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welcome to rock and roll niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight
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I have no idea how Linux works

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This is my wife Maki

Say something nice about her please
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Love Live is not real!

Is this good?
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The art is God tier
Good, but I like Kokou no hito better.
Art is nice but theres about 0 likeable characters.

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Hey this is pretty good
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Wow a /m/ thread on /a/!
good luck OP
I actually forgot /m/ existed
You're too young to appreciate it.

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he was a good MC, maybe not god tier but high up there. Prove me wrong, tip: you can't.

Remfags are just hating because he chose the real best girl.
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Kazuma being good doesn't make Subaru bad
>because he chose the real best girl.
Wrong, because it's popular

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How can other drummers compete?
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they can be this wonderful 3D chubb man
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Quite easily.


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how do I become cool like Mr Kaji, so cool that even if I had no more than a stub of a beard I'd still be the coolest guy around?
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watermelons son
kaji would be cool even without growing watermelons
I am going to grow a watermelon one of these days like Kaji.

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Are you guys autistic and do not pronunce the "X" in HunterXHunter?
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In what situation would I ever need to speak with another human?
You don't, just wondering how you guys actually pronounce it
No you're not, you're shitposting. Fuck off.

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Smug Aya is cute! Cute!
I miss the croissants.

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Does she feel "tacked on" to anyone else?

I feel like Kishi envisioned Naruto as the Naruto&Sasuke show but the execs forced him to put a female in to bring a waifufags and a female fanbase. He writes Sakura with such such contempt.
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Waifu fags were a thing in the 90s? Also, I'm pretty sure Kishi stated sometime that he really is shit at righting female characters. That's probably partially to blame.
Hinata and Tsunade were decent. They had their motives and a defined profile. But yeah the rest of the cast is terrible, what was even the point of Konan or Ino? And Sakura, holy crap, the only time I liked her was during the fake confession and her attempt at killing Sauce (and obviously she failed).
>says that Sakura is based on his wife
>Sasuke treats Sakura with no respect for most of the series
>series ends with him leaving her to raise his kid while he wanders
>introduces a plotline where he teases Sakura getting cucked by another woman

What is Kishimoto's marriage like?

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How can we fix her?
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She need some nutriments in the brain.
lose about 80 lbs
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why does darling never talk?

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>He fell on the Konosuba have bad animation meme

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>Expecting me to watch a 17 minute video about a 1:30 minute OP
ok go to 8:16
when he toak about animation
>Front loading a video with two whole minutes of shilling
why do people like this guy again?

>the angels are unlikable cunts
>the demons are cute wife material
What kind of satanist propaganda is this show?
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The characters are dropouts.

The angels are really bad angels and the demons are really bad demons.

It's not that hard to understand
The one on the left has the biggest boobs, is she best girl?
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Actually Raphi is best and purest girl. She makes up for Gabbu being a NEET and the demons can't even compete.

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tfw he will never be your pal

This is Lancer Arturia
say something nice about her and her friend
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why does no one bow down to the true king of fate, Lancer Arturia
dem tiddies
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