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Just marathoned the first six episodes. Are they really gonna stretch this out for another 18 episodes?

Also hardworking aspiring voice actress brunette classmate that want the d is clearly best girl.
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The MC is the worst
That's all I'm going to say
Yeah the MC really is the worst. I suppose there's no chance of him getting any better?
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>picking the inferior girl
OP is off to a faggot start.

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Is this not the best OP ever?
What is your favourite OP?
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I really don't get what is good about it, maybe because I didn't watch the show.
Seems like a regular cookie cutter OP to me, song is nothing special and the visuals are just okay for a Bones series.
I read the manga first, its v/ good i think you should watch it.

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Why is a mobile game animu so based?
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New trailer out:
did shingeki no bahamut get anything besides that first season?
A lot of money made from games.

who has watched this?
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More like who didn't watch the best SOL out there?
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I have.

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Are Japanese highschool girls really this small?
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>tfw azusa is taller than me
do you suck dicks?
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>tfw i will never be a girl

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What would you do if you turned into a busty French princess?
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Lament my fate in flowery prose.
Have y/u/ri sex with Anna inside the church
Making her moan indescent things infront of jeebus while the stone angels watch our sweaty sloppy apostate pre marital gay sex

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Be quiet /a/, Vigne is trying to sleep.
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This should help
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That song was the cutest fucking thing.
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>Vigne will never sing you a lullaby to help you fall asleep

Just kill me.

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>only last two episodes have some kind of plot line
Why do people like this show so much?
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>people aren't allowed to like episodic shows
I never knew...
>only last two episodes
5 episodes make up the actual plot of bebop. the rest is to endear you to the characters and just generally have fun in the universe they set up.
Because it manages to conflate a bunch of original influences and styles while still retaining its own feel. That's the entire point of the fucking show.

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"Come to bed anon"
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No, I have to have the last word in this argument.

I imagine sleeping with a belt on is uncomfortable.
No way fag

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Is Osomatsu-san actually good?
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Watch it and find out.
If you are a fujoshi...
Watch a few eps and form your own opinion.

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Okay, give it to me straight. I have what I believe to be a legitimately great idea for a manga (I really don't care if you don't believe me). If I take a year or two to sharpen my artistic ability, what is my best chance to really get it huge? Learn Japanese and offer someone(?) a proof of concept type chapter and a general outline? Who do I go to? Major manga publishers? I am not new to writing, but I am new to the business of selling manga. What do?
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Don't try to make it a manga?
Why can't you just leave it as a standard comic?

You can either self-publish it as a webcomic and then sell the volumes via the internet or just look for a publisher that will run your idea.
Let's say I HAVE to make it a manga for various reasons. What then?
Do the jokes not work when read from right to left?

Haruka > Chika
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That's some fighting words man.
if only I know who's who
Fapped to this so much I pretty much memorized the names.
Including the milf.
I know man, so much jizz are wasted on that blowjob scene from ultra and the milf.

Your Name was the only anime film last year that got any attention. But what did /a/ think of the other two movies that came out this year, In This Corner of the World and A Silent Voice?
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I think it actually won more awards than your name did and even though it screened at the hiroshima film festival with english subs it doesn't open in the US until September (pretty much everywhere else gets it earlier) so I don't imagine many people have seen it.
>Your Name was the only anime film last year that got any attention
From people who don't watch anime, maybe.

>In This Corner of the World and A Silent Voice?

I wouldn't know, since there aren't any rips yet.
In this Corner of the World is a remarkable movie.

A Silent Voice is anime trash.

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Well, it was going to happen sooner or later given how long the manga has been dragging out. It should have probably ended years ago.

Weird for them to announce this just one day after Hinagiku's birthday, though. I guess her year will never come.
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I bet it will be a terrible ending.
>Weird for them to announce this just one day after Hinagiku's birthday, though. I guess her year will never come.
Well, the latest chapter has her conquering her fear of heights by flying, and beating up Himegami.
No shit, the manga has gone downhill since years and years ago.

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Tell me why it's not amazing
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Best girl lost.
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What's amazingly disappointing is that we never received more.

THIS is truly the purest form of love.
Kana is nest girl. Dismissed.

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