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Why are LNs written like a manga script?
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Probably because they're supposed to be like one?
Aren't they supposed to be short Novellas?
The way it's written is so basic, there are better written fanfics out there
Because that's literally what most LNs are, rejected manga scripts.

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you know what? maybe i am a fucking idiot. but i can't seem to understand why no one gives mito time of day to even mention her in any of these shokugeki threads.

i don't even like mito the best. i think alice is cuter.

i don't even hate erina. i just think her shtick is made kind of redundant when mito does it better.

i mean holy fuck, i'd put mito down for 2nd place in the best girl, but she's 1st place a million times over for MOST DESERVING girl. she's been loyal since day 1 to soma ever since he dicked her and she only gets more loyal literally screaming out "i believe in you!" while lasty over there (read as: megumi) is sayin' jack.

out of all of his friends, mito also comes through the most often to help him.

ALSO perfect motherfuckin gyaru american flag titties? am i nuts? are you idiots just morons who can't comprehend anything besides first girl? mito was kind of a cunt at first, but holy fuck, erina's been a real cunt. it just feels like you're masochists. i like tsunderes but, let's be real, we'd get real tired of erina's shit real quick.

i just feel like nikumi deserves better. she's like clemson in the college football playoffs- everyone was shit talking them at first but look at what the fuckin did. so yeah i guess that'd make erina alabama and lasty would be ohio state.

just some food for thought is all.
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Erina sucks ass.

True patrician taste prefer Murrican girl.
Thank you
If it makes you feel better I actually like every single girl

This couple came for a marriage counseling. What would you say to them?
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Why is Satania so inferior? She ruined the entire episode.
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TFW you'll never be as cool as Vigne.
Gab still playing healer is confirmed.

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Summer 2017.

Who is going to win Yukari?
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This is from the latest chapter.
The MC's friend.
I want Lilina to be cutely animated and voice acted

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The funniest thing about this episode was the liberal translations. Through the dark lord. Amen.
This post is cancer too.

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Angry bird.
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Sexy bird
What's she gonna do?
Leer at you?
>not Leer followed by Brave Bird

Has Kitakubu caught fire yet?
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Not yet.
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Doubt it.
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It burns with an eternal flame in my heart.

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Confused, sleep deprived Akko is best.
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What are some of Akko's good points?
>page 3
Fucking retard.
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Being special.

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Does she even know what a penis is? She seems too pure for that
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nope, they're all lesbians

I want to have sex _________ Kanna's thighs.
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Away from.
In the shadow of
nowhere in the vicinity of

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For my fellow Marcille lovers, I made a wallpaper out of the last page of the artbook.
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Sorry, it got compressed.

>you will never be a court herbalist studying and working diligently with the prince whom you love

why even live
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Will Berg Katze ever be revived?
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never died. never went away.

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Who is she?
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delete this
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What in the god damn name of fuck was her fucking problem?
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Nothing much, just a bit psycho
Being too perfect.

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