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Favorite hunter x hunter character and why? pic related
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God yorkshin was so good.

How the fuck could they jump into a video game and then the CA arc right after that
hisoka is husbando tier. kurapika 2nd place desu, but hunter x hunter is shit tier.

the first half is ok, but as soon the fucking ants' story starts the quality dropped hard.

>final battle
>30 something episodes for a fucking battle
>entire episodes wasted with the fucking narrator explaining things that are obvious
>fucking slow
This is why 1999 is superior

It's not ruined by the chimera ant arc and the greed island OVAs are optional

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Shows that started AOTS tier but went to shit real fast.

>expect Saekano/Konosuba
>literally get poor mans Nisekoi
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But this started shit and got better. Fix your taste.
Konosuba first episode this season was garbage. It's only improved.
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Is this the perfect design?

I mean just look at her, she is gorgeous.
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Could use some bigger breasts to be honest with you my family member.
No, it's pretty basic.
Back to deviantart

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kaiji kun one more beer and sausages you'll be s happy hhhmmmm yeah hai kaiji kun nandemonai nandemonai hai…..
a day later…..regret….
depression…. i'm in hell on earth…save me guys
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stop me!!! yamete yooooo ieeee i can't i want to get out i must save up taskete yo
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you guys are experts on japanese stuff, so tell me what's that white food is?
left is yakitori that i know….but right is?
guys i wanna go out to buy beer and sausages coz i was nostalgic of kaiji kun but fuck man they dont sell yakitori in canada…fuckin maple bastards

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How would you bully this girl?
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I would finger her so yes
I wouldn't. I'd rather help her achieve her dreams.
Probably in the butt. Hers.

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Pairings that you're just waiting to be canon
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fuck you fumita.jpg
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Why dragons are such Mary Sues, /a/?
>powerful devastating magic
>regeneration, god tier strength and endurance, shapeshifting, antibacterial saliva and disinfectant fire-breathing
>Invisibility, flying, hypnosis, teleportation
>bodies of top tier semen demons
>can breed with any species
>social skills better than any human
Serious question: I remember /a/ being very critical about any mary sue traits, but now you are gladly eating this shit up. What happened?
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Now there are loli dragons.
The game changed.

>mary sue

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>all those powers.
>Still lose to humans.

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what do you do?
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*unzips dick*
Turn 540 degrees and walk backwards
Let her continue

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yui yukino.jpg
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Why is the concept of friendly rivals so popular? Why not have girls clawing each other's eyes out over a boy they both like?
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Try 90% of romcom harems? Oregairu doesn't represent the industry as a whole.
ffm threesomes

Because cutthroat sluts don't make for likable characters.

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New RoB: Virgin Soul trailer
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The girl is cute but she's annoying me with this PV alone.

>[neko-raws] Orange Mirai [BD][1080p][FLACx3]

Subs when?
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Kakeru a shit. He should have just killed himself.

kakeru just had some problems that needed dealing with

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new chapter when
Smile and optimism gone.

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I think we all tried to do the spirit gun pose at one time in our life. I know I did.
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When I was in high school I hung around with a bunch of total weeb chuunis, and it happened to be right around the time YYH started airing on US TV. One time this guy we knew was walking toward us, I pointed at him for some reason, and he immediately fell on his ass for no apparent reason.

The group insisted that I'd IRL spirit gun'd him for months after that.
You never had a normal childhood if you didn't try at least one of these things

>Spirit Gun
>Fusion Dance
>Those hand signs from Naruto
I have always hated Naruto for some reason, so I never did that thing. I did do the other things though

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this is fun

holy shit
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I was pleasantly surprised as how the MC is not a complete whinny baby or perfectly ok with using the girls as a fight harem. The dude knows that he sucks but tries anyway, and when is not until he can't stand anymore that asks for help from the first harem.
MC's shitty friends convinced MC that they wanted a safe life which is what caused MC to go full retard and tell the girl not to try defending herself if her life or body was in danger.
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purification is the best

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What happened to Goku at the end of DBGT? Did he simply just die? Did he merge with Shenron and live eternally through the Dragon Balls? Or was it some shitty attempt at a 2deep4u Buddhism metaphor for achieving enlightenment?
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I dont know but super saiyan 4 > any of the DB:S transformations
They were all bad. Every single one.
I imagined it this way. He became one with the Dragon Balls to be Earth guardian forever. Specially so he can show up to save the day before people get killed so no one can mis-use the Dragon Balls ever again.

This goes back to Kami's original intention for the Dragon Balls. To right injustices. Goku becoming one with the Dragon balls makes him the physical embodiment of that intention.

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