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How far would you go with a real life kitsune girl if one happened to make it out into the real world and started to make advances toward you?
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[X] Touch fluffy tail.
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I would fuck this fox desu family

Why is Class S always ranked higher than Class A in anime?
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originally, "S" designated a special class, eg. things that simply didn't fit into the normal ranking system because they were too unique or were valuable in ways the system couldn't quantify, which is an obvious fantasy for a highly standardized and hierarchy-based society.

That concept just devolved until the point where S ranking just means "A but better."
Because it sounds cool.
Thanks, this has been bugging me since Hakasho and Zoids.

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Pic related, just finished Blade of The Immortal and it was a blast, final fight not as much, but the wrap up and how unconventional it was (or seemed) really got the tears going.
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The ending to Narutaru hit me pretty hard too
Anyone read it?
I have, i though i tried way too hard to be as dark and depressing toward the end, with end up cheapening up the drama.
Bokurano was much better.
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I'm going to pretend the sequel never happend.

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Has there ever been a more retarded alternate WW2 fiction in anime?

>Japan beats USA on their own, destroying their evil nuclear bomb laboratories
>then evil Hitler turns on them
>they get help from Brits and USA to defeat evil Hitler too
>Russia is pretty much irrelevant
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>evil Hitler
AKA regular Hitler?
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>Has there ever been a more retarded alternate WW2 fiction in anime?
are there even any subs for this?

Which one /a/?
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Hard choice between eri and yakumo
The one that sucks my dick best.
The one that doesn't have a pointy chin. Oh wait

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Will durarara have a 3rd season?
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Why would it? No need to pull a Durarara Super out of it's ass.
Nah. I hope not. The new characters in the 2nd season mostly were not good and took away too much attention from other characters that appeared in the first season.
If SH gets adapted id love to see it

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What went wrong, /a/?
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shots like this that hide panties. just show the panties. what happened to anime with panties. they go to such lengths to hide them, it only draws more attention to it.
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But where did it go wrong?

The character design was great.

Too much unnecessary drama between the characters despite it being one of the main focal points to the story. It felt forced to the point where it was unsatisfying. I felt that the writers tried to make the show a little too sophisticated and it got to the point where not even they knew how to end the series. Other than that it was pretty good.

>tfw waiting for more news on when season 3 is airing.
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Honestly they better deliver some news about the release date and it better not be 2019 or some shit
nobody knows

i just want to see lelouch and cc together desu senpai, don't give a shit about other characters
Holy shit this nigga gets it

I think there's something wrong with my servant. Any clue how to fix it?
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Please see Grail-kun's universal problem solver.
Trying to fix it isn't worth it. Just use a command spell to get her to kill herself and summon a new one.
Massage its clitoris until it settles down
I just use a qtip

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How do people still enjoy this anime?It's true that each second she's not on the screen is very enjoyable, but she gets more screentime than Gabriel at this point.Does anyone actually like her?
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>Does anyone actually like her?
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You're delusional anon.Taking a single glance at the Gabriel thread, you can easily see that she's by far the least posted girl and for good reason.
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This is a retarded concept. Unless there is NTR due to the girl being a turbo slut, there are no worst girls.

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He hangs around with a bunch of cunts
Then why is he the biggest cunt of them all?
Because he's a manlet

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Please describe this child.
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Speech impediment.

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i guess the age is correct for jotaro but he looks
so thin for the character
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Are there any little reveals in some of those fast flashing shots

Looks fine to me.

With Jojo you have to decide between casting a fully Japanese actor or outsourcing for a half-asian body builder
Ugh... I HATE cocktease trailers.

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Hmmm... WOW
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What's with the salaryman? Will he not entertain Ai-chan?
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Muh dick!

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What is this expression trying to convey?
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Forgotten show with no BD rips.
Cockona is a nice pun between "cock" and "onna"
It's very good, i would say Japan has shit taste if it weren't because they liked Youjo Senki

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