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Say my name.
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my name
lambchop fire extinguisher

Today on March 7, 1999 Digimon Adventure premired 18 years ago. In honor it, Digimon thread.

What is your favorite series by far?
What is your favorite moment?
Who is your favorite mon?
What is your favorite evolution?
What do you think of Tri so far?
Is 02 really that shit after 17 years?
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>What is your favorite series by far?
>What is your favorite moment?
Shinegreymon Burst Mode for the first time, Megidramon, Masaru punching out Yggdrasil, Omegamon charging at Diablomon to strike him down before the nukes detonate. I can't really decide between them.
>Who is your favorite mon?
>What is your favorite evolution?
Diablomon, unless you mean evolution sequence then probably Ancient Spirit Evolution.
>What do you think of Tri so far?
I like it. It's not amazing but it's been solid, except for Determination, and has been rather good for the past 2 movies. I have tempered but high hopes for Symbiosis.
>Is 02 really that shit after 17 years?
Yes, it's not only a terrible sequel but as an overall show it's quite bad.
Next Tri movie when?
Symbiosis should be out around August-September

Why did no one tell me theres a full length golden boy show?
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Man, this show is really old, but all the jokes still feel fresh. I wish they'd reboot it with a more modern style.
that show ended way too early. was the manga the same?

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Characters who did everything wrong
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>People still see Yui as evil and not the guys in head guys of SEELE who started everything in the first place
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Especially when her daughter tried to do everything right

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A wild bikini Chiyo-chan appers
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In b4 a pokeball.
Chiyo-chan: The fireworks pokemon
I use Penis.

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dead sales.png
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Is KyoAni dying?
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Maid Dragon will save them.
I like how you just threw together random shows.
Nah, Violet Memegarden will be AOTY.

Maid Dragon is only selling because of the discount.

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So does this Hinata have bigger tits?
And why didn't get this as the normal one?
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That lipstick is really gross on her, totally wrong.
What the hell. I bet it's a narusakufag who tried to make her look like a slut
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She seems thinner/fitter in general

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It's Warriors time.
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Reiner and Gaby bonding soon.
why is she so cute she doesn't look much different other titan girls fucks going on.
Because tomboys are top tier.

Anyone else remember that when the news came out about honkers being butta-chan pornstar?

and that one nip who had waifud her who apologized to his parents stopped being a hikki and got a part time job?
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Yes and we do not care.
Emitsun can be some random hobo raping pigs on the farm and the 2D Honoka would still remain untainted.
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Honoka will forever remain best girl no matter what
Her voice actress does porn?

Butler, my stead!

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Can anyone explain to me why Spike gave up pretty much the only family he's ever had just to chase after some girl who left him, slept around and more or less caused all the problems in his life.
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You would understand if you ever had a woman, you fucking virgin. Some things a man has to do by himself to the exclusion of others.
love makes people fucking retarded
Because they weren't the only family he ever had. Sure they cared for each other, but they were strays who found strength in each other for a while, but they all had pasts that went way beyond their time on the Bebop. The past was their real lives. Julia was Spike's family too, and more than that, the woman he loved.

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Can you pinpoint the exact reason why Sharo is so sexy /a/?
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Loli body and poorfag-appeal
Because she's my sexy wife, duh.
aura of innocence

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Why didn't you buy Chitose's anime?
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She makes fun of me. Why should I?
No money. Such a shame, it was surprisingly fun too. I kind of expected it to flop towards the end of the season but I never would have thought it could average less than 1k. It should have easily done at least 2k or so.
Shit's awful. Just finish Yahari already you fucking hack.

>[HorribleSubs] Time Bokan 24 - 22 [720p].mkv
Where the other 7 anons at?
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>fake landing and Kubrick
redpill me on this anime

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>Onihei - 09 (Amazon).mkv
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Dropping in to say that this seems even more unpopular than Aquarion Logos was.
It's not even nearly as bad as the lack of popularity might make it seem. Somehow even Fune wo Amu got more discussion last seaso.
Episode 1 was kind of bland and had horrible animation

Has it improved?

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Wakaba is rich and not very smart.
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Wakaba intellect simply operate on a different level.
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Moe needs to work more on her moves.

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