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Vigne is embarrassed, what did you do?
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Saved her from a shit show.

Please don't break GR6

She farted and tried to blame it on my dog but I told her it's a stuffed dog

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Gee whiz these three unrelated characters sure do look alike...
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geewiz I sure wonder why?
Marry Bern
Fuck Rika
Kill Erika
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More like kill yourself

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What's the best villain origin story?
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Yagami Light's
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Is it a flop?
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step sister ruined it all
I think it's a pretty good adaptation. Shaft gets a little too Shaft from time to time, but it doesn't ruin anything like they did to SoreMachi.
Literally the only show I look forward to watching every week aside from lesbian diviners.

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This is a Japanese middle school girl
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Does she have a name?

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Poor Tamaki.
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>Todo with this high charisma
>Sumeragi with this high Charisma/intelligence

Why doesn't Kallen have a "Best girl" stat?
He has loyalty to the pussy

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I wonder why nobody is translating the next big shounen.
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If you're going to force this shit at least dump the raws, faggot.
what's banba doing there?
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would you swear eternal loyalty to Satsuki Kiryuin?
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>would you swear
You mean 'have you sworn', and yes.
I already did
>no-stars pretending that they're loyal

I want to breed tiger babies with Haruna-chan!
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did anyone make a webm of miss X shower scene from the first episodes?
No one cares about Miss Jobber

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Reuenthal did nothing wrong
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he died

Which movie do you enjoy rewatching the most?
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I don't like movies
Tamako Love Story
Kiki's Delivery Service

I don't get this anime.
Why is Gokuh going regular Super Saiyan when he has the blue one?
When Super Saiyan came around in Z, he stopped using Kaio-ken, and when SS2 came around he stopped using SS1. 3 was obviously different due to how much pressure it put on him.
So what's the deal here? They painted SSB as the new standard SS in that Freeza movie.
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It's explained that ssjblue isn't meant to be something that's turned on and off repeatedly like regular ssj can do. In the manga, Vegeta lost to Hit because he tried going blue again resulting in a significant decrease in power gained from that form.
As for kaioken, it's because using that one also harms the body for as many multipliers being used in return for the increase in power just like how ssj3 does but on a far worse ratio. For long term use it's more efficient to use ssj and after Cell Games using ssj for Goku is like him putting on new jordans at this point.
I guess they just forgot that SS2 exists then, since he'd previously jump straight into that.
Just kinda confuses me that it's fine to use Kaio-Ken while in blue, but not okay when regular. Makes it seem like SSB is the more calm/controlled form, yet now they're saying it's more taxing?
Just seems like it's all fucked to me.
Not taxing, it's that you're burning through energy that isn't instantly replenishable like with ssj when using blue.

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>The cast sings the OP but they suck at singing
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>they get a professional singer for the OP but the cast sings the ED and it's noticeably shittier
>writer sings the ED of the last episode
>everybody has already dropped it by this point
>they get a professional singer for the OP but the cast sings the ED and it's better

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Why does nobody in manga lock their fucking doors when changing?
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Because the creators are too lazy to think of a more unique way to shoehorn in fanservice scenes.
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If they did, there would be less "fanservice."

Who is the most powerful Type-Moon character?
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This very horny lesbian.

The actual answer is the Christian God. Not even kidding.
Probably me. I've been working out.

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