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I don't know why Kekkai Sensen doesn't get much appraise here:
>great artwork
>good characters
>awesome OP/ED
>awesome soundtrack
>same guy who created Trigun
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It take place in NY, that's why.

Also, the first episode is not promissing.
I always zone out when anime does the muh german name overload shit
The anime ending sucked. The episodes before it were good though, can't wait for Beyond.

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Murata streaming more Volume 13 content for the next few hours.Get in here
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Looks like he just started. What did he say about Dragon Ball
He really needs to hire some interns.
Is there anyone who can draw manga better than Murata?

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Best girl won.

fuck that stupid cunt ayase
File: ayase welcome home.jpg (277KB, 760x1200px)Image search: [Google]
ayase welcome home.jpg
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Ayase is the second best girl after Kirino

File: 51GHDX9Y6AL.jpg (50KB, 336x475px)Image search: [Google]
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A robot that can't have parts replaced.

What is so fucking difficult to replace some defective parts of a robot?

Or even better, copy the brain data to a new body.

This is fucking stupid.
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Also I guess most didn't know about this old obscure anime.
>A robot that can't have parts replaced.
The problem is that her production line was halted long ago, and the spare parts have been used up.
Her OS is incompatible with modern file systems as well. She is quite literally obsolete.
Did we watch the same show? Are you commenting on this after watching just one episode? Because they imply so many things that say why she can't have anything replaced.

She was created with pseudo magical alien technology and other weird irreplaceable things.

The question goes for you too, production line? Is the Mahoromatic picture in the OP showing just for me and you're talking about another show or something?

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Well, few hours till next episode, but there is something that bothers me big time:

How can U7 be the second-weakest when it's already clearly established that they beat U6?
>Toei in charge of continuity
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Because they have a planet full of powerful saiyans to increase that average, meanwhile on U7 the highest threat they had (which wasn't a sealed evil like Buu) was fucking Freezer
That pic is the only reason I'm here
U6 has Hit, the ultimate fighter who seemingly has infinite fighting potential, an entire planet full of Saiyans that can reach Super Sayian and preform the God ritual, and Frost, who probably has the same fighting potential as Frieza who was able to rival SSB after a couple of months of serious training.

U7 doesn't have shit, the only reason they won was because Hit gave up.

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What was her name again?
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The anime is not cannon, therefor it's Horo.
Horlo, aka Whorero

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Hakuneko isn't working anymore lately . Anyone lese get this problem ?
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I think the batoto downloader is the only one I have that still works.

It's not been working for me for years now.

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were they at their full power or were they weaker than in life?
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Edo Tensei Madara did a lot more than Rinne Tensei
>were they at their full power or were they weaker than in life?

They're beyond their full power in life. They have unlimited chakra, cannot sustain physical injury and aren't held back by physical strain.
Fuck off you cancerous Narutards.

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Where the fuck are the translations ? They are like 2 chapters behind
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I follow the korean scans and theres been a two week hiatus from what i see. The last one is 244. Seems like no chapter last week and this one maybe it comes late but they usually have it on friday so don't count with it.
Kiyoshi is so based
>they are like 2 chapters behind

Wow, that literally unprecedented in the world of scanlations, are they in jail yet?

One piece thread, it´s a gangster manga now.

Let´s start with a simple poll.

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For some reason, I'm really unexcited about what's to come. Have I lost faith in Oda?
I dont get why people are so excited about Bege.
His design is so un creative and his DF has no potential at all.
He's basically just some upgrade of Wapol.

What does he have? Lots of fodder and guns?
Luffy beat that x100 during Enies Lobby...

And omg he cuts kittens head and laughs, so evil!
Fucking chink grills do that on the www.
He's going to kill his mother-in-law. He's the man among men.

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Characters who did nothing wrong.
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File: Zamasu god.jpg (37KB, 622x345px)Image search: [Google]
Zamasu god.jpg
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File: FullBodyGriffith.jpg (104KB, 610x763px)Image search: [Google]
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File: GAR_MOBILE.jpg (71KB, 680x362px)Image search: [Google]
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From the looks of the image, it looks something from pre 2012 /a/.
How would it look like by today's /a/?
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About the same.
The main non-moe popular works are the same on that pic. THey are just the ones that haven't stopped yet.
>pre 2012
It looks decidedly pre 2010.
2012 is last year where /a/ was raving all about GAR>moe.

You there! What do you want from me?
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Two bacon cheeseburgers, medium fries and a large pepsi.
File: 1474528870133.jpg (69KB, 640x480px)Image search: [Google]
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This isn't Burger King or Mc Donalds or whatever, you fat fuck.

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Was 4kids racist or did they just try to make things more realistic?
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They just tried to make things...

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I find it funny they didn't think to change chocolove in anyway beyond his name.
Great thread, OP.

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Umaru thread? Umaru thread.
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tell umaru to tell that fucker pik that he and his team fucked up
I'm going to post this every Umaru thread until you fap to this
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