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What are they thinking about each other?
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Sucy probably sticks transformative potions in Amanda's food just to torment her
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I sat alone on my bed as I listened to Akko talk to the poster of her stupid Shiny Chariot. I found myself wish I could have a friend that I could talk to about things that noone else would give enough of a shit to listen to. And suddenly I realized WHY NOT? I closed my eyes and began to imagine who the perfect friend would be: preferably someone both attractive and cool. I decided it would be a girl since the most attractive male I could imagine was Tito Dick, my dad, and I already talked to him so often, it would be awkward if I tried to finish a discussion with the real Tito I had with the fake Tito accidentally.

The I realized: AMANDA O'NEIL!

Amanda is a pretty cool chick and since I don't talk to her everyday, she would make for a perfect imaginary friend when I really needed to talk. Suddenly I heard her voice, opened my eyes, and there she was, dressed in her lovely green bikini.
"What's up Sucy?" she asked me.
"Just realizing how bad I wanted to talk to you" I told fake Amanda.
"Talking's for pussies" she said, ripping off her sweet bikini, revealing her soft but shaved pussy. She pushed me down, climbed on top, her beautiful potato ass hovering over my face.
"Yeah, talking's for pussies" her crotch whispered into my face.

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Why is Aqua without her hair loop? It's her charm point!
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It's a giant ahoge because she's as dumb as a post!
Go back to tumblr.
She does't wear it whilst examining dick.

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3x3 Thread
Rate others
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+Kaiji, Bartender, S;G
Hello friends. How's everyone been?


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>11 year timeskip
>still not married to worst girl

Fucking dropped
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who gives a fuck about marriage, as long as they fuck?
>thinking they'll fuck

>>11 year timeskip
The fug
I'm glad I dropped this shit over a year ago

How bad has it gotten?

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how many gabriels can you count /a/?
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In English, words ending in -us that derive from Latin are pluralized by replacing the -us with -i.

Cerberus is the Greek name (Κέρβερος) of the Hound of Hades.

Not Latin, Greek. The appropriate pluralization is "Cerberuses".
The most important question is:
Will the Cerberus and Gabriel counting songs be on the OST?
The correct plural is Kerberoi.

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No erections /a/.
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I hope someone will upload drama CD some day.
What are you talking about
Boku no Henjo

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Why are most heroines virgins?
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Because only pure girls can be chosen to save the world.
Because virgins are more valuable than non-virgins.
So I can self insert as them

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What character has the nicest eyes?
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I want to stick my dick in Josuke's eyes.
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>eye fetish

OP is Jobin?
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How would you have rewritten the GER fight if you didn't enjoy it?
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No GER, just the gang winning by exploiting KC's weakness.
what weakness?
Jojo is bad anyway

So I decided to reread the series and the mangaka's laying down some heavy hints for Namari rejoining the gang if the conditions are right and based on the decision to go up and regroup I'd say they soon will be. On top of that Secret Crush Swordsman was rumoured to be attempting his own Farlyn rescue attempt so we might be seeing him soon though probably not rejoining

The twins Kiki and Kaka got rather more focus than I expected so I suspect we might see several team ups between the Gnome squad and the Gourmands
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i want them to get a cat girl like the prototype 1st draft
>fat peopl

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Are we going through the golden age of anime?
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How many anime that will be remembered in five years have aired in the past few years?
No, this is no golden age.
>How many anime that will be remembered in five years have aired in the past few years?
Kill la Kill.
KlK has already been forgotten.

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I agree, cute shy girls in pain are so hot.
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Rei is cute.
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look at this rei.

[ ] Magic battle School harem
[ ] Isekai

Which one is best?
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[x] SAO
Why not be transported into a magical school and build a harem? Isn't that just Familiar of Zero?
end it

Jikan desu, risoku ga tsukimasu
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reminder that this ability can win you any fight in hxh
Maybe if you didn't need to be next to them to add interest. Who could avoid getting hit for the 10 minutes required to bankrupt someone?
You could hit someone and pretend it wasn't you while sticking around.

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Anime when?
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I edited your picture for you OP. We don't want you cutting yourself on that edge.
Probably never, for the better or the worse based on whom you ask.
It would require way too much effort and skill to make it properly.

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