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Why is this show's ending considered good? It made absolutely no sense given that everything Lelouch wanted to do was for Nunnally. In the end he only ended up hurting Nunnally and destroying everything he built for her.
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Wow OP I didn't believe it was possible to not understand something when the meaning was dropped onto your face from a safe height but here you go, somehow being confused by the most simple shit.

He turned himself into a villain to get everyone to team up against him, to look like literally hitler so everyone has a common enemy, then killed himself off for the sake of peace.

Nunnally gets to live in a world of peace now, and the people who fucked with her are dead.
He left her as the empress of the entire damn planet and took the responsibility of everything that happened until them for himself.
I'm saying how does the ending accomplish what Nunnally wanted, which is a world with Lelouch in peace? Lelouch is now dead, and because the emperor of an empire died with no heir there will be countless small groups vying for pieces of its territory.

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Why exactly do people call R2 a trainwreck?
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Contrarians. R2 was amazing
Crazier and faster arcs. Been years since I have seen it though
I haven't seen anything in R2 that even comes close to being as bad as the Mao arc or the Genocider Euphemia moment from R1.

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>wwn see Goku Black/Zamasu take care of this faggot.
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Vegeta rapes Black.gif
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Can't wait for Black to get reked again in the manga.
>greedy asshole supreme kai
>Has to be a villain

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griffith sorry.png
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Would you forgive him?
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I would help him reach his ideals (no homo)
Rape is unforgivable
Maybe, if I actually knew what the fuck he wants to accomplish with everything that has happened.
Ask me again when it's revealed what all that Falconia business is about, if we live long enough to see that day.

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So I picked up Jojo and watched up to diamond is unbreakable. When the fuck did this show the so gay? Why are they dancing in the OP? Why is everything disco themed?
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It's just the op its not really a big deal its just a fun song that fits the theme of the flamboyant nature of jojo
>the so gay
Shit's pretty lighthearted despite having some serious shit going on in the sideways. That nostalgic OP is just right.
You'll love the edgy 2nd intro then

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for me, it's chiaya
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She's cute!
Do those birds want to eat seafood?
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ITT: we ceelbrate the best boys from the semi;colon series. Do you like Daru? is Hououin your nigga? What about Leskinen?
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Do we really need a 24/7 science adventure general?
But she's a girl.
post more of [her] I want to marry [her] please honor my [wife]

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You didn't forget, right? You wouldn't forget Miuna on a Monday, wouldn't you?
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I'm trying to guess from what anime are the songs which are the titles of last Hayate chapters (the ones with Finale: What a Wonderful World). I need help for some titles:

Astrogation - Nana Mizuki, dunno what anime has that song
Butterfly - Digimon Adventures opening
Skyclad Observer - Steins;Gate ending
A Love Fleeting Yet Everlasting - Not sure but I think is the Gundam 00 season 2 opening 1
Vermillion - From Nightmare, dunno from what anime it is
Paradisus Paradoxum - Re:Zero opening 2
The Wrath of God, in All It's Fury - Evangelion 3,33 OST song
Forbidden Resistance - Cross Ange opening
To the Beginning - Fate Zero second opening
Thank You, Baby - No idea, dunno the singer neither
Oath Sign - Fate Zero first opening
Broken Mirror - No idea, dunno the singer neither
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Also, Liberi Fatali from Final Fantasy VIII
I think Astrogation is from Rosario Vampire. Thank you, Baby and Broken Mirror, no idea.
> Thank You, Baby - No idea, dunno the singer neither
Not found
> Broken Mirror - No idea, dunno the singer neither
> Vermillion - From Nightmare, dunno from what anime it is
Found multiple

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Well /a/, what are you ashamed of?
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what does it mean.png
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Catalog god has spoken.

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Worthless French whore!
Worst girl!
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Houki stop posting.
I need a new window.
Ta gueule, connard !

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So why the fuck does everything Japan make have to have idols in them nowadays?
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Because Idols are huge over there???

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because it is still making money
There's a good video on youtube on the topic, but I am afraid I will get lynched if I post it.
So you can keep pouring your salt all over the place

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Quick and simple question: is kyoukai no kanata good?
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It's one of the most blatant LN advertising anime I've ever seen. It could have been could but it was rushed and doesn't feel right.
not at all. i'm glad all the kyoanus apologist shills for that shitty ass show are dead.

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Did this guy ever do anything to deserve a win?
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he deserved to win the biggest faggot of the decade award. other than that no.
Yugi is arguably a bigger latent homosexual.
he almost killed himself if yugi didn't let he win

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