuff? Do you miss those days?
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Yes, I do remember when studios would ruin any chance of making a new season of a show because they would start ignoring the original material halfway through, ending everything with an original ending.
God no.

FMA: Brotherhood was a godsend we only get once in a generation. Usually the original shitfest the studio ruins ends all chances of a real adaptation.

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What happened to the last thread?
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Is Great Days Festival or whatever happening right now?

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Looks about right.
Its like a combo of her and the wreck it ralph loli.
dumb frogposter

Does /a/ like women who take the initiative?
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Yes, because we all know that /a/ never would.
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too real

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It's that time again. Let us party all night together, post gif/webm of dancing anime grills!

Come listen to anime remixes and EDM tunes straight from Japan, mixed live by our finest U NTZ DJs!

- Link is in the pastebin -

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>character says omae-sama
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If you wanted a Shinobu thread, you could've just asked
That would be a shit character.
That doesn't make sense.

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Post a bigger gary stu than this, you can't
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Nothing more cancerous then the banevading Sasuke spammer.
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> Rettousei

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Why is he wearing makeup?
He gets blinded by Lavender

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How safe is the tap water during zombie infestation?
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Why do they still have pupils? It's a stupid black dot floating in the middle of a bunch of worms.
Depends on where you live and what they do with it. Though in a lot of places it's likely to stop flowing before it becomes unsafe.
Zero. If your water isnt assembled directly from hydrogen and oxygen gas then it's infected. Even then you need to count your bosons.

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What's the most annoying character that you've had to put up with through an otherwise decent show?

Pic related
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w-why, anon?
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Has anyone yet devised a mathematical theorem for why the blonde is always the best girl of their respective series?

>Black General

Honestly, it's astounding. That's just off the top of my head. How can any other girls compete?
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Lalatina is worst girl tho. Iris is best girl.
Q: What do all these shows in OP's pic have in common?

A: No one will remember them in 10 years
Are you implying I could ever forget Sjxarp's name?

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>16, Welcome to Game Over
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Was that when he finds out that girl from the online game was actually his friend?
The episode in which youkoso hitori bocchi plays
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The cliched answer is to say 20 or 24 of Season 2, so I'll instead go with Season 2, Episode 14 (Summer Classes!)--the episode where I discovered who my waifu was (and in general was incredibly comfy even by the show's high standards, and had more humor than mos episodes).

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What could be the reason why Machi is so sexy?
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Please do not sexualize my daughter.
Makes sense because of her low IQ.

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How can other girls compete?
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By putting out.
By living.
Yomi ;_;

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>Synopsis: Kenzaki Shin'ichi is leader of the Anti-Vector Task Squad. He's in charge of hunting down Vectors, humans that carry with them the deadly Resurrection Deficiency Syndrome, a disease that can keep someone from resurrecting when they die.

This series has been dropped by FwPA citing lack of staff. I will now do a live translation of chapter 30 from the tank raws to try to raise interest in this so someone could pick it up. if you want to work on scanslating this, either get in touch with FwPA or organize someone yourself!
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Since it's been so long, I've translated the character introduction page:

==Right column==
Tousai Station - The three including Kanzaki are working as the anti-vector special unit.

Kenzaki Shinichi - Team leader. Her sister Narumi (//could be incorrect) was killed by a vector. He's the "immortal hound" who chases down criminals.
Wakabayashi Masaki - Kenzaki's subordinate. Seems easy going, but can show determination too.
Shigematsu Kouzou - Though he's the oldest in the unit, he's Kenzaki's subordinate. Her daughter Marie was killed by a vector(?).
Ikegami Kyouko (left) - Hard worker at the office. Wakabayashi's drinking buddy.
Tamaru Naomi (right) - Married mother of one child. Husband works at another station.
Kusunoki Takurou - Chief of criminal investigations. Started at the same time as Shigematsu.

UNDO - Short for United Nations Desease Control Office.

Kanai Shintarou - Tokyo division chief. They do not have the rights to search or make arrests, his role is to cull the vectors captured by the police.
Kuribayashi Camillia - Kanai's ajutent and UN forces first lieutenant.

arrow down (eliminate)

==Left Column==
Escape Artists - The secret organization who try to hide the vectors from the police.

Kazama Rin - Spy within the police. A pretty girl who's undercover as a "hound". Called Rin by the police and Wind Chime by the organization.
Facet - Helps vectors escape with rin. Though competent, she's not treated seriously.
Goose - Former head instructor. Pocesses high combat capabilities.
Bitter orange (left top) - Mama's attendent.
Holly Olive (left bottom) - Supports mama together with bitter orange.
Halfbeak - Started with Facet. Nick name's Ago-san.
Osprey - Started with Facet as well. Responsible for weapon supply.
Mama - Mysterious woman who oversees the members of escape artists. Has the same face as Kazama Rin.

arrow down (rescue)
It's been too long. Thanks.
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==Bottom row==
Vector - The killing organization that spreads Resurrection Deficiency Syndrome (RDS). Anyone who falls in love with them will become unable to revive.

Kouda Teruyoshi (top left) - The vector who killed Kenzaki's sister Narume. Currently working for the escape artists.
Takamiya Tsutomu (bottom left) - Vector who killed three women in nightlife business. Kenzaki calls him "fat shit". //verification required.
Snow White (right) - Vector who killed 39 men. Keeps moving from places to places.

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