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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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I am the fin of my fish.
Wow, you're cool
I feel sad for this guy. This must be his reason for living.

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How can a man hate an industry he has worked in for almost his entire life?
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Familiarity breeds contempt
You answered your own question.

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What anime has the best scenery porn?
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Studio Ghibli.

I said Studio Ghibli.
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Monogatari series

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This shit reminds me too much of SAO.

I haven't looked, but I would bet 100 dollars that it's adapted from a Light Novel
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good, now hand me your 100 dollars.
Sweet, do we get 100 dollars each?
Title isn't long enough to be a light novel. You're not very good at this.

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Remembah me?
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Shush. Buttocks are not supposed to speak.
Best ass of 2016.

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It's not gay if one of them is cute.
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Nah they were simply really good friends
>Make gay ship to bait fujos, except one of the two guys is totally 100% straight from start to finish
>They kill him off instead of the annoying fuckboy
Nice "writing" you've got there, Gundam.

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I'm 3 minutes into the first episode and what the fuck is this shit? Am I expected to pause at every still screen that has a bunch of words to read them?
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It names deepest lore lel drop dat shit
No, you can skip them if you like. I went back and rewatched it just to read them though.
No. It's fast for a reason

>Isekai story
>typical high school kid with a crush on a girl, a goofball friend and a widowed mom
>the Japanese Truck of Isekai comes after him
>when the kid is about to get run over, his mom (jeans, sweater, glasses, ponytail) pushes him out of the way and gets isekaied instead

>the mom is the MC

>the world is fantasy but with no hard numbers on levels and skills, people just choose a class and get better at whatever they do
>she chooses to be a healer, but bonks people so much over the head with her staff (in combat, or as a joke when disciplining others) that she ends up becoming an armored, staff-weilding paladin toward the end of the first season
>she adopts people in trouble into her "family", healing them with magic and home-made soup (and she thinks the soup is more effective than the magic)
>she leaves behind a devastating trail of happiness by donating tons of money to orphanages and even setting up her own NGO, which is pretty much her guild except their main job is to earn money to buy slaves so they can free them, among other non-profit activities
>at the end, she leads an army of several thousands to defeat the Demon Queen, an evil woman who´s pretty much the opposite of the mom

>with the Demon Queen defeated, the mom and her original guild get reverse-Isekaied into the real world
>they appear in the mom´s living room, around the kid
>elves, dwarves, knights, wizards and magical creatures

>the story ends with the mom trying to find the words to explain to her son that the nine feet tall dragon-headed dude is his new dad

The title:
My mom got sent to a fantasy world and I miss her a lot.
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Actually sounds pretty good.
>tfw no story about truck of isekai driver sending heroes to parallel worlds
plot twist:

The kid is 30 years old now.
Been alone since the truck incident.

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Does this show improve after Nisemonogatari? Honestly Nisemonogatari just seemed like fanservice: the show. Monogatari was pretty dam good with just a bit of fanserverice, but fuckin hell half of nisemonogatar was pure fan service.
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Yeah, I'd say that the series generally gets better after nise.
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Nisemonogatari was one of the best entries in the series, even without all the fan service.
I love how Nise keep assblasting pleb normalfags even years after it got released.

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Hell Girl Season 4 Announced to be released in July 2017
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I wonder if that brat Kikuri will be return.
Why can't I get myself to finish even the second season?
It gets so repetitive and boring.
You answered your own question.

Asuka was bred for gangbangs. Imagine her German yelping while getting stuffed with hard dicks.
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>never had sex with a human
>raped by two different aliens on two occasions
Sounds ruined for marriage, if you ask me.
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Asuka was bred for me to breed

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Anime when? The current content of the manga could easily fit one cour. Please make it happen kyoanus
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>he wants kyoanus character design instead of glorius manga design
Kys yourself.
they didn't change Nichijou's and Maid Dragon's design all that much

I can see KyoAni being behind this series
>Wants a smug loli anime by kyoanus
Please end your existence

what's her secret?
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She has a cock of her own.
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built for paizuri
Subs never

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Are you ready to marry me, anon?
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"Good morning, today we will make ramen. Very exciting! Let's start, shall we?"
My heart belongs to Eris.
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Megumin's pantsu!

New chapter is out and question is - is there a limit of Satou's awesomeness?
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also Manga >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Anime
the way he acted in 'nam I was sure he knew that he could survive and just go back
turns out he didn't and he truly was crazy all the time
once satou is dead there will be no other reason to continue reading this manga

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